The 10 Most Outrageous Sports Tattoos of All Time

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2010

Top 10 Most Outrageous Sports Tattoos of All Time

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    Most tattoos have special meaning for the people who get them. It's a way to express one's uniqueness and individuality.

    But sometimes those on the outside who don't share the same perspective might get the wrong idea. 

    While the people who have them may think of their ink as meaningful, others may just view them as outrageous.

    Here are some of the most outrageous tattoos of all time.

Honorable Mention: Greg Ostertag

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    This tattoo is more hilarious than outrageous, so it deserves a mention.

    This not a temporary tattoo that washes away in the shower.

    Greg Ostertag has the real thing on his calf.

    No joke. That's Fred Flintstone.



10. Mike Tyson

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    This facial tattoo sparked a bit of controversy when "Iron Mike" debuted it before a big fight. 

    He was getting knocked by critics for partying too much in Vegas, getting this tattoo and not training hard enough for his fights.

    Tyson knocked out Cliff Etienne in the first 49 seconds of his fight.

    That was the final victory of his career.

9. Kenyon Martin

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    If you ever thought that those lipstick stains on K-Mart's neck were distracting...

    Those red lips on Kenyon's neck are never coming off.

    Apparently they're dedicated to his girlfriend, rapper Trina.

    But didn't they just break up?

8. David Beckham

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    Beck's has the names of his two sons tattooed on his back.

    For his wife Victoria?

    Her name written in Hindi on his left forearm.

    There was outrage here, as it was rumored that her name was misspelled.

7. Allen Iverson

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    He's a former NBA MVP and scoring champion.

    He's made enough dough to last many lifetimes.

    "Money Bags" is etched on his left hand.

    But come on AI, that's rubbing it in there.

    It would be ironic if he actually did gamble his life away like Stephen A. Smith hinted at last season.

6. DeShawn Stevenson

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    Remember DeShawn Stevenson from last season?

    Of course you don't.  Let me remind you.

    28.2% from the field, 21.8% from the free throw line.

    Judging from those numbers, it seems like he's foreshadowing how much of a pay cut he'll take once he finds himself out of league for not making his jump shots.

5. Jason Williams

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    Take a good look at what J-Will's hand tattoos have to say.

    Must be a sign that he's proud of the color of his skin. 

4. LeBron James

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    Either this tat is based on fact or based on ego.

    Fact: He was chosen number one overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

    Now that you've seen LeBron make news headlines all summer, any chance you would believe that it has more to do with ego?

3. Dennis Rodman

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    Rodman's tats and ear piercings were the talk of the NBA during the early 90s. 

    During a time when players rarely displayed ink on their body, Rodman was the exception.

    Two bulls on his chest and a suggestive cross starting at his navel pointing down.  Those are just a few of his body artwork highlights.

2. David Clinger

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    That is not a mask.  That's genuine ink.

    It got so bad for Clinger that his former team, Webcor, asked him to have it all removed.

    After initially attempting laser-removal treatment, Clinger came to the realization that it was too expensive and eventually left his team and signed elsewhere.

1. Chris Andersen

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    Talk about outrageous.

    The man they call Bird Man now has "free" written on his neck.

    Very over-the-top indeed.

    I guess birds do roam free.  Was that his motivation for getting the ink done?

    Somewhere in the league's office, NBA Commissioner David Stern, is shaking his head at Andersen's new art.