2011 NBA Season: Power Shifting Back To The Eastern Conference? Good For LA?

Terrance JacksonCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

The Miami Heat made the biggest splash in the summer of 2010 off-season by signing Superstar LeBron James and All-star Chris Bosh and resigning beloved hero Dwayne Wade. Making them the talk of the town, but Miami is not the only eastern conference team to shake things up.

The Chicago Bulls didn't just watch in amazement at the new look Heat, but made "The Decision" to sign All-Star Forward Carlos Boozer, who's 19 PPG will add another level to that teams offense. Then later bringing in sharp shooter Kyle Korver who set an NBA record for 3PT at over 53% will help Derrick Rose out a bunch. Then the young and talented Ronnie Brewer was added to an already playoff tested roster. Which has made the Bulls one of the teams to beat already this season.

The New York Knicks didn't get one of the big three(James,Wade,Bosh) that fans had hoped for but they got a pretty good consolation prize in All-Star Amar'e Stoudemire, who with out question is the biggest star to play for the Knicks in a long time. Also added to the roster was guard Raymond Felton who's career 1.5 steals along with Stoudemire's 1.5 blocks will make the Knicks a better defensive team. Which takes the Knicks from bad to pretty good fast.

Lets not forget about the crafty Boston Celtics who after making their second Finals in three years didn't just stick their heads in the ground, by opening the check book and bringing in the likes of Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal,Delonte West, and Von Wafer. Coupled with that the C's managed to keep the big three together and with Doc Rivers coming back the C's are not just stepping aside. 

Some less major moves like the Pacers adding rookie sensation Daren Collison who averaged 12 points and 5 dimes filling in for CP3 last year. Which helps out Danny Granger who maybe the best player flying under the radar, Granger averaged 24 PPG last year and is looking only to get better with a speedy pg like Collison running the show.

The Magic who made it to the Finals not to long ago have made additions to the roster. Adding former Duke star Chris Duhon and 10 year vet Quentin Richardson giving the Magic's already deadly three point attack even more weapons. Though I doubt that will keep Dwight Howard out of foul trouble.

Several other teams who made free agent moves and added some roll players or drafted talent that some of the top teams should keep an eye out for. The Atlanta Hawks who made the playoffs again and won a tough series vs the Bucks look to make up for the embarrassing loss to the Magic, the Charlotte Bobcats who battled the Magic in each of the four games is going to be much improved this year,and last the Washington Wizards I'm sure on the outside it doesn't look good for the Wizards but this team has great young talent like emerging star JaVle McGee and the highly touted rookie John Wall and Gilbert Arenas the Wizards look to only go up from here. All of these teams are looking to take big steps forward in 2011.

The Milwaukee Bucks are a prime example. The Bucks were an above average team last year winning 46 games but that was with out its best player in Michael Redd, him being out for most of the year and losing C Andrew Bogut late last year the Bucks still made a lot of noise in the playoffs and with these players returning with the additions of Drew Gooden and Corey Maggette maybe its time for teams to "Fear the Deer".

With talks of Carmelo Anthony headed to New Jersey the east just seems to get stronger and stronger by the minute. But how is this good for the Lakers? It's simple, if the east is getting stronger then that means the west is getting weaker. Top teams like the Spurs,Jazz,Suns,and Nuggets have lost Key players or just getting old(in the case of the spurs). The west has taken a huge step back and the east is rising. The Lakers maybe the best team in basketball and their only real threat is the young Oklahoma City Thunder. Dallas choked last year, the Trailblazers can't seem to stay healthy and the Spurs are so old they should just change their logo to a cane and reading glasses. With that being said the Lakers really only have to beat a young Thunder team, who they beat last year, and a team who has not made any major moves to improve their roster unlike the Lakers who added another good defender and three point shooter Mat Barnes and a solid pg in Steve Blake. The east clearly has the best talent at the top with the Miami Perfect 10(James no. 6, Wade no.3 and Bosh no. 1), the new look Bulls, and the Superman lead Magic the east is going to be pretty tough. On the other hand it's pretty much a lock for the Lakers to make it back to the Finals, so I'm sure Lakers fans are feeling really good right now.


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