Tom Brady is a Selfish Ass

Michael CaissieCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2007

http://cachemediasrv.patriots.com/ImgDyn.cfm?s=brady_moss_talk.jpg&c=1&w=525&cs=1Okay, please hold your cheers or jeers for a moment while I justify the extremely obvious attempt to catch your attention, and provoke certain aggression and rioting from the New England faithful.

Growing up, my best friend and I never ever ever saw eye to eye when arguing the likes of sports.  Heck, my friend Shawn seemed to make an art form out of arguing about just about anything! 

One argument, certainly not exclusive to us, was always the debate over the greatest quarterback of all time—and perhaps even more importantly, how the hell do you rate them?

I was always stuck on the statistics angle and would vouch for Dan Marino, while my friend loved the bling and had a man crush on Joe Montana.

He would always argue that championships make the QB, but I just don't see Dilfer and Rypien helping out that argument.  Not to mention that the entire 49ers team was made up of Pro Bowlers!  There's a big difference between handing the ball to Roger Craig than say...oh, I don't know—Kareem Abdul-Jabar (Marino's most reliable back). 

Let's not forget the receivers.  Marino had Duper and Clayton early in his career, but who was that Rice guy that Montana had as a target?  Sadly, I just don't see OJ McDuffy making "the Catch" in the end zone. 

Naturally, over the last few years the likes of Petyon Manning and Brett Favre have taken a bite out of my side of the argument—but the fact is, Montana barely makes in the top ten in any statistical category.

All that said, I think in the end we'll both be proven wrong. Seeing as we're both born and raised in New England, I think we'll both be happy to be misguided.  Which brings me to that selfish prick, Brady! 

Up until last year the Marino/Montana argument was revived and relived ala Manning/Brady.  Then Peyton had to go and do something stupid, like actually winning a championship to go along with his ridiculously growing stats!  Not to be undone, Brady has set his sights on screwing up the whole thing all together with a statistical season never before seen.

This season Brady's on pace to break Manning's record of highest passer rating for a single season and touchdowns in a season.  Not to mention, he has a shot at breaking the record for a single-season completion percentage, and an outside shot at breaking Marino's record for yards in a single season.

So, if you put those in the record book, along with the Super Bowl rings and MVP trophies, Brady is looking to make a case that would end all arguments. 

Let's not forget to mention that he'll finally get that regular-season MVP trophy, and his team certainly looks like the odds-on favorite to win it all.  With another Super Bowl ring, he'll join the likes of Montana and Bradshaw as the only QBs with four championships, and with one more Superbowl MVP he'll join the great Montana with three atop his mantle.  Did I mention that he's only 30 years old/

Now, I'm sure all the Brady/Pats haters are going to pull the same argument I used to pull about the 49ers: "Brady had the better teams!" 

To all of you I simply have to say—you're wrong. Find me anyone outside of New England that thought the Pats had even a small chance against the Rams in their first Super Bowl.

I'm sure many of you are going to say, "Peyton never had the defense!"  Well...to that, I say, who cares?

Let's take a look at Peyton's weapons.  He came into the league and has had the pleasure of handing off to Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, and  Joseph Addai.  He's thrown to Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark. 

Are you ready for another challenge? I dare anyone outside of New England to name more than one receiver on the Pats last year!  Even with a group of receivers that probably wouldn't have made my high school football team, Brady and Co. almost made it to another Super Bowl.  

Now, with a team with the likes of Moss, Welker, and Stallworth, the selfish ass finally has some weapons that rival Manning's seemingly endless luxuries.  Kind of makes you wonder what Brady's stats would have looked like if Troy Brown* wasn't his favorite receiver for years.    

Thanks for completely ruining hours upon hours of past, present, and definitely future arguments about "who is the greatest QB of all times," Tom!  Now we'll have to fill the void with doing actual work at the office, listening and caring what our wives and girlfriends think, and even...sharing our feelings! 

You're such a selfish ass!  I hope you realize what you've done to football fans. 

*DISCLAIMER: Troy Brown is simply the man!  In no way should the above comment be taken as a slight toward Mr. Brown.  New England fans love and adore you Mr. Brown, and you never cease to amaze us with your versatility and dedication to the team.


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