20 Talented Athletes Who Suck At Other Sports

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2010

20 Talented Athletes Who Suck At Other Sports

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    When you hear names like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, you immediately associate them with one sport: basketball.  As two of the best basketball players to ever play the game.

    Although they may be good and talented at basketball, they've had their share of difficulties trying to play other sports.

    Like Jerry Rice, one of the best and talented wide receivers to ever play in the NFL. During his playing days with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, Rice became the statistical leader in almost every single all-time category for wide receivers.

    Did you know he also plays golf?  He does, but not very well.  Here are 20 talented athletes who suck at other sports...

Golf: Tyreke Evans

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    It doesn't look like Tyreke has a future in the PGA Tour with this golf swing. 

    But he might have a career in NASCAR after his NBA career is over.

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MMA: Jose Canseco

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    Canseco had the power to hit 462 home runs in the major leagues.

    But he doesn't have the power to knock down Hong Man Choi, a 7'2" Korean fighter.

    Maybe it's just karma for calling out his former teammates and their supposed steroid use, but Jose get pummeled in this fight.

Volleyball: Shaq

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    On Shaq's reality show, he faced off against volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

    After some of his patented trash-talk, Shaq told everyone that if he lost to the female gold-medalists he'd run up down the beach in a pink speedo.

    As expected, Shaq got beat in a best of three matchup, 2-0.

Golf: Jerry Rice

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    During his pro golf debut, Rice finished second to last among 151 golfers in the Fresh Express Classic.

    For his next tournament he found himself with a 92 after the first round, the highest score ever for the Nationwide Tour event. 

    The next day, he was disqualified when his caddy was caught using a yardage scope.

    After that last event, Rice a Hall-of-Fame wide receiver announced that he has quit professional golf.

Bobsled: Chris Chelios

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    Chelios, a former NHL defenseman, found himself obsessed with putting together a bobsled team before the 2006 Winter Olympics.

    He decided to draw upon his Greek roots and try to qualify for the Olympics as a member of the Greek bobsled team.

    Unfortunately for Chelios, his team wasn't good enough to make it to Turin, Italy.

    Instead, he made the Olympics as the captain of the USA hockey team.

Horse Jumping: Dhani Jones

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    Jones, a linebacker with the Cincinnati Bengals, shows his horse-jumping skills.

    And he doesn't appear to have any.

    At least for Jones, he's used to big hits and hard falls. Ouch!

Basketball: Tony Romo

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    We know Romo can throw the football and he can even hit the golf ball after nearly qualifying for the U.S. Open.

    Can he play basketball?

    He's got some moves, but his drive to the basket gets blocked by a shorter defender.

    It doesn't look like he has a future in the NBA.

Football: Brock Lesnar

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    Lesnar, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, had an NFL career that lasted for only one preseason. 

    Some of his highlights include picking minor fights and taking down Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Damon Huard, with a hard sack that sidelined him for a few plays.

    He ended up getting cut before the season started and would never play professional football again.

WNBA: Marion Jones

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    Jones, at one-time was one of the most successful female athletes around.  She won 5 gold medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a track star.

    Then a PED and check-counterfeiting scandal sent her to jail and took all her gold medals away.

    Now out of jail and desperate to earn a paycheck she's trying to make use of whatever athleticism is left in her 34-year-old body for a career in the WNBA.

    During her college years in UNC-Chapel Hill, Jones was actually a very good college basketball player.

    Now, after her first season with the Tulsa Shock she is averaging a measley 3.4 pts, 1.6 rbs and 0.6 assists.

Golf: Charles Barkley

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    Sir Charles is a hilarious as a TNT NBA analyst. 

    The Round Mound of Rebound is even more entertaining as a golfer.

    That golf swing always makes me chuckle.

Baseball: Michael Jordan

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    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to have ever played the game.

    Everyone in the NBA lives to be like him.  But just not his baseball-playing self.

    During his first retirement, Jordan played Double-A baseball with the Birmingham Barons.

    The record six-time NBA Finals MVP's career baseball stat line was an unimpressive: .202 AVG with 3 HR, 51 RBI, and 30 SB.

MMA: Johnnie Morton

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    Morton was a standout receiver with the USC Trojans and first-round NFL draft pick.

    After retiring from the NFL, Morton decided to pursue a career in the MMA.

    During his debut in 2007, Morton got his lights knocked out.  It took only 38 seconds. 

    To make matters worse, Morton refused to take an anti-doping test after the fight.  So he was suspended indefinitely and denied his purse.

Football: Justin Gatlin

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    With a four-year ban from track because of doping, Gatlin tried to jump start a career in the NFL.

    Despite tryouts with the Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans, Gatlin was unable to get an NFL contract,

    According to Gatlin, he hadn't played football since 10th grade and his speed was not enough to convince teams to take a chance on him.

Hockey: Chris Jericho

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    Always known for his ability to put on a show, Jericho is actually as good of a showman on the hockey rink as he is on the wrestling ring.

    This video displays his fighting skills and not his hockey talent, as he picks a fight with the opposing goaltender.

Tennis: Dwyane Wade

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    The Miami Heat shooting guard proves that he is not much of a tennis player.

    D-Wade has a hard time returning serve and rallying against Andy Roddick.

Baseball: Mike Modano

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    Modano flails at some balls, fouls a few off and shows everyone in Dallas that why they'd rather watch him play hockey.

    That's a weak strikeout Mike!

Hockey: Manute Bol

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    Manute Bol, as the tallest man to ever play in the league, was a shot-blocking machine during his NBA career. 

    But Bol also had a big heart and did his best to try to raise money for Sudan.  He partook in celebrity boxing matches, horse jockey appearances and even a hockey game to raise money.

    Bol signed a one-day contract with a CHL team despite not being able to skate. You guessed it, he wasn't very good on the ice.

    It was the money generated from his appearance that Bol used to help feed hungry children from Sudan.

Basketball: Terrell Owens

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    T.O. is a very gifted offensive player.  But we never see his weakness on the other side of the ball when it comes to the NFL.

    In basketball, however, he has to play defense.  And judging by this video, Owens can't play much D.

    Apparently, he was also shut down by Michael Rapaport in a celebrity basketball match. 

    Who's Michael Rapaport?  Think of a shorter, less athletic version of Brian Scalabrine.

Baseball: Jason Witten

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    Here's Jason Witten, tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, showing his poor baserunning skills.


    Let's stick with football and forget baseball Witt.

Baseball?: Warren Sapp

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    Warren Sapp can play football, and anyone that's seen Dancing with the Stars knows that he can also dance.

    How about play baseball?

    I think he's distracting the crowd with his dance moves so they don't have to see his baseball skills.

Swimming: Warren Sapp

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    Here's Sapp with a half-pool head start on Michael Phelps and still losing.

    At 300 lbs, swimming ain't his forte either.