Lita: The Story of an Undervalued and Overlooked WWE Diva

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst INovember 5, 2010


Welcome to the second installment of articles for the Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist competition.

Today, I will write about my favorite WWE Diva ever. This article should be written in an acrostic-style.

I'm aware of the other women wrestling in Shimmer and Japan, and I know how awesome they are. But I'll talk about a Diva who I followed ever since she made her debut. The woman who made me like the wrestling Divas again. She's none other than the queen of extreme, Lita.

So without further introduction, let's get started.

Lita made her debut in the early 2000s and showed the whole WWE universe that she's not just another sexy lady and a beautiful face who joined as eye candy.

Since she made her debut, she inspired millions of people around the world with the unique offense and style she brought to the ring. With her risky moves, she was able to set a new level for the Divas division that encouraged a higher standard of competition.

She started as a valet, but she was never the kind of manager who watched her mate from ring-side and just screamed for him or cried after he won or lost. She was always there ready to kick butts and even mix it with the boys whenever needed. In fact, she played an essential role in all the careers of superstars she managed.

She might not be the best wrestler if compared to other larger and more powerful ladies, but Lita had all the factors and full package of a special Diva. With all respect to other Divas, they all seemed to miss a certain factor.

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Beauty, sexiness, extremeness, toughness, intensity, fury, energy, attitude, charisma, passion and courage were all gathered in one woman called Amy Dumas AKA Lita. They were clearly displayed in her matches and promos. Her determination and the passion she showed towards wrestling gained her respect from fans.

always liked watching women wrestling and showing their skills. I liked Alundra Blayze in the '90s. And later, when I watched Chyna, I was amazed and I thought that no other Diva would impress me as she did.

However, Lita was the perfect Diva I always dreamed of watching. For me, she was more of a "don't let my looks fool you" Diva. I never expected her to hide such intensity and fierceness behind her sexy looks.

Once she made it to the ring, she'd wow with her in-ring skills and extremeness. She never seemed to care how risky her spots were and she was always ready for any type of competition, whether against women or men.

It's no secret that fans liked Lita because of her remarkable signature moves that included breath-taking, high-flying maneuvers and jaw-dropping aerial spots. She was the first Diva to introduce such high-risk moves to the women's division.

Her moves included the diving hurricanrana, suicide dives and the diving moonsault, in addition to various in-ring moves that never disappointed. Furthermore, she did utilize her hot looks at certain moments.

Unfortunately, just like many other professional wrestlers, Lita suffered a career-threatening injury and she had to undergo surgery. But she was able to return after more than one year and continue with her competitive matches.

However, her career faced a turning point with her incident with Matt Hardy and Edge. Since then, she was insanely humiliated and ridiculously insulted by fans. Even when Matt Hardy said that they're still friends and that he got over it, fans never got tired of insulting her. I respect Hardy for saying that but I don't respect him for bringing the whole thing into WWE in the first place.

Of course, WWE played a major role in increasing the humiliation by putting her in embarrassing segments and allowing superstars to trash her and physically attack her on numerous occasions. This led to her departure that was considered as one of the worst departures. And our beloved WWE never wasted time to increase the humiliation with the Cryme Tyme infamous segment. That's not the best way to reward a Diva who put her body on the line and brought the women's division back to life.

Still, I was glad to see her return on several occasions, and the huge props she received sure shows how much the fans love her, even though some empty-headed people still remark about her screwing their darling Matt Hardy.

Trish Stratus was another great Diva who made her way to the division and rose briefly after Lita's debut. Even though she was introduced as a sex symbol at first, no one can deny the fact that she was able to work hard and pave her way to the top.

However, unlike Lita, she needed a major push and numerous titles in order to solidify her as a top Diva. She might have been over-pushed to the extent that she was named the best Diva of her era. People liked watching a "very" hot Diva winning titles and holding them for a long time.

I'm not saying that she never deserved to be pushed and I'm not writing this to call her overrated. In fact, I'm a fan of Trish and I liked her. The only thing I wanted to say was that she needed some long reigns to make her recognized as a Diva that could be more than just another sex symbol. Lita never needed major pushes and long title reigns because she already established herself via her awesome skills.

I might only say that Trish had a heroic farewell, unlike Lita, who had a pathetic and heart-breaking departure.

Many people say that Lita was overlooked and her career was overshadowed by Trish Stratus. But with all confidence I say that Trish's career would have meant nothing if Lita hadn't been part of the Divas division. 

People always fail to remember some facts, which brings me to the final point I want to discuss here.

As I mentioned above, Lita was an essential part of all the careers of superstars she managed or feuded with. What made Essa Rios special in his matches? Can you deny that Lita was a major part of his contests?

When she paired with the Hardy Boyz, wasn't she an effective member in most of their matches?

Edge surely built himself to the top way before he was paired with Lita, but would there have been a Rated "R" Era had Lita not been a part of it?

Finally, I come to Trish Stratus. If we take a look at her career, most of her feuds included Lita. She might have had brief feuds with other Divas, but Lita was a main character in her run. Claiming that Lita wasn't a major part of her career is like tearing a complete chapter out of a book.

Trish's first major feud was against Lita when they were both part of stables (T&A and Team Xtreme). This feud continued until her departure.

Whether as opponents or as partners, we never saw a year pass without a confrontation between the two Divas even if it was brief. Trish's farewell match wouldn't have been the same had she faced a different opponent other than Lita. Add to this the fact that their RAW main-event match in 2004 is considered one of the best Divas matches of the decade.

Alundra Blayze might have saved the Divas division in the '90s but there were only a few women wrestling at that time. Sunny and Sable might have been the first women to be called Divas, and the latter's popularity might have caused the reinstatement of the women's championship, but it was still more about sex appeal.

Jacqueline and Ivory were two talented Divas too. Chyna might be considered the best Diva ever, but she was more about having masculine features and competing against males. No doubt WWE started focusing more on talents rather than sex-appeal at that time.

But Lita became one of the most popular Divas after her debut, and she was the real woman who set the new standards of competition for the next generation. She should be appreciated for this.

I really like many current Divas today, but I will always consider the four-time women's champion and the Lucha Libre Queen, Lita, as the best WWE Diva ever.

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