Meet Paydirt Pete

John Greely@johnwgreelyB/R UK StaffOctober 27, 2010

Paydirt Pete - UTEP

Paydirt Pete may not look like much. He may be several decades behind the gold-mining curve.  But I’ll be darned if he ain’t the best dang mascot in the Union!


Meet Paydirt Pete

Paydirt Pete hails from the University of Texas, El Paso, where he’s served as the school’s head prospector since 1974.  He’s been through a lot of changes in that span — quitting smoking, trying out different hats, etc. — but he’s never lost his insatiable love of gold and mining.

Pete’s Experience

Two words: border relations. Paydirt Pete is a diplomat, as the man can practically see Mexico from his house. Juarez is just around the corner, and Pete knows the town like the back of his soot-covered hands. This diplomatic experience, coupled with his high-profile event hosting skills (Pete helms the Sun Bowl festivities every year) make for a savvy veteran of a mascot that commands respect.

Pete’s Leadership Abilities

To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly, and carry a pickaxe. Pete does both of these things. He might not even speak at all! Since he follows Roosevelt’s leadership style, doesn’t it follow that he’s a great leader like Teddy? Of course it does!

What Distinguishes Paydirt Pete From the Rest?

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Determination. Pete’s been mining the hills of El Paso for decades, and has yet to find any gold. But does he stop trying? Nope. He just keeps on going, year after year. That’s the kind of resilience that other mascots dream of — but only Pete’s got it.

Pete’s Campaign Promises

If elected, Pete promises gold for everybody. And if that fails, he’ll throw a kickin’ party in Juarez for all his new friends. He’ll even upgrade his 10-gallon hat to 11 gallons if it helps.

In Summary

Paydirt Pete is the gold standard of mascots. Take that to the bank.

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