National Anthem Fail: Watch Band Butcher Anthem at KC Chiefs Game

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2010

National Anthem fails occur every now and then in the world of sports, but the Eli Young Band had an awful performance for the ages prior to the Kansas City Chiefs game Sunday.

Call it an epic fail.

Lead singer Mike Eli forgot the words to the song not once but twice, leading to bewilderment and boos from fans.

It started off just fine, but fell apart when he flubbed the beginning of the second verse.

As he stammered along, fans began to boo angrily.

He apparently realized his mistake and attempted to start over, only to forget the second verse again, leading to more anger from the stands.

The front man was was obviously rattled by his mistake, as his voice quivered through the final few lines of the song.

Although both the country band and the lead singer have issued apologies, it will be almost impossible to forgive them for one of the worst performances in recent memory.

The gaffe was attributed to technical difficulties and nerves, which seem like odd excuses to say the least.

Eli had already performed the anthem on several different occasions, apparently without incident.

Maybe the Chiefs should have booked Carl Lewis instead.

In terms of all-time failures, this one has to rank at or near the top.

This wasn't some amateur performer or cute little 12-year-old standing in front of thousands for the first time.

It was an award-winning group who has been on tour.

As far as the real reason for the mistake, one of the fans heard in the video offered a possible solution.

"He's a little hungover."

No matter how far the group rising in the country music ranks, it will be tough for them to live down Sunday's performance.

Don't expect them to get another invitation to sing the anthem any time soon.


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