The Many Gimmicks of Glen Jacobs

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIAugust 4, 2011

The Many Gimmicks of Glen Jacobs

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    How many of you Kane-aanites really know Glen Jacobs AKA Kane? Yes, we all know he's the kayfabe brother of The Undertaker. We all know Kane used to wear a mask before he removed it back in June 2003.

    I bet all my vintage wrestling action figurines that you all probably do not know Kane's past gimmicks! As a matter of fact, if he did not adopt the Kane persona which made him a worldwide phenomenon of sorts cause there a damn good chance that he would be a nobody in the wrestling world!

    So, after many hours of searching on YouTube, many hours of digging through the web, I've found every gimmick Kane that he has Ever and I really mean EEEVVVVVERRR used.

    So my fellow Kane-aanites, Miz-Fits, Jerichoholics, Hulkamaniacs, Creatures of the Night, Peeps, Edgeheads, The People, Little Jimmies and other faithful wrestling fans, I Jacob Waring, bring to you all of Kane's gimmicks!!!!!

Angus King

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    Kane first gimmick is shrouded in mystery as no one really know what he looked liked as Angus King. Hell, very few people know which promotion he was in as the gimmick.

    Photo's and video of him as Angus King are as elusive as Bigfoot, Loch Ness and The Great Pumpking!

    The only facts I know of this gimmick is that he wore a black shirt and used black eye liner.

Christmas Creature

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    Glen Jacobs as a walking, hulking Christmas tree?

    Now this is one of those gimmicks in life where it's so ridiculous that it's mind-boggling that anyone would wanna wrestle in Christmas ornaments!

    This gimmick first appeared in the USWA while facing Tray Killer. The gimmick ending with a loss to the legendary Jerry Lawler who is known as the man who screamed "Puppies" during the Attitude Era. Now even as a jolly mutated tree, he used the chokeslam as his finishing move.

    He went to Pro Fujiwara Wrestling as Glen Jacobs.


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    Jacobs dropped his holiday cheer on his way to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to become the Unabomb. He wore the typical wrestling trunks and had gloves with an orange skull on it. It's simple attire that's bland but you can't really blame him for going for less after he wrestled in a tree getup. 

    He teamed up with Al Snow and were a pretty decent team as they had chemistry that today's tag teams lack. Their promos were awesome to hear and it amazes me Al Snow didn't get farther in the WWE.

    They did something right together as they ended up being SMW Tag Team Champions.  

Dr. Isaac Yankem

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    So Jacobs went from losing to Jerry Lawler to becoming his private dentist, which is a pretty ironic twist. Dentists are not the kind of person you ever want to see, as the last time I went to the dentist office I had four wisdom teeth pulled.

    In any case, this is one of Glen Jacobs' more well-known gimmicks that even clueless casual fans would be aware of. Having a gimmick of a dentist was probably not a gimmick Jacobs wanted but it is a hundred times better then dressing up as a tree.

    Being an evil dentist does not allow one to become a legend in the WWE, which is basically why the gimmick flopped.

Fake Diesel

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    Of all the gimmicks that Jacobs had to use over the years the Fake Diesel was the one I hated with every ounce of my being. So Kevin Nash and his buddy Scott Hall run off to WCW and what does the WWE do? Replace them with different individuals who used the same gimmicks. 

    We as wrestling fans may be gullible at times and act like we know everything when we know nothing.

    Having Jacobs take over someone else's gimmick was the WWE way of insulting our collective intelligence. I'm frankly glad that Jacobs stint as the fake Diesel was very short!


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    Obviously his first stint in the WWE was unremarkable at this point so he returned to the USWA but not as a Christmas Tree but as Doomsday! He won matches and kicked some major ass as he became the USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion! 

    He even wrestled against Cactus Jack in the WWC in Puerto Rico, before heading back to the WWE to become a legend that would be more feared than even The Undertaker!

Masked Kane

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    He returned as Kane but made his first appearance at the PPV Badd Blood and attacked The Undertaker in his Hell of the Cell match. Kane literally ripped the cage door open and gave Taker a spiraling tombstone piledriver!

    Since that PPV he won multiple championships, engaged in epic bouts and became a badass who was truly feared by all! Jacobs as Kane with the mask was a force to be reckoned with as he looked like he was a truly emotionless monster hell bent on destruction of everyone and everything in his path!

    He was indestructible...well, that was until his mask was removed. 

Unmasked Kane

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    The key ingredient to Kane was the mask and without it he's not the monster that strikes fear into the souls of many but just a human who is big and strong.

    He just became another mid-carder who was earning No. 1 contender spots but not grabbing the gold. He was ECW Champion...which is really nothing.

    The only thing that helped him regain some of that monstrous mystique was winning Money in the Bank in 2010.  Winning the World Title in the twilight of his career and having a lengthy reign by today's standards has made him regain some of the old Kane back.

    Yet, It's not the same.

'Til Next Time....

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    Glen Jacobs was a journeyman in terms of transitioning from gimmick to gimmick which is a neat way of tracking his career. It's also examples of what worked and what did not work as each gimmick gave him different levels of success and failures. It's really is quite amazing seeing the evolution of Jacobs as a character through gimmicks.

    Scary to think that if he did not become Kane then we'd would not have the amazing moments that Kane has provided us with such as outstandingly winning his Tag Team Championships single-handedly in a 4 way tag team ladder match or the epic 10 plus years feud with Undertaker!

    On the other hand, if he did not become Kane then we'd all be blessed with the knowledge that Katie Vick never happened. 

    So in conclusion.... take care and..... pursue life as you dare!


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