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OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 19:  Head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders walks the sidelines during their game against the St. Louis Rams at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 19, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

Guess who's back?!?

"They" say that winning is the best deodorant; However a 2 point (blacked out) home game win over the (clearly) rebuilding Rams is hardly enough to cover the smell coming out of Oakland. As I was saying The Raiders avoid 0-2 "black" hole but make no mistake it might be a month (or more) before our team wins another game (you check the upcoming schedule.. I don't see another Rams game... do you?)

It starts, where is always does (in today's n.f.l) with the quarterback. Many (but not me) were expecting Jason Campbell to come to town and make everyone say "JaMarcus who?" Unfortunately for us he looks more (at this point) like "JaMarucs Lite" (again failing to throw for triple digits, before walking the plank) then he does the savior of the offense many thought he would be.

However, This fans major concern is not at quarterback. For me the solution is simple, we need to start Bruce Gradkowski; Make no mistake, I'm not changing my opinion of Bruce; I still believe he's a back-up however, this is what the back-up is for.

You bring in the #2 guy when the #1 guy is A: injured or B: ineffective (see B for reason to start Bruce over Jason). It's clear that the team (especially on offense) needs "something". B.G. has a better command of the offense and can (for the most part) escape the pass rush (which bring me to the core of our problems).

Bruce's ability to avoid the rush is key; Due to the fact that the O-line is still our #1 problem. I stated earlier that Jason Campbell looked like "JaMarcus Lite" and at least 40% of that is due (in my view) to the play of the O-Line. These guys point blank can't protect him (or any other quarterback) No ones' had time (play in and play out) to sit in the pocket, survey the field and make the best decision. Moreover, don't let that 100 yard rushing day fool you into thinking "well at least they can run block"; I remind you we were playing the Rams.

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I don't want to sound like what I called one Raider Fan, "A buzz kill". I just don't want anyone in The Nation to be under the impression that this win means anything. The only way our problems get solved (for good) is by going out and getting some quality offensive linemen; No more of this using other teams rejects, or reclamation projects. In order for our team to run the ball and protect the quarterback the way our offensive philosophy is designed to we NEED to have a dominate offensive line.

For now it's time to start Bruce, with the understanding (within the organization) that this is only until the O-line is serviceable (for lack of a better word) & until Kyle Bowler's ready to play! However, that's another article... 

Raider from birth.

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