The WWE Superstars of 2010: A Data Analysis

Jamie HardingContributor IDecember 26, 2010

The WWE Superstars of 2010: A Data Analysis

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    ST. PETERSBURG - JULY 27:  Actor John Cena takes in the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Detroit Tigers at Tropicana Field on July 27, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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    As 2010 draws to a close, many within the IWC are compiling their lists of favourites matches, greatest moments and biggest superstars of the year.  

    I am no different. Several Bleachers have provided real insight and in-depth analysis of the past few days, with real attention to detail of the events of the year. I cannot hope to do the same, so I have decided to take a slightly different approach.

    As a mathematician, I often believe data speaks louder than words, so here I have provided a ranking system for the superstars of WWE based upon the rankings of WWE's Power 25. This system works as follows: if a superstar is ranked first in the Power 25 for a particular week, they receive 25 points, down to one point for coming 25th.

    For the purpose of this list, I have only included male superstars who are still under contract at WWE.  

    Therefore, the likes of Shawn Michaels, Batista, Chris Jericho and LayCool will not been found on this list. I had done the research for a corresponding article in 2009, but never wrote the actual article. Last year, to my surprise, Jack Swagger ended the year in 6th or 7th place, making me wonder if a main event push was on the horizon for 2010.

    Therefore, sometimes certain conclusions can be drawn from this sort of analysis.

    So, without further ado, here are the 25 top superstars of 2010 according to the Power 25.

25. R-Truth

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    Number of points: 193

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Two

    Number of Top 25s: 24

    Titles this year: One x US Championship

    2010 appeared promising for R-Truth, as he single-handedly eliminated Mark Henry and Big Show from the Royal Rumble, competed for the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber and had a shot at the Unified Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania.

    However, R-Truth eventually became lost in the pack over on Raw and has once again become a glorified gap-filler for the WWE.

    R-Truth managed just enough this year, a year highlighted by a brief US Title run, to keep the injury-cursed Evan Bourne and Ezekiel Jackson off this list. Bourne and Zeke both had some impressive moments this year and have the talent to move much higher up this list in 2011, injury-permitting.

24. Daniel Bryan

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    Number of points: 238

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Eight

    Number of Top 25s: 19

    Titles: One x US Championship

    Few people have made as big an impact this year, been the topic of conversation or been beloved by the IWC as much as this former Indy megastar.

    Finding his way to the WWE through the inaugural NXT season, Bryan almost didn't make it through to a controversial debut on Raw. However, since his triumphant return to the WWE at Summerslam, Bryan has been on an incredible run, stripping his nemesis, the Miz, of the US title and holding on to it ever since.

    Bryan has really brought prestige back to the title and has regularly stole the show with his title defences and PPVs.  I believe his is yet to lose at a PPV.

    I have not included points acquired during his very brief run in Nexus and thus Bryan made his Power 25 debut in the 3rd week of August, explaining his low position on this list.  But I think we all know 2011 should be a very good year for Bryan and a Top 15 or even Top 10 place next year looks to be in the cards.

23. Ted Dibiase

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    Number of points: 292

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Two

    Number of Top 25s: 31

    Titles: Zero (It doesn't count!)

    In many respects, 2010 was a disappointing year for this second generation superstar.

    He began the year strongly, with the break up of Legacy being a major storyline heading into Wrestlemania. He even challenged for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber and many were talking of him as a future champion.

    However, since the break up of Legacy, he seems to have not fully benefited from the Randy Orton rub and has not made the progress many predicted.

    He is yet to win a singles title, although he did bring back the Million Dollar Championship.

    I believe he is struggling somewhat because they are trying to make him like his father, which he plainly isn't. I think the WWE are high on his potential and only time will tell what the future holds.  Recently he has seemed slightly more relevant, particularly at PPVs, so maybe the momentum is building.

22. Alberto Del Rio

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    Number of points: 298

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: 11

    Number of Top 25s: 19

    Titles: Zero

    Alberto Del Rio has made one of the most impressive debuts in the WWE in the last few years.

    Whilst he may not have made as many waves in the company in his first years as a stable that will be highlighted later on, the impact he has made without an introduction through NXT and without membership of a stable or winning a belt is truly phenomenal.

    He gained his first Power 25 points the same week as Bryan, August Week 3, but in those few months he has seamlessly placed himself in the Smackdown main event.

    Currently entangled in a feud with Mysterio, he is the second biggest heal on Friday nights and the new year promises much, possibly even a Wrestlemania main event!

    With his look, gimmick, ability and charisma, the sky is the limit for Del Rio and I will be flabbergasted if this time next year he isn't in the top 10, at the very least.

21. John Morrison

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    Number of points: 310

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: One

    Number of Top 25s: 37

    Titles: Zero

    Whilst his former tag team partner has enraged, delighted and confused the WWE Universe by defying the odds and reaching the pinnacle of the industry, Morrison has had another frustrating year of "will they, won't they?" flirtations with the main event.

    For much of the year he took a similar root to R-Truth, starting strongly and appearing to be moving on the card, only to suffer a big Wrestlemania loss to ShowMiz, get drafted to Raw and become completely lost in the overloaded Raw roster.

    The second half of this year saw real momentum build for this parkour expert, culminating with a victory against Sheamus at TLC to become No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship in a Match of the Year candidate.

    Many thought WWE had dropped the ball when Morrison lost the King of the Ring final.  However, he looks set to headline the Royal Rumble after what was said to be a breakout performance at TLC.

    So while I don't expect him to beat his former partner next month, I do expect that match to answer the question: "Will 2011 finally be the year of the Shaman of Sexy?"

20. David Hart Smith

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    Number of points: 318

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Five

    Number of Top 25s: 28

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Titles

    While many, myself included, may be surprised to see the British Bulldog's offspring is ranked above the likes of Bryan, Del Rio and Morrison, it must be remembered that there was a time when the Hart Dynasty was red-hot.

    As the main beneficiaries of the return of Bret Hart, the Hart Dynasty enjoyed a five-month tag team title reign and had a very successful face turn. As just about the only true tag team in the company, the Hart Dynasty were seen as the potential saviours of the division, provided decent opponents were found.

    It appears now the division is truly dead and to the surprise and annoyance of many, the Hart Dynasty have been broken and Smith is now a singles wrestler.

    It remains to be seen what the future holds, but Smith is still a very young competitor and has plenty of time to develop, so maybe one day he will rise up the ranks.

19. Tyson Kidd

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    Number of points: 321

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Five

    Number of Top 25s: 29

    Tyson just slightly beats his former tag team partner in this list, due to him arguably getting a slightly bigger push since the split.  Or, more accurately, less of a de-push.  

    Let's be honest, neither is doing much.

    For my analysis of the Hart Dynasty, please refer to the previous slide.

    As for Kidd's future, I wouldn't hold your breath too much. The Dungeon graduate certainly has in-ring ability, both as a technical wrestler and as a high-flier.  He also has support in that HUGE bodyguard, whoever he is. However, I believe Kidd will eventually become another victim of the lack of a Cruiserweight division.

    Also, he is not as young as David Hart Smith and therefore does not have the luxury of time.

18. HHH

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    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: Six

    Number of Top 10s: 18

    Number of Top 25s: 18

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Titles

    Although only being ranked for 18 weeks, he had to be on this list as he's Triple freaking H!

    While this wrestling legend was put on the shelf in May and has yet to return to action, many are speculating a fulltime return is actually not anticipated. However, the Game was still at the top of the card for the first four months of this year.

    At the start of the year, HHH was on top, as DX finally captured tag team glory.  He actually was the highest ranked superstar in January, as DX were considered all-powerful.

    Obviously, HBK went on to retire and Triple H had the dangerous upstart Sheamus on his tail.  Things soon went downhill. While others may not, I eagerly await his return and if he does bow out soon, he will go out still near the top of his game.

17. CM Punk

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    Number of points: 406

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Five

    Number of Top 25s: 46

    Titles: Zero

    I was really hoping, and kind of expecting, that 2010 would be the year of the Punk.

    Well, I could not have been more wrong.

    Punk started the year on fire.  He was utterly dominant at the beginning of the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber, making quick work of his opponent in order to find time to profess the glory of the Straightedge Society and himself.

    He then embarked on a huge feud with Rey Mysterio that provided him his first major one-on-one Wrestlemania match. However, as soon as he lost that match, he completely lost his way.

    The SES utterly crumbled and Punk was buried by Mysterio and Big Show. He was eventually drafted to Raw and although he was injured, his credibility and momentum have returned as he provided golden colour commentary on Raw from the announcers desk and has just begun a high profile feud with John Cena.

    This guy is one of the company's biggest assets and here's hoping in 2011, Punk enjoys the type of success that he should have in 2010.

    A top five position in 2011 is my minimum hope for him.

16. Dolph Ziggler

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    Number of points: 441

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: 13

    Number of Top 25s: 44

    Titles: One x Intercontinental Championship

    Here is one of my current favorite wrestlers and someone I am expecting huge things from in 2011.  

    In fact, as unrealistic as it seems, I am picking Ziggler as a real dark horse for the Royal Rumble next month. Dolph Ziggler spent large parts of 2010 as simply one of many young, talented, ambitious midcarders on Friday Night Smackdown, but is currently enjoying the biggest push of his career.

    He many have to put up with Vickie Guerrero all the time, but he is also returning a lot of prestige to the IC belt by stealing the show at PPVs with his opening contest defences, in just the same way Daniel Bryan is for the US Title.

    He reminds me of where Kofi Kingston was just before his huge push, and while that may not have lasted, I believe Ziggler is ready for the same opportunity.

    Mark my words, it may be some time yet, but this guy is really going places.  After all, the WWE reckons he was part of the joint best match of 2010.

15. Christian

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    Number of points: 445

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Seven

    Number of Top 25s: 39

    Titles: One x ECW Championship

    Few superstars attract so much conversation among the IWC as Captain Charisma.

    Many constantly argue for a main event push, while others argue that he simply isn't at that level. Either way, the Power 25 reckons 2010 has been a solid year for Christian. He started the year very strongly as the main attraction of Tuesday nights for the brief period ECW was still on our screens.

    Since moving to Raw and then subsequently Smackdown, he has been somewhat lost in the pack and has returned to being simply a strong midcarder. However, his ranking here shows that he at least remained relevant, regularly utilised and popular throughout 2010.

    He is soon to be returning from injury. If the hopes and predictions of many are to be realized, could Captain Charisma be on course to actually headline Wrestlemania?

14. Nexus

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    Points: 483

    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: Four

    Number of Top 10s: 20

    Number of Top 25s: 26

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Championships

    The Nexus is quite simply the biggest storyline of 2010, and the feud with John Cena was the biggest feud of the year.

    Not for years has a debut had the impact that Wade Barrett and his cohorts from NXT's invasion of Raw had.

    Wade Barrett has huge potential and was the largest reason that the Nexus maintained the momentum it did for months. And while the end of 2010 may have been extremely anti-climatic for the stable, it has provided us with several superstars who will populate the midcard and main event for the foreseeable future.

    It appears early 2011 will see the break up of the group and potentially result in a Nexus Wrestlemania match. It will be interesting to see how the individual members will do on their own, but expect my countryman Wade Barrett to be just fine in 2011, maybe even finally capturing the WWE Championship.

    If only NXT was included in the Power 25. This band of rookies would be enjoying the lofty heights of the Top 10, most likely.

13. Cody Rhodes

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    Number of points: 493

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Six

    Number of Top 25s: 40

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Championship

    I was surprised to see Cody Rhodes above Dolph Ziggler and Nexus, since Wrestlemania Rhodes has arguably not actually achieved an awful lot.

    I wrote an article a long time ago asking whether Cody would simply get stuck in the midcard or move up to the main event scene, and that question still needs answering.

    However, another way to look at it is that Cody has developed an interesting gimmick, shown that he can wrestle with the best of them and has shown real improvements and genuine engagement in his promo skills.

    He has been given consistent airtime and is really showing the ground work for a future champion. Rhodes is still incredibly young and is perhaps grafting out the hard work now before being pushed to the sky in the future.

    If he keeps developing, the future could be very bright for "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. How bright is still hard to determine.

12. Undertaker

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    Number of points: 503

    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: Nine

    Number of Top 10s: 18

    Number of Top 25s: 27

    Titles: One x World Heavyweight Championship

    From a young up-and-comer to a wrestling icon nearing the end of an unimaginable career. The Undertaker's body might now be aging and forcing the phenom to take much of 2010 off to recover, but whenever he is on TV or on PPV, he is almost always the main attraction.

    In 27 weeks, he racked up a huge 503 points and was involved the undeniably the biggest and best match of the year against Shawn Michaels.

    The Undertaker spent the summer being utterly dominated by Kane in a huge feud, but his ever-presence in the title picture when available kept him racking up big Power 25 points.

    I cannot adequately summarize this man's career and what a huge attraction will be missing when he retires, but let's just hope he has at least one more Wrestemania left before that happens.

11. Jack Swagger

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    Number of points: 538

    Number of Firsts: One

    Number of Top Threes: Four

    Number of Top 10s: 15

    Number of Top 25s: 41

    Titles: One x World Heavyweight Championship, One x Money in the Bank winner

    I mentioned in the introduction that my unpublished 2009 analysis predicted big things for Jack Swagger in 2010, and so it would be when he won MITB at Wrestlemania 26 and cashed it in less than a week later.

    However, the push simply just didn't work. The WWE appeared to want him to be the new Kurt Angle, even letting him use the ankle lock. However, the WWE Universe was just not buying it.

    He went February and March without a single point and was suddenly thrust into the limelight without any warning. His reign didn't last and he didn't even make the Summerslam card, resulting in a lower position in the list this year than last year.

    He seems to be back in the IC Championship hunt and may be moving back in the right direction. I like Swagger and think he has potential, but the future seems very unclear for this superstar at this point in time.

10: Drew McIntyre

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    Number of points: 567

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Zero

    Number of Top 10s: Eight

    Number of Top 25: 50

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Championship, One x Intercontinental Championship

    Now, I don't think any of us would have expected to see this guy break into the top 10.

    Drew McIntyre came into the WWE red-hot, with the gimmick of being the "Chosen One" and running through the likes of Matt Hardy. He was the IC Champion and seemed destined to be frequenting the main event by the end of 2010.

    However, in his first full year in the WWE, his push seemed to stall and after some personal issues outside the ring, he seemed to be stuck in the strong Smackdown midcard, a stall that seems to be continuing as we speak.

    His push seems to have been usurped by that of Alberto Del Rio. His top 10 placing is a reward for his consistent relevance and performance throughout the year. Although he may not always be in a title hunt or even a feud, you would expect to see him essentially every week.

    He is still somewhat key to Smackdown.

    He has a lot of potential in my eyes and don't be surprised to see his push recommence in 2011.

9. Kane

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    Number of points: 733

    Number of Firsts: Seven

    Number of Top Threes: 17

    Number of Top 10s: 24

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: One x World Heavyweight Championship, One x Money in the Bank winner

    Wow! I wrote an article ages ago saying Kane deserved more title reigns years ago, but was too old now and would only be used as talent enhancement from now on.

    I am now officially eating my words.

    A push, probably resulting from injuries to the Undertaker, saw Kane enjoy the most dominant World title reign of the year according to the Power 25.  He had the longest reign on Smackdown for quite a while too.

    Kane dominated the Undertaker in a way never seen before over the summer and, while his feud with Edge wasn't great, Kane has finally been allowed to be a monster once again. I don't expect his push to last, but he has proven once again that he is one of the most consistent performers on the roster.  

    He is the first superstar mentioned to be ranked every week in 2010. For a man his age, that is a real testament to his health.

8. Kofi Kingston

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    Number of points: 805

    Number of Firsts: Zero

    Number of Top Threes: Four

    Number of Top 10s: 20

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: One x Intercontinental Championship

    Another superstar who seemed to be on top of the world at the start of 2010, only to be moved back to the midcard within weeks. 2010 may not have been quite the year Kofi fans would have dreamed of and there may still be questions about him regarding botches and the depth of his character.

    But his eighth place here tells a different story.

    Kofi was ranked every week this year, proved several very entertaining IC title matches on PPVs, is the highest ranked of the company's exciting young face superstars and is the highest ranked superstar to not have been a world champion.

    He is consistently utilised, has strong fan support and could be placed in main event matches without too many raised eyebrows. This all bodes well for 2011, so let's see whether Kingston can finally break out of the midcard next year.

7. The Miz

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    Number of points: 913

    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: Five

    Number of Top 10s: 36

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: One x WWE Champion, Two x US Champion, One x Unified Tag Team Champion, One x MITB Winner

    Has anyone had a better 2010 than this man?

    I won't repeat his story to anyone because this site has been deluged by articles about this man. That in itself tells you most of what you need to know. The Miz is the man of the moment, he is your current WWE Champion and current backstage talks suggests he might still be so come Wrestlemania.

    Whether he is able to use the title to establish himself as a maineventer or suffer Jack Swagger syndrome is yet to be seen, but 2010 has arguably the year of Awesomeness.  

    After all, he is the most decorated superstar in terms of title wins.

6. Edge

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    Number of points: 914

    Number of Firsts: Four

    Number of Top Threes: 14

    Number of Top 10s: 38

    Number of Top 25s: 47

    Titles: One x World Heavyweight Championship, One x Royal Rumble winner

    A high place on this list was somewhat guaranteed when in January, Edge triumphantly returned from injury to enjoy an R-Rated rumble win, guaranteeing himself a Wrestlemania main event.

    However, it has not all been plain sailing for Edge this year. He was unsuccessful against Chris Jericho at Mania and may not gain the World Heavyweight Championship until the last PPV view of the year.

    Furthermore, as predicted by an article of mine, he was somewhat lost in the shuffle when drafted to Raw and the WWE could not decide whether they wanted him as a face or heel or Raw or Smackdown.

    However, Edge is still one of the biggest stars in the company and looks set to headline Wrestlemania once more as our World Heavyweight Champion.

5. Rey Mysterio

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    Number of points: 951

    Number of Firsts: Two

    Number of Top Threes: Nine

    Number of Top 10s: 43

    Number of Top 25s: 49

    Titles: One x World Heavyweight Championship

    Is it just me or should the "Ultimate Underdog" not be the fifth most dominant superstar of the year?

    This ranking will not help argue against Rey being Superman Two and ever since not giving Ziggler the IC strap, I have felt Mysterio is not willing enough to lose to youngsters. I don't know why he was allowed to completely bury Punk.

    However, his continual push could further elevate Alberto Del Rio if he continues to get the upper hand in his feud with ReyRey.

    Mysterio continues to be a consistent and top-notch performer and can put on an entertaining match with just about anyone on the roster. He has a huge fan base and is crucial to the success of Friday Night Smackdown, which is light on established maineventers.

    It's unknown how much longer Mysterio will continue for. With the emergence of Del Rio, the WWE will be less reliant on him in 2011, but he still has much to offer.

4. Big Show

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    Number of points: 996

    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: 10

    Number of Top 10s: 46

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: One x Unified Tag Team Championship

    This is perhaps the biggest surprise on this list.

    Big Show did not win a singles championship all year and yet he is considered the most dominant force on Smackdown, with 46 weeks in the top 10 according to the Power 25. Maybe this is because the WWE portrayed him as a monster with a knockout punch this year, as they should have, first as a tag team specialist and then on his own.

    He helped the mega-rise of the Miz, completely obliterated the Straightedge Society and had Jack Swagger on the back foot.

    My confusion is that I don't know what the WWE have planned with him, they spent so long building him as a monster and then have him end the year as a comical Santa character. Was burying CM Punk really worth that?

    I believe Big Show needs to move to talent enhancement as Kane did, as he is aging and his monster style helps bury the youngsters more than elevate them.

3. John Cena

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    Number of points: 1053

    Number of Firsts: Three

    Number of Top Threes: 15

    Number of Top 10s: 49

    Number of Top 25s: 49

    Titles: Two x WWE Championship, One x Unified Tag Team Championship

    That's right folks, John Cena is not number one for the first time in years.

    In fact, if you consider 2010, Cena has been out of the WWE title picture more this year than at any point since 2005, except when injured. He entered into a huge storyline with Nexus, and Wade Barrett in particular, and was even fired.

    That said, he ended the year as dominant as ever in a storyline that ended awfully, and was still always the main event, the main man, the main attraction. He still found time to win the WWE Championship twice. He is still the face of the company and is the same John Cena we all either love or hate.  

    But it is true he played a slightly different role this year. He even spent some of 2010 as the apparent underdog, first shown at TLC 2009. I, for one, am very interested to see the direction his current feud with CM Punk takes and how the eventual inevitable Miz feud plays out.

    Cena is doing a great job at getting new stars into the main event at the moment.

2. Sheamus

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    Number of points: 1081

    Number of Firsts: Seven

    Number of Top Threes: 23

    Number of Top 10s: 46

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: Two x WWE Championship, One x King of the Ring

    Think back to TLC 2009 and Sheamus winning the WWE Championship.

    The response on this site was unprecedented, we have not been that shocked in a very long time. 2010 was the year that the WWE and Sheamus had to proved he deserved to be an established maineventer and I believe that they succeeded.

    Many argue he has never been built up as a credible champion and has been given too much too quickly. These arguments are hard to dispute.

    However, the company has constantly put faith in him and he has improved. He is now more consistent than ever, both in the ring and on the mic. With two championship reigns, a king of the ring victory and having put HHH out of commission, he is arguably the most dominant heel in the company. Power 25 certainly thinks he is.

    Like it or not, Sheamus is a big part of WWE's 2011 and beyond.

1. Randy Orton

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    Number of points: 1126

    Number of Firsts: Nine

    Number of Top Threes: 26

    Number of Top 10s: 50

    Number of Top 25s: 52

    Titles: One x WWE Championship

    The Viper, the antihero, the new Stone Cold, call him what you will, Randy Orton is officially now competing with John Cena to be the face of the company.

    He underwent a huge face turn at the start of 2010 after being consistently the biggest heel in the company, and is now WWE's go-to after Cena. He had a turbulent start to the year with the collapse of Legacy, but since putting pay to Cody and Ted at Wrestlemania, he hasn't looked back.

    He may have only held the title once and not for a considerable period of time, but he has headlined every PPV and has never left the title picture. Feuding with Orton signifies that a superstar has genuinely arrived in the main event picture, exemplified by the likes of Miz, Barrett and Sheamus.

    He has only been out of the top 10 twice all year! He has achieved all this while maintaining his heelish mannerisms. Some complain he is a new superman, but Randy Orton is a megastar and that is not changing any time soon.

    According to the Power 25, 2010 was the year of Orton!

Additional Facts

26 of 26

    Most First places—1. Nine to Randy Orton; 2. Seven to Sheamus, Kane

    Most Consecutive Months at Number One—1. Two to Kane, Randy Orton, Sheamus

    Most Top Threes—1. 26 to Randy Orton; 2 . 23 to Sheamus; 3. 17 to Kane

    Most Consecutive Months in Top Three—1. Six to Randy Orton; 2. Four to Undertaker; 3. Three to Sheamus, Kane

    Most Top 10s—1. 50 to Randy Orton; 2. 49 to John Cena; 3. 46 to Sheamus, Big Show

    Most Consecutive Months in Top 10—1. 12 to Randy Orton, Sheamus; 3. 11 to Big Show

    Most Top 25s—1. 52 to Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Miz, Big Show, Kane

    Most points in a five week month—1. 122/125 to HHH, Sheamus, Randy Orton

    Most points in a four week month—1. 98/100 to Rey Mysterio, Kane, Miz

    Most points gained in 3 months—1. 313/325 to Kane; 2. 309/325 to Randy Orton; 3. 307/325 to Sheamus

    There we go. That's my Power 25, based analysis of 2010.

    Thanks for reading and any feedback and comments are much appreciated. I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and here's to 2011!