2010 WWE Survivor Series PPV Fantasy Card

Brent Caldwell@AimYourBrentContributor INovember 19, 2010

It's that time of year again. And thank our lucky stars, World Wrestling Entertainment thought better of their decision earlier this year, and have reinstated the Survivor Series as their annual November pay-per-view.

Needless to say, there has been a mixed reaction to this year's Survivor Series card, as there almost always is these days.

I don't understand why the creative team at WWE cannot comprehend the idea that doing the Survivor Series in the traditional format would sell. But after the reaction "old school" Raw received, maybe there is hope after all.

What follows is my Survivor Series fantasy card. It's the way I would have booked the show, if I was in charge. I'm not going to stray far from the established storylines, I'm just going to put my personal twist on everything.

1. TEAM MYSTERIO (Rey Mysterio, MVP, Big Show, Chris Masters) vs. TEAM DEL RIO (Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler)

I'm scaling back the elimination matches to the 4-on-4 format so more wrestlers are available for other matches. This match is the same, just sans one competitor from each side. This would be a fast paced opener to bring the crowd up.

Winners: Team Mysterio (Survivors: Mysterio and Show)

2. TEAM MORRISON (John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov) vs. TEAM SHEAMUS (Sheamus, Ted DiBiase, The Miz, CM Punk)

This match will actually serve multiple purposes. First of all, it further builds up the feud between Morrison and Sheamus. I like the anti-bullying angle, but I think it deserves more than a one-week build. So this will set up a Morrison vs. Sheamus match for TLC in December.

For the ending it's Morrison vs. Sheamus and Punk. He eliminates Punk but falls short against Sheamus. Secondly, Miz gets eliminated QUICKLY in this match, as in the first 30 seconds. Get him out of there and let everyone forget about him. Until later...

Winners: Team Sheamus (Survivor: Sheamus)

3. TEAM NATALYA (Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Beth Phoenix) vs. TEAM LAY-COOL (Layla, Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim)

Lately it seems like every diva is face except for Lay-Cool. So I tried my best to recall who is supposed to be face and who is supposed to be heel. If I messed up, I'm truly sorry.

The idea to me here was to have the entire face team eliminated except for Natalya, and then have her battle back and eliminate the entire heel team until it's her against McCool, then Layla costs Natalya the win, setting up the Divas title match at TLC.

Winners: Team Lay-Cool (Survivor: McCool)

4. THE HART DYNASTY (Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, Goldust) vs. THE NEXUS (David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Husky Harris)

Obviously, Kofi and Goldust are honorary members of the Hart Dynasty for this night only.

I'm not breaking up any tag teams. We need a good tag division again. I'm sick of teams lasting six months to a year and then being split up.

I had the idea of the Nexus going over but with Otunga as the only member eliminated. I want to use this to help further stir the pot within the Nexus.

It would be similar to the 1993 Survivor Series when Owen Hart was the only member of the Hart family eliminated.

Only I would want to stretch the plot out even further, not having Otunga show his feelings right after the match, but in the following weeks on Raw.

Winners: The Nexus (Survivors: Slater, Gabriel and Harris)

5. World Heavyweight Title: Edge vs. Kane (c)

I don't want to cheapen an Edge title win. So I want one of two scenarios. Either Edge goes over clean, Kane lays in a beat down post-match and then the funeral bell tolls, Kane goes nuts, and Edge takes the opportunity to spear the hell out of him and bail.

Or, we have a ref bump, Kane is about to lay in a cheap shot with a chair or the ring bell, then the funeral bell tolls, Kane freaks out, Edge hits a spear, and the ref counts the 3.

Personally, I like the second scenario better. But either works.

Winner, and new World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

6a. WWE Title: Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena as special referee

This is where the picture gets murky. I have thought up, as well as read, so many different scenarios for this match, it's enough to make your head spin.

The best way for this to play out really depends on what is to be accomplished. Do we want Cena to go heel? If so, do we want to do that now or a little later on?

They just released a Cena DVD, which makes me believe we wont see a heel turn until after Christmas. 

One way of doing this is to have Cena pull a couple fast counts while Barrett is trying to pin Orton. Orton later fights back, and hits the RKO on Barrett, but Cena wont count the fall. Orton gets pissed and hits an RKO on Cena, which he actually has to SELL!

This leads to another ref coming down to the ring, we get a nice back-and-forth finish, with Orton winning.

Afterwards, Miz hits the ring, cashes in the briefcase, and then just as he's about to pin Orton, Cena hits an FU, (I don't care what they call it now, it's still the FU) resulting in Orton retaining by disqualification.

This allows the story to keep going, gives Orton a potential new pay-per-view opponent, and starts to hint at the Cena turn. 

Winner, and still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

Another way to have this go is to have Barrett to go over clean, forcing Cena to count the fall. Then here comes Miz to cash in, Cena counts the fast fall on Barrett, and Miz is the new WWE Champion.

In the post-match, Barrett confronts Cena, Cena lays out Barrett, Miz lays out Cena, and then Orton lays out Miz.

This can set up either Orton vs. Miz in a Title match at TLC in December and Barrett vs. Cena, or a TLC match with all four of them involved. Numerous possibilities.

Winner, and new WWE Champion: a) Wade Barrett. b) Miz.

So that's my version of the 2010 Survivor Series. I'd like to hear your thoughts, and I know we all have a lot of them when it comes to this event in general, as well as the WWE Title match. Thanks for reading.


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