WWE Hell in a Cell Preview: The History Of The Undertaker Vs. Kane Feud

Josh Brewer@AlwaysBrewingCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

The Devil's Favorite Feud: The History Of The Undertaker Vs. Kane

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    Next Tuesday marks the 13-year anniversary of one of the most historic feuds in the history of WWE programming.

    It was on Oct. 5, 1997, that the first Hell in a Cell match was interrupted when the debuting Kane ripped the cell door from its hinges to Tombstone his brother, The Undertaker.

    Since that day, the paths The Undertaker and Kane have walked have intersected many times—for better and for worse.

    SInce Memorial Day, their paths have once again crossed as enemies. Their long history continues this Sunday, when The Undertaker takes on Kane inside Hell in a Cell.

    How did we reach this point? And where is this feud going? Let's take a look.

In Your House: Badd Blood

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    Oct. 5, 1997: The day the landscape changed for The Undertaker.

    Shortly after WrestleMania 13, Paul Bearer began threatening The Deadman with a secret that would destroy The Undertaker.

    The threats were cashed in, as Bearer revealed to the world that The Undertaker had set fire to his parents' funeral home, killing them and his younger brother, Kane.

    Or so The Undertaker thought.

    Bearer told The Undertaker that Kane was coming back for revenge. The Deadman swore there was no chance Kane survived the horrific fire that claimed the life of his parents.

    As The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels clashed in the first ever Hell in a Cell match at In Your House: Badd Blood, the lights went out, the arena turned red, and out came Paul Bearer...with Kane.

    The Big Red Monster proceeded to rip the cell door off, standing face-to-face with his older brother.

    The feud was sealed when Kane cost his brother the match by delivering The Undertaker's signature Tombstone.

WrestleMania XIV

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    The winter months of 1997 were filled with taunting and constant challenges from Paul Bearer, in an attempt to get The Undertaker to go one-on-one with his younger brother.

    After getting locked in a casket by Kane, The Undertaker finally accepted Bearer's challenge, setting up the first meeting between the Brothers of Destruction.

    The Undertaker's WrestleMania win streak, then still fresh, was raised to 7-0 as The Deadman took down his younger brother.

    But it wouldn't be long before The Undertaker and Kane squared off again.

Unforgiven: In Your House

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    Two months after their meeting on The Grandest Stage of Them All, The Undertaker fought his brother. This time, it was contested in a brand new type of match, one designed with the history of the two men firmly in mind.

    The Inferno Match.

    With fire surrounding the ring, The Deadman once again got the better of his brother. Kane's right arm was set ablaze, finally ending the feud and sending the two men on their separate ways.

    Or so we thought.

Judgment Day: In Your House

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    During the summer of 1998, The Undertaker began showing heel characteristics. He teamed with his brother in an attempt to do defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship, working hand-in-hand with Vince McMahon.

    At Breakdown: In Your House, in Sept. 1998, The Undertaker and Kane simultaneously pinned Austin in the main event, which was for the WWF Championship. Because it appeared two men had won the match, McMahon made the title vacant.

    The title wasn't meant to be vacated for long. McMahon set up a match between The Undertaker and Kane, the first the two men would compete in with the WWF/E Championship on the line.

    The Undertaker completed his heel turn, reuniting with Paul Bearer. The match between the two ended in a no contest when Austin, the match's special referee, counted The Undertaker and Kane out.

    The Ministry of Darkness was formed, and Kane once again faded away as his older brother went on to dominate the WWF.

The Summer Of 2000

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    The Undertaker took nearly a year off due to injuries, and upon his return, he debuted his American Badass gimmick.

    But Kane was never fully out of the picture.

    The two united to take on Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag Team Titles. After Edge and Christian retained the titles, Kane turned on his brother.

    This would be one of the shortest battles The Undertaker and Kane would wage, as Kane fled the ring when his older brother removed his mask at SummerSlam 2000.

    For more than three years, the Brothers of Destruction would not clash. Then came Survivor Series 2003.

Survivor Series 2003

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    When Vince McMahon interfered in The Undertaker's WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar at No Mercy, The Deadman engaged in a feud with The Chairman.

    It culminated quickly, as the two men met in a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series.

    The match was a brutal one, dominated by Big Evil. As the action moved to the grave near the entrance stage, The Undertaker's younger brother made his presence known.

    Kane helped McMahon earn the victory over The Undertaker, as Kane beat down his brother before burying him alive.

    Kane claimed his brother was dead and buried forever. The Big Evil version was.

    Four months later, The Deadman would return.

WrestleMania XX

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    At the 2004 Royal Rumble, Kane wasn't in the main event for much more than a minute when an all-too-familiar sound echoed through the arena:

    The tolling bells of The Undertaker.

    Kane was stalked by vignettes warning of the return of The Deadman, but Kane refused to believe it. The threats reached a point where Kane challenged his older brother to return at WrestleMania XX, at Madison Square Garden.

    The younger of the Brothers of Destruction never believed his older brother would show up at MSG. But when the druids appeared, and Paul Bearer led The Deadman to the ring at WrestleMania, Kane was forced to believe.

    For the second time, Kane was added to the list of victims of The Undertaker's infamous WrestleMania win streak.

    After failing to defeat The Undertaker once again, Kane went his own way, while The Undertaker soared atop the WWE Universe.

    It appeared the feud between The Undertaker and Kane had finally ended...until this summer.

Current Events

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    So here we are, 13 years after Badd Blood and Kane's debut.

    For the first time, Kane appears to be his brother's equal—or, possibly, superior.

    After retaining his World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions earlier this month, Kane claimed he was going to end The Undertaker's career for good.

    This Sunday, The Undertaker and Kane will meet once again, this time in Hell in a Cell. It will be the first time the two brothers meet one-on-one in the most grueling match WWE has to offer.

    But don't expect any closure Sunday night. This feud hasn't ended yet.

The Future

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    Recent Internet reports have stated that WWE creative is weighing the idea of having The Undertaker take on Kane in a Buried Alive Match at this year's Survivor Series.

    Similar reports surfaced in the last week stating Kane as one of the leading candidates to take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII, which may end up being The Deadman's final match.

    If Kane is truly the man to take on The Undertaker on The Grandest Stage of Them All, the proposed Buried Alive Match would be a perfect way to give The Deadman some time off before his final WrestleMania run.

    If Sheamus (the other man mentioned as The Undertaker's WrestleMania XXVII opponent) is the man that will try to end The Streak, a Buried Alive Match would be a great closing point in the epic feud The Undertaker has had with his younger brother, Kane.

    Whatever happens this fall, stay tuned.


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