Mike Singletary Got Chewed Up and Spit Out As San Francisco 49ers Head Coach

Jarrod CooperCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2011

HERTFORD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 25:  Head Coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers addresses a press conference ahead of The San Francisco 49ers meeting the Denver Broncos in the NFL International Series regular-season match at Wembley Stadium on October 31 pictured at The Grove Hotel on October 25, 2010 in Hertford, England.  (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)
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Mike Singletary was one of the most memorable defensive players that you could ever watch in football.  He was mean, dirty and a shameless player that the opposing teams hated to see coming.  More than any NFL head coach, Mike knows how dirty the game of football can be on and off the field.

Now that Mike has been fired as the San Francisco 49ers head coach, there have been rumors that he didn't have as much control as perceived.   Several versions of the truth have come out from different players, and none of them sound very good.

Being privileged to this information, I am always very careful not to out any players who I talk to.  I will tell you that Mike Singletary lost his team a lot earlier then people think, and even had players lobbying against him.  The NFL is full of men that have been  through hell and back to get were they are today.  On that journey players gain the ability to read people and cut through their BS.

Mike's get-in-your-face attitude was wearing very thin with a lot of players, and he had stepped over the line several times with the words that he was directing towards them.  Grown men don't like hearing a coach try to play daddy in the locker room.  Some coaches have a hard time knowing their boundaries in the locker room.  Mike couldn't separate the player and coach from within, and for that his coaching skills suffered immensely.

An unnamed player told me that he and others were glad to see Mike go and they had a feeling it was going to happen.  Not because they didn't like Mike; he said everyone respected and listened to Mike.  But everything was so serious all the time, and players were not having fun and hated coming into work.  He said players felt as if they couldn't even laugh without Mike staring them down.  

Mike was known for his hurrah speeches, but the players said he sounded like a broken record, and many times his talks would contradict things that he had said before.  I am sure that Mike had the best of intentions as head coach, but this wasn't the time or the team for him.

What does Mike do from this point on?  Do you think he can go back to being a position coach, or do you think Mike Singletary is done as a head coach?   

Jarrod Cooper

NFL Alumni

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