Josh Freeman Sits Out Buccaneer Practice With Bum Thumb Wrapped

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

Josh Freeman sat out Wednesday's practice, his thumb was wrapped.
Josh Freeman sat out Wednesday's practice, his thumb was wrapped.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You've put a "W" next to this game with Cleveland on Sunday, haven't you?

Be it two, three, five, or seven wins on that schedule you've been perusing, surely you went and put a "W" next to Sunday's game.

Don't look now, but Superman, some call him Josh Freeman, was on the sidelines at One Buccaneer Place Wednesday, doing nothing more than watching the proceedings sans pads, his famous right thumb wrapped.

Freeman called it "part of the plan." But typically, Wednesday's are a key practice day for NFL teams. You want all the important principals in there. You want Freeman in there. He needs the work, doesn't he? He didn't get anything done in the preseason, did he?

So what does this mean? Is it time to panic?

On top of this news come intelligence reports from the team's Tuesday practice that Freeman was very erratic with his throws. Two good passes, then a really bad one. Good pass, good pass, rotten pass.

That's not what you want to hear with the Brownies coming to town on Saturday for the Sunday opener at Ray-Jay, you know, the "blacked-out" game at Ray-Jay.

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Fine, there's your Josh Freeman scouting report.

Now for the other quarterback—Jake "daylight come and I've got to" Delhomme.

Browns followers are reveling in the fact that good ole Jake is 9-2 against the old Buccos.

Those same Browns fans are just like most of you. They're looking up and down that schedule of theirs and you can bet that they have put a fat "W" next to this Buccaneer game. A big fat "W" on the road.

You've marked that "W" and they've marked that "W."

Come Sunday, one side of this equation will be totally bummed out and wondering how it all went wrong.