Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: Week 1 Preview

Michael SuddsCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

Jay Cutler Getting Some Sack Love
Jay Cutler Getting Some Sack LoveJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It seems like forever Lions fans, but it’s finally Christmas in September. The Lions will open the season at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

We will see every Lions starter on the field, with the possible exception of DeAndre Levy (groin). Levy will be a game time decision.

There has been a ton of national media buzz surrounding these two antagonists, with the consensus of opinion having both teams making big moves this year.

In opposite directions.

The Bears’ storied move to the Mike Martz era has looked anything but successful in the preseason.

Jay Cutler’s tenure will be a short one due to the turnstile nature of the offensive line. Chris Williams, the starting left tackle is handing out orchid leis as defensive ends and defensive tackles take turns punishing the Bears QB.

The rest of the Bears O-line fares little better. The Lions will dominate the line of scrimmage in this obvious mismatch, and spend a Sunday afternoon in Cutler’s grill.

Hey, that’s a snazzy name for a Chicago restaurant, Cutler’s Grill.

In three preseason games, the Bears have given up 16 sacks. Cutler has been picked off repeatedly. He had two picks against the Cards, c’mon man!

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That timing thing with the receivers means very little when lives are at stake. The Martz offense, which devalues the receiving role of the tight end, will be exposed for the sham that we Lions fans remember so well.

The Bears have three great tight ends that seem to be the forgotten pieces thus far. Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen, and Brandon Manumaluena are so solid that I see little chance of Martz using them in blocking schemes alone.

Those TE’s, if well employed, will give the Lions LB’s fits. Then again, if they are heavily relied upon as blockers, the Lions front four will only need to bring shovels to bury Cutler’s remains.

After burying Cutler, the Lions will face QB’s Caleb Haney, Dan LeFevour, and Todd Collins.

Keep those shovels sharpened.

If the Lions secondary can keep WR’s Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, and Devin Aromashodu occupied long enough, the deal will be sealed.

In the Bears version of the Martz offense, the running backs are used in a multitude of ways. As rushers go, Matt Forte and Chester Taylor have been the stars in the Bears preseason. That’s not saying much, as neither back has performed up to expectations.

If the Lions linebackers stay home on run first plays, the Bears will have little to gain by running the ball.

This ain’t the preseason, the Bears offense is toast.

The Lions offense will try to make multimillionaire DE Julius Peppers look like the invisible man. If the Lions can scheme Peppers out of the game, the rout will be on.

The Bears are not too toothsome on defense. Stafford, and company should have a field day, unless they step on their “units”.

It’s not going to happen, folks.

Bear’s LB Lance Briggs is hobbled by a high ankle sprain. How does Jahvid Best look in isolation against Briggs?

It's like finding money in the street. Big money.

For the first time in forever, I have every reason to believe that the Lions will beat a division opponent on the road.

After a not so shocking victory in Chicago, the Lions will come home on top of the NFC North. If they can man up and beat the Eagles at home, Lions fans will have real reason to get out their trash talking thesauruses.

People around the NFL will start referring to the Chicago Bears as the new Detroit Lions.

That 800 pound gorilla has found a new home.


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