San Francisco 49ers Overrated and Underrated Players

Brian WinettCorrespondent IIISeptember 9, 2010

San Francisco 49ers Overrated and Underrated Players

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    SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 02:  Head coach Mike Singletary watches his team during the San Francisco 49ers training camp at their training complex on August 2, 2010 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    It's time to get real 49er fans.  When the hype hits the fan, who is left standing as the key contributors on the team?

    It's time to look at the 5 most overrated and 5 most underrated players on this promising team.

#5 Overrated: Safety Dashon Goldson

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    Goldson Getting Burner
    Goldson Getting BurnerEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    Before the turning point of last season at home against the Atlanta Falcons people were questioning the team speed.

    Goldson came up with some a gem saying something to the effect that with him and Clements back there that there's no concern and whomever is raising those concerns doesn't know anything about this team.

    Later that week, on a Sunday, Atlanta WR Roddy White burned the 49ers for a franchise record 210 yards including a 90 yard play on a fifteen yard curl route where Roddy White out ran everyone.

    Now Roddy White is one of the fastest players in the league, he wasn't alone as another Falcon receiver caught up and passed every 49er who was in pursuit.

    This was the turning point in a game that saw the 49ers get crushed 45-10 at home.

    There's a lot of hype about Dashon Goldson being a star in this league... I'll take Merton Hanks any day.

#5 Underrated: Long Snapper Brian Jennings

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    Love The Hair
    Love The HairGetty Images/Getty Images

    Brian Jennings has been the 49ers long snapper for this, his 11th year.

    11 years of consistency at this position lands him in the long snapper hall of fame.

    It's not an easy job to throw a perfect pass to a punter or a place holder with your head between your legs and a rush coming up the middle.

    Still, I can't remember the last time the 49ers muffed a long snap and Brian Jennings is why.

#4 Overrated: Left Tackle Joe Staley

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    Why So Sad???
    Why So Sad???Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    This was a blunder by Scot Mclaughlin.

    Instead of trading up in the first round to select CB Darelle Revis like the Jets did, the 49ers gave away just as much in order to get RT Joe Staley.

    Injury prone, Joe Staley made the transition to Left Tackle out of necessity and nowhere near the stud the 49ers pretend he is.

    If he stays healthy the 49ers have a chance to win but don't expect him to be the dominant LT the 49ers passed up in Michael Oher.

#4 Underrated: Defensive Lineman Ricky Jean Francois

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    I Like Food.
    I Like Food.NFL Photos/Getty Images

    A CBS National Champion, Francois showed this pre-season that he can play with the starters.

    While behind Franchise Player Aubrayo Franklin on the depth chart, Francois will be a viable option if Franklin walks this offseason.

    Not sure what Francois' contribution will be this year... maybe they'll use him in goalline situations for some extra push.

    Expect to see him become a very solid player in the years to come.

#3 Overrated: Defensive End Justin Smith

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    Me Want Cookie
    Me Want CookieNFL Photos/Getty Images

    Justin Smith is anything but the sack machine the 49ers hoped he would become.

    Justin Smith has a motor.  Justin Smith has good size and strength. Justin Smith stays healthy.

    With the money the Niners gave him though as a free agent he is not the star DE 49ers fans hoped he would be.

#3 Underrated: Offensive Lineman David Bass

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    Bring IT!!!
    Bring IT!!!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    David's versatility is the key to the 49ers success until All Pro Center Eric Heitmann returns from injury.

    A backup guard, David Bass is stepping up huge to fill the shoes of Heitmann and by the looks of the pre-season he is getting the job done since the first game.

    For someone who lost his starting job, he's playing a big role in the early part of the season.

#2 Overrated: Corner Back Nate Clements

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    That's Nate Clements on the Ground
    That's Nate Clements on the GroundJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Nate Clements was supposed to be the shutdown corner the 49ers were lacking.

    Instead Nate Clements has been picked on by every number 1 receiver out there.

    Since this isn't an article about busts and rather an article about overrated, he's only number 2 as supposed to number 1.

    Nate Clements has lost #1 status to Shawntee Spencer so it seems as though most fans and coaches are catching on that Nate Clements is not the player we thought he was when we signed him.

#2 Underrated: Corner Back Shawntae Spencer

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    Now That's Coverage!
    Now That's Coverage!Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Shawntae Spencer has quietly become the #1 Corner Back on the 49ers, manning the left side of the defense.

    This being Spencer's seventh year in the league, this is his second year as a number one corner in the NFL and no one outside of the bay is talking about him.

#1 Overrated: Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree

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    Fasten That Chin Strap!
    Fasten That Chin Strap!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Michael Crabtree has done two things for the 49ers thus far... Jack and shit... and Jack left town.

    He is by far the most hyped player on the 49ers who has done nothing.

    If he proves himself, great, until he does can we all just shut up about him?

#1 Underrated: Middle Linbacker Takeo Spikes

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    Kill The Favre!
    Kill The Favre!Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Takeo Spikes would be and was a star player on almost every other team.

    The fact that he allows himself to be overshadowed by the soon to be legendary Patrick Willis speaks loads to his humility.

    Takeo Spikes has helped P-Dubs become the player he is and will bring NaVorro Bowman along as well.

Got Smack?

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    YummyEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    You want to whine about how you love a player on this list and say I'm an idiot for picking someone you're totally gay for?

    Bring it!  ;)


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