Greatest Pennant-Chase Comebacks in Baseball History

Rob OgdenContributor IOctober 1, 2010

Greatest Pennant-Chase Comebacks in Baseball History

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    Each year, baseball's elite battle it out for the right to represent their division in the playoffs. Some teams are out of contention before the All-Star break. Some, however,  only appear that way, before making a furious comeback into baseball relevance. These ten teams were down, but not out. Here are baseball's ten greatest pennant-chase comebacks of all time: 

1978 New York Yankees

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    The Yankees trailed by 14 games in the AL East on July 20. But the Bronx Bombers won 52 of their remaining 73 games and Bucky Dent's game-winning home run in the one-game tie breaker with the Red Sox gave New York the division. 

1995 Seattle Mariners

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    On August 3, the Mariners trailed the California Angels by 13 games and were two games under .500. But the Mariners went 35-10 while the Angels went 22-33 in the final 55 games and Seattle won the West. They would take their success all the way to the ALCS before falling to the Indians. 

1935 Chicago Cubs

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    The Cubs sat 10.5 games behind the New York Giants on July 5. But a surge in which they won 62 of 84, including 21 in a row from September 4 to to September 27, gave the Cubies the pennant by four games over St. Louis and 8.5 over the Giants. 

1993 Atlanta Brave

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    The Braves were off the division lead by 10 games on July 23 but they went 49-16 in their final 65 games to win the NL West over the Giants by one game. 

1964 St. Louis Cardinals

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    The Bob Gibson-led Cardinals were 11 games out on as late as August 24 but went 28-11 in their final 39 games to capture the Pennant. 

1914 Boston Braves

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    The Miracle Braves were 15 games out of first place on July 6 but went on to go 68-19 in the final half of the season and won the pennant by 10 games. 

1969 New York Mets

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    On August 14, the New York Mets trailed the Chicago Cubs by 10 games in the NL East standings. But a 38-11 run to end the season allowed the Miracle Mets to capture the East by eight games. The Mets would go on the claim the World Series in five games over the Orioles. 

1930 St. Louis Cardinals

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    The Cards were 12 games out of first place on August 9 and only one game over .500. But they won 39 of their final 49 and claimed the pennant by two games over the Cubs. 

1942 St. Louis Cardinals

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    12 years later, the Cardinals again found themselves far off the leader in the NL. This time St. Louis trailed by 10 games on August 5. But the Redbirds won 44 of their last 53 and overtook the Dodgers for the NL crown. 

1951 New York Giants

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    The Giants trailed the Dodgers by 13 games on August 12 but went 38-7 in their final 45 games to force a one-game playoff with Brooklyn. Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" gave the Giants the walk-off win and radio broadcaster Russ Hodges can still be heard shouting "The Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant!" 


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