Not Another LeBron James Story: NBA's Current and Future Best Player

Arman HaiderContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 27:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers stands next to Kevin Durant #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder during Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2010 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
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Ever since the NBA began, there was always someone who was the best.

From Wilt Chamberling to Micheal Jordan there have been the greatest to play the game, so we're always on the lookout for who exactly is the next big thing in the league.

The current Era we're in is somewhat a difficult Era to describe. The NBA at the moment has a lot of great and namely stars. We have Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter, Steve Nash, and many more super stars. Even though none of them were ever given the title of the Best Player in the league.

Ever since Micheal Jordan left the game, the NBA has been looking for someone to fill that role. The first person to come close to Jordan's name was Allen Iverson.

Iverson was one of the best players in the league during his prime in Philly. A.I gathered the most hype when he led his team to the Finals, but unfortunately lost to the Lakers.

While many fans disagree, Iverson was the best player to be playing in the league at one point.

While that time was only about one season, the crowd drew quickly to the next big star being drafted first by Cleveland straight out of high school. Before LeBron was even drafted he was speculated to be the next Micheal Jordan.

LeBron James is one of the greatest players in the league at the moment. But greatness lasts for just about how long? Iverson was also a great at one point, but now his name is brought up with other stars such as Steve Francis, or Stephon Marbury.

James is one of the greatest players Statistically. He has great size, great ability to pass the ball, incredible strength, and just knows how to finish around the rim. LeBron should be a candidate for the leagues greatest players at the moment right?


While James is putting up stats, and winning MVP awards, one player is stealing the show.

LeBron James has won 2 MVP awards in the past two years. Along with the MVP award, he also led his team to having the best record in the NBA, both seasons.

Both seasons, James dominated the league, won MVP, and was eliminated from the playoffs before reaching the Finals.

Both seasons, Kobe Bryant was named under LeBron James, was criticized for being too old, and was predicted to lose to the Cavs in the Finals.

Both seasons, Lakers won the Title.

Kobe Bryant is the current best player in the league. He fights through injuries and doesn't complain about them ever, he doesn't have poor sportsmanship, and he doesn't even respond to any of the criticisms out there.

LeBron averages more points then Kobe, more rebounds then Kobe, and more assists then Kobe.

This is simply because the Cavs have no real PG, and no one in that team can average more then 10 rebounds per game.

Kobe Bryant had won 3 rings, under Shaqs command. After Shaq left he stayed with the team and didn't make the Playoffs.

Then Kobe had his breakout season, averaging 35.5 PPG, the highest since, and closest to Micheal's 36 PPG.

Although Kobe scored 81 points in 1 game, and displayed his incredible ability to score, he was greatly criticized, mainly about how selfish he is, and how much he doesn't pass the ball.

After being hated some more, and coming nowhere near an MVP award, Kobe decided to change his style of playing and started developing more of a team game, and trusting his teamates.

This led him to a breakout season, the same season the Big 3 was formed in Boston.

Kobe led his team to being first in the west, which isn't an easy job. While his team was on top, the Lakers managed to acquire Pau Gasol. This made an even bigger impact on the already contending Lakers. That same season Lakers lost to the Big 3 in the Finals.

The reason Kobe Bryant is the greatest player in the league at the moment is because of his incredible skills, his heart for the game, his ability to close games, and because he's hungry to win.

About half the people reading this article may agree with me, while the other half are still waiting for me to say that this is a joke, and LeBron is actually the REAL best player.

Sorry guys that's not happening.

The argument is easy, Kobe wants to win the game. He's in the league to win championships, and there are no road blocks in his path. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think of LeBron as a road block, especially when they've never met in the Finals.

The Difference between Kobe and LeBron,

LeBron has press conferences about his "hurt" elbow, while Kobe never mentions a word about his microfractured pinky, or any other broken fingers he's been playing the Entire season with.

When Kobe wants to win, not even a Funny Chris Rock can make him smile, he's in that mode and he wants to win the game. While LeBrons dancing around with his team only to lose in the playoffs, then to turn his back on them.

LeBron James can have his MVP's and his Media attention, but Kobe is the real winner.

Along with that now I highly doubt that LeBron will ever be categorized for being one of the greatest player in the league, just because he doesn't know how to win. Another reason is because he knows he can't win, and had to change teams to join Wade and Bosh.

I guess LeBron had his moment. He was the player to keep us amused with his fancy numbers during the regular season.

You could say he's like an Allen Iverson.

Was good with numbers, but never really knew how to win. Just another player to keep us happy until the playoffs right?

While I've discussed the current situation of the NBA, I think the future is already in our hands. While Kobe is looking to retire in about 2-4 seasons, A star is already among us and he too is working on becoming the next big thing.

While LeBron ruined his chances at being the best by leaving Cleveland, Patient and hard working superstar Kevin Durant is waiting his turn.

Durant is playing with team USA, learning to develop his game, while building his team with solid young players. He's preparing for the future.

While every team looked to pick up a free agent, or make big trades this offseason, the Thunders signed Durant to an extension, and got some talented Rookies. This team for sure will be in the title run once Kobe's fuel runs out.

So in conclusion, sorry to all LeBron fans, he truly is an entertaining player to watch, but he just plays with no heart.

Kobe is the guy right now, and nothing seems to be slowing him down. This season he's back completely healthy, so I think he's ready to do some damage.

Kevin Durant, is the future guy. He's building his team, working on his game, and that's all he's focused on. He's on the path to becoming one of the best.


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