Goldust and Aksana: Could NXT Rookie Put Pro Back Into the Spotlight?

John BetschelCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2010

Yesterday was the season premiere of NXT season three, and when I first saw Goldust's rookie, Aksana, come out in the gold dress, one person, and one person only came to mind.

And that was Marlena. For those who don't know, when Goldust first came to the WWE, he had a valet by the name of Marlena, whom most of you probably know as Terri Runnels.

Goldust was immediately thrust into the midcard spotlight going after Razor Ramon and the Intercontinental Title. He would eventually beat Ramon for the title and would go on to win it another two times in his career.

But wherever Goldust, went so did Marlena, the busty blonde in the gold dress, sitting in her director's chair smoking her cigar.

In my opinion, she had a great deal to do with the success of Goldust, as when they split up he went through some crazy gimmicks with Luna Vachon as his manager (may she R.I.P.).

He started cross-dressing and mimicking other superstars. Each time he went back to the Goldust gimmick with Marlena by his side, his career flourished.

Goldust eventually left WWE and went to WCW, where he had a few different gimmicks, though none really stuck.

Ever since returning to WWE, Goldust has been on his own and hasn't been doing so well. He is lucky as of late to even get a match on RAW, and in the matches he does get, he is always jobbing.

I could definitely see Aksana being Goldust's valet, as I don't see her winning NXT season three. She has the Maryse feel to her with having a very strong accent, and goes into speaking a different language in the middle of her promos.

But as I said in the very beginning of this article, when she came out in that gold dress, she reminded me exactly of Marlena.

Now, maybe this would still have no impact on the career of Goldust. I could be wrong, but I think that it would put a boost on his career, maybe giving him a push and putting him in the hunt for the U.S title.

All in all, putting Aksana with Goldust as his valet, making her the new Marlena, so to speak, I feel would put Goldust back in the midcard status.

What do you think? Do you think making Aksana Goldust's valet would put him back in midcard status, possibly getting him into the hunt of the U.S. title? Or is there no hope for Goldust, and he is just destined to job for the rest of his career?