Will NASCAR Bridle Juan Pablo Montoya and His Non-Chase Peers?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2010

Hey Martin, are you going to race those dudes hard?
Hey Martin, are you going to race those dudes hard?Tom Whitmore/Getty Images

If the NASCAR czars had a conversation with the non-chasers, what would of sound like?

Will they tell them to go out and race like they were competing for the Cup?

Would they tell then to race “but” be conscious of the fact the chaser earned the opportunity to race for a championship, so give them all the room in the world?

Or will they just flat out tell them “to stay away from the Bushes, Johnson, Gordon, Hamlin, and the rest of the chasers?"

What do you think NASCAR would say in that meeting?

The participation in a championship of teams who don’t make the playoffs is unique to this sport. After all, you won’t see the New York Yankees play the Cleveland Indians in the 2010 ALCS.

That’s the reason I’m having second thoughts about the chase concept, the participation of the non-chasers has no relevance to the championship. Let me qualify that, it does have relevance for the mega teams, they can use them to experiment with setups during the race (just guessing).

I understand the non-chase teams also use this ten races to prepare for next season, that’s all good but again it has nothing to do with the Cup championship.

NASCAR knows it can’t have a 12-car show, that would be a disaster, imagine 12 cars and four or five-hundred miles of racing with the leader in clean air and no traffic to slow him down. Can you say boring? Of course you can!

NASCAR needs to have a “wild card“ in the chase. If someone outside the top 12 (13 to 43) has a good run during the chase and wins the points race, they would win the championship. That would add a fun twist to the Cup and give a team who had a good end-of-season run a second chance (of course, they would add the 5,000 points to his total chase points).


As always, this is a fan's opinion, and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.


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