The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, a Review For 9/16/10 TNA Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2010

Last week TNA didn’t air Impact; it was a dumb move that I won’t even discuss in this review. The big question on everyone’s mind was how they would follow up with that on this week’s show. Well I am happy to say that TNA delivered the goods for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments that left me scratching my head. In my mind though, they delivered a solid show this week. We saw some good promos followed with some good action. I will go over it all once again in this week’s edition of the good, the bad and the ugly!


The Good

Opening of Impact

This was a solid way to open Impact. Both wrestlers received the praise the deserved for the tremendous job they did at the PPV from the fans, Easy E, and Dixie Carter. It was also nice that they made the main event a rematch between Angle and Hardy.

Jay Lethal vs. Doug Williams

This was a solid match between two great wrestlers. I knew Williams couldn’t hold the belt forever, and they did the right thing by putting the belt on Lethal. He was losing some built up steam, and putting the strap on him helped bring some of it back.

There were a couple of sloppy spots, but for the most part both did a solid job with the back and forth action. Williams showed why he is so valuable to this company with some great ground and pound. Lethal also held his own with both solid wrestling mixed in with his high flying stuff. I just wish this bout could have gone a little longer.

Hamada and Taylor Wilde vs. Lacy Von Erich and Madison Rayne

I really like the team of Wilde and Hamada. Wilde is good in the ring, but Hamada is a beast. She hit a sweet looking moonsault in this match, and both work well together. Truth be told; the TNA knockout belts mean very little to me, but at least it was a solid defense.

In the end we would see Lacy get beat up by Tara and Rayne before the Beautiful people came in and made the save. It looks as if this feud is going to carry on a little longer. I just hope this ends soon, I’m getting tired of seeing the same knockouts feuding each week.

Brian Kendrick beating Matt Morgan

This was a bit of a double edge sword for me; I like both wrestlers a great deal. I saw Morgan grow from a homegrown Indy wrestler in Fairfield, Connecticut, and I really want to see him become a star. On the other hand, I also have enjoyed Kendrick’s work over the years.

With that said, I think Kendrick needed a big win over Morgan. Matt Morgan has a bright future ahead of him. So for him taking a loss to Kendrick won’t hurt him all that much. Let’s see if TNA does the smart thing and keep pushing him.

Generation Me Heel Promo

I am ecstatic that they are finally giving these guys the push they so deserve. I really thought they that TNA was going to waste these two talented wrestlers away. They cut a solid heel promo, and gave out a nice beat down.

 I can’t wait to see them feud with the Guns. It should be a great match that will do nothing but elevate the tag titles. I just hope they build this up more and deliver the goods like they did the last time they wrestled.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

TNA gave us a great main event this week. I only wish people would be more open minded and give them a real chance. Both Angle and Hardy really delivered the goods in their follow up bout after the PPV.

I have to give credit where credit is due. For years I have killed Hardy in the WWE. I didn’t think that he would do so well in TNA, but he has done a solid job so far in my opinion. At one point in the match Angle did a sling shot to the outside of the ring.

While I gave Angle all the credit in the world for his heart during matches. I had to question him pulling a move like that with his neck. That said, I think it added a nice dimension to Angles offense. Hardy, who sometimes is known for not selling offense, did so like a champ in this one.

It was another back and forth affair that ended with another no decision. I would have preferred to see a winner, but I can deal with a three way dance for the belt. I thing we are in for a real treat at Bound for Glory.

The Bad

Samoa Joe vs. Nash

This match started off with a little promise. Joe looked fine, and even Nash didn’t look God awful for the whole two minutes they wrestled. Once the action took to the outside, that’s where the good ended. Sting would take a cheap shot at Joe, and that would lead to Jarrett jumping in.

It would have been nice for TNA to let this match play out to a winner. It would also be nice if they would just end this goofy feud between Jarrett, Nash, and Sting. It would also be nice if they found something more productive to do with Samoa Joe, but I guess that’s not how TNA rolls.

The Ugly

Tommy Dreamer with Fortune

The only thing worse than watching Dreamer cutting a promo, is watching him do it by kissing the arse of everyone on fortune. It was long, dragged out, and just plain boring. It also didn’t help that Dreamer had to drop the WWE’s name every two seconds.

Why is it necessary for TNA to still drop their name during Impact. I don’t see how it helps TNA at all. If anything it just makes the WWE look stronger. Of course they couldn’t end the feud with all the arse kissing.

TNA would decide that we the fans want to see this nonsense continue. I guess this means we will be seeing a Dreamer vs. Styles round two. It’s not all bad though; at least they found another way to put Kendrick in this week’s show.

Abyss and his all-male review/torture chamber

Uggg; this was just beyond stupid. I can’t even put into words how lame this segment was.

Match results

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe ended in a no decision

Jay Lethal beat Doug Williams

Hamada and Taylor Wilde beat Lacy Von Erich and Madison Rayne

Brian Kendrick beat Matt Morgan

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy ended in a no decision

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