Miami Dolphins Shocker: Why Bill Parcells Stepped Aside

Danny DolphinAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2010

DAVIE, FL - MAY 02:  Executive Vice President of Football Operations Bill Parcells watches practice on during Miami Dolphins Rookie Mini Camp on May 2, 2008 at the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images


Bill Parcells, the man in charge of the day-to-day football-related operations for the Miami Dolphins, has stepped aside and given GM Jeff Ireland full control.

“Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff,” the Dolphins said in a statement.

“This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis.”

There is some confusion over what this means exactly for Parcells’ future with Miami. Is he inching towards retirement? Is he looking to go somewhere else?There are still plenty of questions that need answers.

This is just a thought, but I have a theory.

Bill Parcells came aboard when Wayne Heizenga was the majority owner. Heizenga had a completely hands-off approach and let Parcells do his thing from a football standpoint.

Stephen Ross, who bought into the team in February 2008, currently owns 95 percent of the team and the stadium. Could the recent news be Ross slowly pushing the Parcells regime out?

It’s not likely because Parcells has taken the team from no-mans land to respectability in a short period of time, but it is a possibility. Ross could be making it easier to push Parcells’ guys aside and put his own guys in the front office.

This is pure speculation and just a thought.

The Timing Of The Decision

Parcells’ main duties for the year have passed. The Draft is over, free agency is finished, and the roster is nearly complete. His season is in the books, so the timing isn’t as troubling as people might think.

Still, to relinquish the reigns of the team right before the season might bother some. It might appear as if he’s giving up on an incomplete project. At this point the Dolphins could be great. They could be bad. We just don’t know. The difference between greatness and mediocrity in the NFL is so marginal, this team is still a great big unknown.

I don’t think Parcells would leave the team in a position to fail because that would leave him in a bad light. I think he feels this team is headed in the right direction and that coach Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland are fully capable of moving forward from here.

It’s been fun, but the Big Tuna is officially on his way back on the shelf.

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