Sacramento Kings' Keys To Success: Five Ways They Regain the League's Attention

TUNA EvansContributor INovember 3, 2010

Sacramento Kings' Keys To Success: Five Ways They Regain the League's Attention

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    If you are an avid Kings fan such as me, you may notice that there is a general lack of media coverage and respect in regards to our Sacramento squad. Maybe it’s because I am a fan, but it feels like Espn “the World Wide Leader in Sports” hardly even recognizes that the Kings exist unless we are playing the Lakers, who Espn dedicates about 50 percent of all of their NBA coverage to.

    We have the reigning rookie of the year who put up Godly numbers last year as we all know at 20-5-5, and yet our superstar and does not get anywhere near the attention that other stars do.

    I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact that the Kings were one of the worst teams in the league last year with only 25 wins. Maybe it also has to do in part that Tyreke does not sound off on his own hype, like most stars of his caliber do. And perhaps we are just a small market team and until we move from Sacramento, into a new arena and city we will not command the eyes and ears of the nation…

    No! I do not accept that reasoning at all. The Kings deserve more coverage just for the fact that Tyreke Evans is on the squad. I seem to remember a rookie by the name of Kevin Durant playing for a small market Seattle Supersonics team that only won 20 games that season, and he still garnered the attention of the league.

    Tyreke put up stronger numbers, did it quietly as Durant did and helped his team improve their record by eight games. So then why does Sacramento and Tyreke barely get mentioned? The answer is that I am not quite sure, but I’ve come up with several ways that Sacramento could reclaim some much needed media coverage and respect this season.

5. Change Their Identity

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    What does that mean?

    For a long time now the Kings have been known as a soft, finesse team, with weak big men. This premise needs to change this season, starting with the front court. The Kings are loaded up on bigs this year with shot-blockers and rebounders, it is time for Dalembert, Cousins, Whiteside, and Thompson, to strike fear into their opponents with force and tenacity. The Kings must build up a new reputation as a team that does not give up easy layups and dunks anymore, but instead sends weak stuff flying into the fifth row. Once the Kings take a stand on defense they will get the respect they deserve.

4. DeMarcus Cousins Wins Rookie of the Year

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    Sacramento claiming rookie of the year honors twice in a row would obviously be quite a story. DeMarcus Cousins, unlike Tyreke doesn’t seem like the type to keep quiet if he did win the award, which would bring more attention and respect from the league. But this will be an especially impressive task, because Cousins will have to outplay John Wall and Blake Griffin in order to claim the prize.

3. Tyreke Evans Becomes an All-Star

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    Making the All-Star team would be the next big progression in Tyreke Evans' career. It may seem like a long shot, and it certainly is in a Western Conference that is loaded with excellent guards, but it is possible. If Tyreke improved his statistics to 25-5-5, just five point a game better than last season, it would make it very difficult to ignore him when only a handful of players in the league put up those kind of numbers.

2. Beat The Lakers Twice

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    The Kings have obviously been pretty poor the last few years but for some reason they have a knack for keeping Laker’s game interesting. Last year the Lakers barely beat the Kings, with Kobe hitting the 3 pointer at the buzzer to send the game into overtime, which they eventually lost in double overtime. Beating the two-time defending champions twice in a season would be impressive for a young and up and coming team and pretty sweet for the fans too.

1. Kings Win At Least 37 Games

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    Why at least 37 games? Well, it would be a 12 game improvement from last season’s win total and it would also bring our winning percentage above 45%, and it would surpass what every sports outlet is predicting for the Kings.

    Exceeding expectations is the way to get this Kings team back on the map. Compare this year’s roster to last year’s and tell me the Kings can’t be 12 games better. They are off to a great start, let's keep it rolling.