WWE: Five Guys who could end The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 15, 2010

WWE: Five Guys who could end The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania

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    For every year since 1991 (excluding 1994 & 2000) The Undertaker has walked into WM with his Legendary streak on the line and every year he finds someway to keep it intact. 

    Beating Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels 2 years in row means many would say there's no one who could possibly end the streak now. With his retirement from the squared circle drawing closer and closer I have listed 10 many i believe could finally put perhaps the Greatest Winning Streak in Sports Entertainment History to rest.

John Cena

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    Like this guy could be left out of this conversation. The Phenom has defeated almost every top superstar in the WWE but he has yet to beat the face of the WWE.

    This guy is undefeated in singles matches at WM and almost all of them have been for a title. Superman almost never loses cleanly and if  the streak were to end I see it being the hands of Cena.


The Miz

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    I know most of you would call me crazy for including this guy, but none of u can deny that he will be the WWE Champion very soon.

    I personally believe he will become the face of WWE when the time is right.

    He needs to improve his skills in the ring before he can get in there with the best pure striker in the WWE. 

Ted Dibiase Jr

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    Despite the fact that this guy uses almost the EXACT same gimmick as his dad, he is an overall good wrestler. Before WWE made Orton an anti hero there was talk of having this guy turn face before the release of the Marine 2 to push sales. During that plan creative thought having Taker lose to a future superstar would definitely put this guy over. He was the 1st named that popped up on the short list but obviously WWE went a different route. 

Triple H

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    Yeah I know what you're thinking. Taker already beat this guy at WM. But Taker had already beat HBK and Kane twice at WM, why can't the Game have another round with the Phenom.

    This would be epic, as both are drawing closer and closer to retirement it would be a perfect way for The Game to go out. These guys were suppose to return tonight but injuries plagued them both which is why WWE needs to make this happen at the WM coming up.

Randy Orton

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    Another guy that has fallen victim to the Undertaker at WM, Randy Orton. When Taker beat Orton he was a cocky pretty boy who felt he was perfect. Now Orton's the Apex Predator and causes way more damage then he used to.

    I actually thought Orton was going to end the Streak at Mania. When he reversed that chokeslam to an RKO, I was out of my seat.

    After Taker kicked out I knew he was going to win. With him being on a role lately and being the pg version of Stone Cold Steve Austin he definitely has the tools to go at Taker one more time at WM.