Brett Favre-isms: The 10 College QBs With The Best Favre Characteristics

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

Brett Favre-isms: The 10 College QBs With The Best Favre Characteristics

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    We have all watched Brett Favre over the past several years be as undecided as a bridezilla a week before her wedding.

    Most recently, there were reports that he was retiring, stating that his ankle had not healed. The next day there were reports that he was still deciding, followed up by him saying he really wants to play it healthy.

    Come on Brett, we all know that you are just trying to get out of training camp.

    This got me thinking about which college quarterbacks have the best "Favre" qualities.

    I have taken 10 college starters that I think fit the Favre mold in categories like flip flopping teams, biggest media starlet, and strongest arm.

    Unfortunately for me, once this list is published I will not have the option to retire, switch articles, or do any interviews about my bad ankle, so enjoy.

The Biggest Media Starlet

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    Even before he stepped into the horseshoe as a Buckeye, this high school sensation created quite the buzz.

    Since then, nothing has changed, as it seems like every little thing he does right or wrong gets scrutinized by the media.

    It is hard to not hear about Terrelle Pryor. The Bucks are ranked number two. He is a Heisman candidate. Plus, I'll bet if he suffers as much as a broken fingernail, he'll get front page sports headlines all across Ohio, and maybe even the U.S.

    The first "Favre-ism" award goes to Terrelle Pryor for being the biggest media hog in college football.

Strongest Arm

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    Perhaps the smartest thing Ryan Mallett ever did was transfer out of Michigan and into a pass-happy system of Bobby Petrino's and Arkansas.

    Mallett is big, at 6'7", and has an arm to match his size. I am not sure if he quite has the right arm that Favre did back when he was 23 or 24, but he can throw the deep ball and he does it well.

    The "Favre-ism" award for strongest arm goes to Ryan Mallett of Arkansas.

Best Non BCS QB

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    Brett Favre was not in one of those elite power conferences back when he went to school at Southern Miss. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it was an independent, and one that played a tough schedule.

    Nowadays there are a lot of good QBs that come from the FBS non-BCS schools.

    Perhaps the best this year is Heisman candidate Case Keenum, who has the luxury of knowing that he will probably put the ball in the air over 600 times this season.

    Keenum engineered the Cougs to an upset win last season over then-ranked Oklahoma State, which is similar to a Favre moment against Florida State in 1991.

    The "Favre-ism" for best college QB in a non BCS conference goes to Case Keenum of Houston.

Solid, But Throws Too Many INTs

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     Anyone who is a fan of the U knows what I am about to say.

    Jacory Harris throws too many INTs and takes too many chances.

    Harris seems to think he is playing a game of Madden at times, and can just wing the ball down the field and expect a receiver to make a play.

    That sounds kinda like Favre at times, throughout his NFL career.

    The "Favre-ism" for the biggest INT thrower goes to Jacory Harris of the U.

I Wear No. 4

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    This award simply goes to the guy who wears number four for Navy, because it was Favre's number.

    Interesting back story was that Favre was always number 10 before Southern Miss gave him the dirty number four it had been using to mop the toilets.

    Nevertheless, Ricky Dobbs, enjoy your "Favre-ism" for putting on a shirt.

Will He or Won't He?

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    The saga of Favre has revolved around the "will he play or not" storyline for over three years. Clemson fans had their own saga this past summer.

    Current QB Kyle Parker was wrestling with the option of joining the Colorado Rockies, who selected him in this year's baseball draft, or staying at Clemson for another season.

    With Willy Korn having already transferred to Marshall, the Tigers were faced with having a veteran QB return, or turn to a group of guys with little experience.

    Parker did not get as much press nationally as Favre, but it certainly was a soap opera down in Clemson.

    The Will he or Won't He "Favre-ism" award goes to Kyle Parker of Clemson.

Big Partier

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    We all know that Brett Favre likes to toss a few back and let loose from time to time. Well, at least when he was younger.

    So who today would fit that mold?

    I would say Kyle Orton, or KingNeckBeard on Twitter, but he is in the pros.

    Based purely on the fact that I saw Stanzi's dad loaded at the Hawkeye Orange Bowl party, and having gotten blitzed myself in Iowa City, I am going with the younger Stanzi, Ricky.

    So the "Favre-ism" for the college QB party favor goes to Ricky Stanzi of Iowa.

Making Something Out of Nothing

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    Favre likes to resort to drawn-up playground plays when the actual play falls apart. Sometimes he looks like a genius, other times he looks like a butt-head.

    For this award, of making something out of nothing, I am gonna throw a shout out to B.J. Daniels of USF.

    Daniels stepped in as a freshman last season to replace an injured Matt Grothe, and all he did was engineer a win over FSU with a couple of big passes and his feet.

    His passing game is not strong, but what he lacks in efficiency he sure makes up for with his feet and the ability to make something out of nothing with those two assets.

    The Make Something Out of Nothing "Favre-ism" goes to B.J. Daniels from South Florida.

The Current Southern Miss QB

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    Here is an easy award winner.

    Simply put, you have to give a "Favre-ism" award to the guy who is currently the starter in Hattiesburg, right?

    Austin Davis, I hope your foot injury is all healed and you can enjoy a winning season and this "Favre-ism" award for attending Southern Miss and being the starting QB!

Flip Flopping Team Swapper

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    There was the Packers. Then retirement for a few months. Then the Jets. Then retirement for a few more months. Then came the Vikings. Then possibly a deal with the RoughRiders of the CFL?

    Favre has flip flopped enough over the past three years, and taking the cake in the college game is Jeremiah Masoli.

    Sure, Masoli didn't leave Oregon by choice, but he did leave, and now will be walking on at Ole Miss.

    I could have tossed some of the FBS guys who transferred to FCS schools a bone, but I am gonna stick with Masoli on this one.

    Jeremiah Masoli, you may have been kicked out of Oregon, but hey, at least you won a "Favre-ism" award because of it!

Other Categories?

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    I am sure there are other categories that could have been selected for the inaugural "Favre-ism" awards, but let's just stick with these 10 for this year.

    I am thinking for next year, we can add QB with the best jean shorts on draft day, the best wrangler commercial, and the best redneck sound bite.

    What would you add? Who do you think should have won each award, and what about the categories?

    As always, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong, so please leave your feedback below and keep an eye out for my conference predictions coming to a bleacher report near you....