B/R Interview: Milwaukee Bucks' Darington Hobson on the 2010-11 Season

Zach HerringCorrespondent IISeptember 24, 2010

Hobson will wear #9 for the Bucks.
Hobson will wear #9 for the Bucks.

Darington Hobson was taken with the 37th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks. He attended college at New Mexico.  He was the Newcomer and Player of the year, of the Mountain West Conference. He became the first Lobo to lead the team in points, rebounds, and assists.

On September 21st, I got my first real interview, and it was with Darington Hobson. I was really excited/nervous because it was my first real interview and it was over the phone. I called Hobson and here is how the interview went:

Me: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

DH: My main goal is to get healthy as fast as possible because I have been battling injuries all summer and when I am healthy I can get back out there and work hard to become a better player.

Me: What was your reaction when the Bucks told you they were signing you?

DH: I was excited. It’s a great opportunity. I thanked me college coach, Coach Alford because he was a great coach, fit with me perfectly. Definitely made me a better player, and during the whole draft experience I wanted to go to Milwaukee. I am happy they picked me, I love Milwaukee.

Me: What do you see your role with the Bucks will be?

DH: My role, is to be a rookie, (laughs) do what I can to help make the team better, learn as much as possible but at the same time play hard. Be an early bird and be in that film room. And also to be an energy guy.

Me: Which player(s) do you think will help you out and mentor you through your first NBA season?

DH: Since the first day I walked into the Training Facility, there have been two guys, Andrew Bogut and Keyon Dooling. The main one being Keyon Dooling. We have a lot in common, he has battled injuries. It has been a great relationship but Bogut has also helped me out as well.

Me: What can you add to the Bucks to help them become better or even go farther in the playoffs?

DH: Whatever they ask. You really don’t know your role until after training camp and a couple games have gone by. So it’s hard to say. This is a great team, we have a lot of veterans and we had a great offseason. We made great additions. And there isn’t much that one player can do to make it farther into the playoffs. Basketball is a team effort. I can be an energy guy and use my basketball IQ to find open guys and create shots.

Me: Great interview, and thanks for taking to the time to do it!

DH: No problem Zach.


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