Dodgers Announce New Skipper, Don Mattingly; Yankee Pinstripes Reportedly Next

Dave MillerContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

Former Yankees Joe Torre and Don Mattingly in the Dodger Dugout
Former Yankees Joe Torre and Don Mattingly in the Dodger DugoutJim McIsaac/Getty Images

What‘s next Dodger fans? Pinstripes? Perhaps we can move the Yankee monuments into center field of Dodger Stadium.

Are the Four Horsemen coming? Are we headed for Armageddon?

How else to explain the latest decision by Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt to hire former New York Yankee Don Mattingly as the new manager?

Frank, we forgave you once with Joe Torre, mainly because he was a winner. Mattingly doesn’t even have that on his resume. I guess Barry Bonds, formerly of the hated San Francisco Giants, was unavailable.

This is what happens when you have people in charge and they take their eyes off the ball.

Frank, if you were in the league right now you’d be hitting below the Mendoza Line.

Are you telling us that in all of baseball, they only person qualified to manage the Dodgers is another former Yankee? Are you sure you were a Red Sox fan?

Mattingly will be the seventh person to manage this once proud franchise since Tommy Lasorda went down with heart troubles less than 15 years ago. Before that Walter Alston had a series of one year contracts that lasted over 20 years dating back to Brooklyn.

Now it seems as if a revolving door is going to be the norm in Chavez Ravine. Hey Frank, just a thought here, but maybe it is not the manager, it’s the owner.

An owner who doesn’t seem to be able to understand the ethos of Los Angeles. An owner who doesn’t understand that the Los Angeles Dodgers should not be hiring Yankees to manage their team.

How do you think it would have gone over if Jerry Buss and the Lakers, instead of hiring Pat Riley or Phil Jackson, reached out to Danny Ainge or maybe Bill Russell to be their head coach?

If the next time I am in Dodger Stadium I hear Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra belting out "New York, New York" then I’ll know.

I’ll know that it is not only Tommy who has heart problems, it’ll be the team.


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