NASCAR: The Murder of the Sport With Another Points Change

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2011

Baby Boy France
Baby Boy FranceChris Trotman/Getty Images

First, let me apologize, it has been over two years since my last post to Bleacher Report.  My only excuse would be a multitude of life-changing experiences that saw me move back to my hometown in the name of entrepreneurship. 

Schedule limitations have restricted my writing.  Regardless, I make my return after being moved by the all to famous jayski.com headlines. 

I fear we are witnessing the murder of our beloved NASCAR. 

The worst part is, I can’t see why it is happening. 

A few years ago, mogul grandson of the revered NASCAR founder, also known as NASCAR’s current dictator, also known as Brian France, set out on a crash course for television ratings.  This quest, which is beginning to look more and more like a Donner Party Pilgrimage, has pulled millions of die-hard NASCAR fans kicking and screaming across the Mississippi River into what now looks like the final frontier of NASCAR. 

Us poor commoners that make up the weathered die-hard fans have finally started losing interest.  Cookie-cutter tracks and inconsistent rein control over drivers and frequent points system changes and running our family sport like a business have finally started wearing us thin. 

The final move I fear will come next month, when the NASCAR suits, sitting up in their offices in Daytona, will announce yet another points system change. 

Mostly, I speak to favor moving back to the standard system, which made this sport strong for over 50 years.  The suggested change will come in the complete abandonment of the old points system to a simpler rewards system based on finishes. 

This change is akin to the arrival at the Truckee Lake by the Donner’s, and the snow is coming down and the food is running out.  Back then, less than half survived past Las Vegas to get to California.  Both stops we will make before Bristol in March, the only question is, how long before we see the effects?

Will another points change really be the end of NASCAR? Probably not.  Will the change actually end my watching of NASCAR? No, I am going to Bristol in March… WooHoo. 

What the changes continue to do is diminish the resolve of the old school NASCAR fans that made the sport what it is today.  The same fans that took the television ratings to second behind the NFL and made Brian France’s daddy and grandfather rich are the ones being left behind today. 

In closing, go Kyle Busch.  I am still a fan of his.  If he goes to F1 or somewhere else, I will follow.  The bad thing is, I wouldn’t be able to understand his competitors—the good thing is, I would probably understand their points system better after this year with NASCAR. 

See you BR folks next time I get the urge to drop a line. 


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