MLB: Top 10 Reasons Baseball is the Best Sport

Nick Caso@ncaso1989Analyst ISeptember 16, 2008

I, like many Americans, feel as if there are only four major sports: baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  I do not consider soccer a sport, because I couldn't care less about it.

Baseball is without a doubt my favorite sport, and I think that it is by far the best sport. I am not saying that I don't love the others, because I do. I am a diehard Pats fan, as well as a diehard Celtics fan.

However, when it comes to which sport I would rather watch, baseball wins every time. I am going to give my Top-10 reasons why baseball is so much better than every other sport.

10. Baseball is the only sport in which the team that is winning must continue to play the game. Every other sport allows the team that is winning to basically "ice" the game. In football, a team can take a knee. In basketball, a team can dribble out the clock. In hockey, a team can just skate around with the puck.

Baseball forces the winning team to continue to pitch and play defense, which means no game is over until the final out is made. Which brings me to my next point.

9. Any team can make a comeback at any time. With the other sports, it is not necessarily the case. In football, you don't see many teams score five-straight times to tie a game. Sure, it happens, but not very often.

In hockey, if you are down by three goals, the game is basically over. Basketball, however, is a little different. Basketball is all about "runs." Meaning that you capitalize on a team when they get cold; however, it takes much longer and often times the clock runs out before a comeback can be mounted. 

There is no clock in baseball, so that means that as long as a team is willing to fight, they are still in the game.

8. The trade deadline is almost like a holiday. Every year, right after the All-Star Game, you hear potential trade talks about some of the biggest names in the MLB. All the rumors have you wondering up until 4:00 PM ET on July 31 if your favorite player will be traded. 

Granted, most of the superstars never get dealt, but it is great thinking that your team may get one of the best players in the league to help them during the stretch run.

7. The players’ wives are gorgeous. How many of you guys have seen Anna Benson? She is without a doubt one of the hottest women out there, but she's not even the best of the player's wives. Paul Lo Duca, Mark Kotsay, Nick Swisher, all of them are doing pretty well for themselves.

Of course, Tom Brady has Gisele and Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson, but these women were already in the spotlight beforehand. Hockey is a close second, as many players date or marry supermodels, but take a look at some of those players’ wives that I mentioned, and then you will understand.

6. Hall-of-Fame weekend is one of the best weekends of the year. Every year, we get to show our appreciation to some of the greatest to ever take the field. Last year, I was fortunate enough to go to the induction ceremony for Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn. It was one of the most amazing days of my life. 

The amount of people that were there just blew my mind. No other sport honors its greats like baseball does. When players are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it just does not seem like there is as much hype or time put into the ceremony. 

5. Baseball has the only All-Star Game that matters. The All-Star Game for every other sport is a joke. The NBA uses its game more as a "celebrity weekend." You hear more about what celebrity is going to be there than you do about the game. The NFL Pro Bowl is a mess. They change the rules around to protect the players but what it actually does is ruin the game.

The NHL All-Star game can be exciting sometimes, but most of the time, it is just awful.

The MLB All-Star game is the only one in which both teams MUST play defense. If you do not play defense, you won't even get through an inning.

4. The Winter Meetings can be as exciting as the World Series. For players who make it through the Trade Deadline, they are not always as lucky at the Winter Meetings. Some of the biggest trades or discussions happen during this three-and-a-half day event.

For example, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis were traded and there were talks about Johan Santana getting traded every other minute. If you are a baseball fan, how can you not appreciate being on the edge of your seat even after the season is long gone.

3. 162-game schedule is great. There are about seven months of baseball for us to watch. Sure, basketball goes from November-April/May, but they play every other day, and the same goes for hockey.  Baseball is a daily thing, which means it always gives us games to watch.

Football goes from September-February, but your team only plays once a week. Even after the World Series is over, with the Winter Meetings going on, there really is never a down time for baseball. 

2. History is made every season. No matter what, we are guaranteed to see a player reach a milestone in his career every season. This year, we have seen Ken Griffey Jr. join the 600 club, we have seen Manny join the 500 club, and we have seen K-Rod set a new single-season save record.

No other sport gives us milestones as consistently as baseball does. Yes, I know, Peyton Manning breaks records all the time, and last season’s Patriots team broke almost every offensive record known to mankind, but it seems as if it is generally the same record being broken.

The NHL and NBA do not even come close to the MLB or NFL. It is somewhat of a rare occasion to see records broken in the NHL or NBA, and when they are, it is great, but it is too uncommon.

1. Baseball has the best fans in the world. Where else can you go to find fans of a team that has not won in 100 years? Cubs fans have been with their team since day one, and it does not seem like they are leaving any time soon.

Look at the Red Sox; they invented ways of crushing their fans' hopes and dreams year after year, and look at them now. They are the odds-on favorite to make it to the World Series every season now.

The NFL has the craziest fans, especially when you go out to Oakland and you sit in the "Black Hole" or go to Cleveland and sit in the "Dawg Pound." But the fans are not as committed to their team like MLB fans are. 

The NBA attracts many fans to a specific player as opposed to a team. For example, many people like Kobe Bryant, (for some odd reason) but they are drawn more towards the player instead of the Lakers. Many NHL fans only follow their team come playoff time and I won't lie, I am guilty of this as well.

There you have it; my Top-10 reasons why baseball is the best sport. I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to comment and tell me why you agree/disagree.