The NFL Top Three: Teams To Beat

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

1. Dallas Cowboys- The 'Boys are what you might call an unthinkable season... Good or bad. The Dallas Cowboys have a good quarterback in Tony Romo. I'm not convinced on him yet, however. He shows great strides in the regular season, but seems to regress in the playoffs.

T.O. is a good receiver. Again, I'm not convinced. He still seems immature and drops some of catch-able balls. Now he's not Troy Williamson, but he's not Jerry Rice either.

Jason Witten is probably my favorite out of this bunch. A fantasy sleeper, but a fantastic Tight End, he is often overshadowed by guys like Antonio Gates, and Tony Gonzalez. He is a fast, strong tight end with good hands.

The defense looks spectacular, but I'm not sold. I think DeMarcus Ware is good, but slightly overrated. I really like the addition of Adam Jones. He is a lock-down corner when he is behaving. Also, he's played against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. He should know how to read a quarterback, and he has gone up against guys like Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson.

Again, good signs. I don't think they will win it all. Tony Romo will choke, but eventually he'll get it.

Record: 14-2, lose in the Divisional Rnd. of the Playoffs.

2. San Diego Chargers- Disappointment has been the story of the past two years for the Bolts. Their 2006 record was 14-2, and they lost to the hands of the New England Patriots. Again, in 2007, they had a good year but lost to the Pats again.

This year, they look great. If their stars can stay healthy I have no doubt in my mind that they will win it all. But I'm not sold on Rivers. Like Romo, he seems to lack poise when it matters most. Granted, he was hurt last year in the playoffs, but he seems prone to mistakes.

The running game looks to fly this year, however. They still have LaDainian Tomlinson, and Darren Sproles is the backup. This lineup could devastate the NFL.

The defense is going to struggle. Especially since Shawne Merriman could go down. After last year's beating they took from Minnesota, (Minnesota??!?) I am not convinced that the defense is all it's cracked up to be.

Record (with defense):13-3, win Super Bowl.

Record (without defense): 7-9, miss playoffs.

3. New England Patriots- Historic disappointment from last year is in the air. I think it will carry over into their play. The Patriots are loaded. Unfortunately, I think that they left the gunpowder in a rainstorm.

You can tell already that Pats fans may need to brace themselves for a post-Super Bowl loss disappointment. Tom Brady may be a little overrated for this year, and the O-line has a few injuries. I'm not saying that New England is out of contention, but they're not looking promising right now.

Record (with Tom Brady/ O-line): 12-4, lose in AFC Championship.

Record (without O-line): 9-7, lose in Wild Card round of playoffs.


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