Bass Fishing Tips: Mastering Buzzbaits

Jess KContributor IIISeptember 12, 2010

Bass Fishing
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Back when buzzbaits became all the rage, many anglers were able to effectively familiarize themselves with these lures in order to reel in some rather large trophy fish.

But simply tying one on and casting a buzzbait out is not going to be enough to become a master at fishing with these pieces of tackle. As with any lure, the keys to maximizing the powers of buzzbaits are the techniques that you learn in order to make them effective.

By now, bass have pretty much seen every kind of buzzbait there is to offer. However, the trick to utilizing them effectively is to use different baits than most other fishermen tend to use and at very different times.

For example, try heading out to begin fishing around 10 p.m., when everyone else is leaving the lake, and leave the lake yourself before everyone else arrives. Begin by working with a larger buzzbait in black. It should also have a black plastic paddle tail and trailer hook. If this lure doesnโ€™t get a reaction in the usual locations, reel in and head for more open, flat waters where greener vegetation is likely to be found.

Try to situate yourself in water that is between one and two feet deep and start by bass fishing the area as if you were cutting a piece of pie with many casts in a steady motion. Alternate your cadence by inserting small hops or jumps when the steadier technique is not producing any bites.

If you have done this and still not caught at least a five pound bass within an hour, try switching to a smaller double buzz and change your color from black to red, this time without a trailer. This is typically either a 1/8oz to 1/4oz bait. Now use a spinning rod equipped with a swivel in order to reduce the risk of the line twisting.

As for the line, you should be using a braided 40 lb test such as Power Pro on either a composite or glass rod. Once you feel a bite, hesitate just a beat longer before you set the hook.

If for some reason you are still not having any luck, switch to either a chatterbait or a Deps Buzzjet, working them as fast as you can at the very surface of the water.

Many companies offer quality buzzbaits to choose from. Most of these baits will catch the attention of your bass. You can purchase buzzbaits in any sporting goods or tackle stores, however you will find that the selection to choose from is rather simple as many anglers no longer use buzzbait.

On days when you can not make it outdoors, try out some online fishing games to practice your skills.


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