Brett Favre "Greased" to Retire. 4, Ignore Roger Goodell & Get To Work Already!

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2008



                       Time Is Money...Especially When the Market is Hot



Washington DC  -  July 31, 2008

In head-spinning breaking news today the Green Bay Packers have reportedly offered Brett Favre $20 million over the next 10 years if (and only if) he retires and stays retired. But Favre makes $13 million per year playing football, where he is a legend and accepted by all, excpet for those whom own/manage the Packers.

The day Brett Favre sells out on the fans, on the sport that made him so rich and beloved, on these records that are continuing to mount-up as he plays every game;  it will be a sad day for the game. 

It would be known as "The Day Green Bay Killed Foot Ball," and Legend Brett Favre let them do it too.

If Favre wanted to retire, then why did he ask the collectors to not place the word "retired" in association with his name?

Having lived in Mississippi for 3 years I can not for the life of me see Favre turn his back on the game, especially after all this "hub-bub."  Nor will he turn his back on the people of Mississippi, who are always there for their boy and look to him as a living legend.  Down there he is known as "the good ole boy who conquered the north and its elitism."  He is a hero down there, and being bought-off by big northern-cash would not tide well at all. 

The Packers have said that "(they) are considering a trade to another NFC North team."  If Favre were smart he wouldn't say, "Show me the money;" he would say, "Show me the trade negotiations in writing and let me in on them too." 

It is his career and the Packers have moved on after all; and nothing verbalized is worth the hot, steamy-air it's spoken with unless a certain players'-association representative is there too. 

Green Bay has already lied by saying, "If Favre files reinstatement papers he would be added to our active roster," so why should Favre trust them now? It is one helluva family that Teddy has for himself there in Wisconsin.

On July 29, Roger Goodell’s office verified that the NFL received Brett Favre’s request for reinstatement as it was requested of him to file by Green Bay's GM, Ted Thompson, in order for Brett to play.

Also two days ago, Goodell said that he was "not going to take any action on Tuesday over the request." Instead he wanted to allow for the owners, whom he represents, to better their own chances of doing what’s best for their business.  Goodell was elected by the owners to be represent their league and thus by default, be their mouthpiece.

Gene Upshaw is no were in sight during all these negotiations between the league, a team, and its player

The team ordered Favre to file for reinstatement with Goodell eventhough Favre said he never officially filed any retirements documents.  Instead of accepting the Pack hero with open arms and a big ole smile, Green Bay's management wanted the commissioner to do their bidding for them and thus began the circus. 

They must have thought that 4 really did not want to play, but Favre called their bluff saying "Trade me then, and just see if I want to play or not."

Green Bay said that they were "moving on" and were committed to Rodgers being their future; but they have not committed to him in writing by extending his contract which ends in a year.  Everybody knows now that talk is cheap, especially in Green Bay.  How committed can they be to this team's future and its fans without committing on paper?  

If the Packers were moving on, then why haven’t they moved on? Are they admitting that Favre is a better quarterback than is Rodgers by seemingly black-balling Favre’s market?  By forcing this issue into the spot-light Green Bay is admitting that Favre is too good for them to compete against, thus admitting that they are making a mistake with Rodgers.  They don't want to lose games to their franchise-man while he plays for another team - a rival team.  They also want to save face - like a child might.

Green Bay will not let him play for just any team, which alone might be tampering with the mandatory “level playing field between each market” outlined in the NFL’s Anti-Trust Exemption Act, which basically allows for a monopoly with certain conditions, one being a level playing fields between competitors. 

It is survival of the fittest, unless you happen to own the fittest, and then it is "straight- arm the game and hold legends prisoner."

This all has turned into one massive PR parade starring Green Bay, not Favre.  It really does rival the media-blitz surrounding Roger Clemens and it too is being lost by the player, which does not exactly equate to what is true.

Green Bay falsely reported Favre had "made calls from a team-issued cell phone." How would they know that information?  It's illegal for the government to break the invasion of personal privacy law (FISA), much less a private business.  Apparently they do not have, nor recognize, the Privacy Act of 1971 in Wisconsin.

Today, July 31st,  Green Bay welcomed Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to Prersident Bush,  into the mix.  He is now running a PR company out of New York City named Fishburn Hedges, but maybe he'll suggest a new name - "Packers Burn Bridges."

Green Bay said that they "did not have practice today," but it wasn't a coordinated effort to enusre that Favre would not show up.  Pray tell, are you reading my mind or just projecting your guilt??

Does Green Bay Management actually expect the public to buy this, especially  given the recent spin doctor's presence in all this?  What, Ari just happened to be in town and wanted to drop in to say "hello team" and "good luck?" 

A PR professional guest-speaking politician that is an expert at the spin-game just wanted to drop in.  Let's all see the results of Mr. Flischers' work tomorrow and what the team's new moto becomes!

Proving that he is already losing the PR battle Favre denied any tampering charges along with all calls made from a team cell phone.  His God Given Talent alone is what allows Favre to have the upper-hand in all this, not his PR guy.  He should have never allowed his PR man to repsond to this smoke-screening attempt of assinine allegations in the first place.  

Thompson is just hoping that Goodell will bite on the accusation and take the publics eye off the ball!

PR battles do no one any good, other than those employed to work them, like those on ESPN who continuously opine on how Brett should just retire.  They know that Ari Fleischer is a PR-Pro, he was just on television mere weeks ago giving his expert PR opinion about Clemens, who ESPN also digs on every chance they get.

Maybe ESPN just wants Favre to retire so that they can hire him, like they have so many other former pros, but fans think that Favre is too busy adding to his records while he still can, and there is plenty of time for other work in the future, while only a limited amount of time for his body to keep playing.

Amazingly, Skip Bayless is in Favre’s corner along with this writer, but the rest of his cohorts are like sharks feeding in bloody water.

Brett Favre needs to look out for his own career now and his own livelihood, because we know Gene Upshaw could care a less. Goodell represents the owners, and certainly not the fans, because the vast majority of them want Favre to continue to play, so that they can watch a living legend make history with every pass and every game he plays.

Once again, where is Gene Upshaw?

Given this information, what Brett should do now is make Green Bay appear as the bad guy. He should ignore everyone and just show up at camp at 7:30 Friday morning, and put the press on them as much as Green Bay management has on Favre. 

He fulfilled what was requested of him by Thompson, filing for reinstatement and now needs to be added, as promised, to their active roster.

Earlier in the month, Mike McCarthy, Green Bay's "Head Coach" (not psychologist) said that they had committed to Rodgers and are moving forward with Aaron as their starter, beginning at training camp (note: he did not say all year).

He said they did not know what would happen if Favre showed up at camp, or who would be the starter, which is not showing anyone's commitment to Rodgers being the starter.

On July 30, McCarthy said to ESPN, "Er, uh, um, we've committed to Aaron Rodgers being our starter and are moving on (they have yet to extend his contract) and uh, er, you can never say never though."

ESPN went on to say that "the team is unified under Rodgers," but today one player said, "I understand that Favre has filed reinstatement paperwork so we look forward to Brett showing up (at camp) and will welcome him with big smiles."

Hmmm—er, uh, wow Does it really sound like anyone is unified or committed to any set plan? 

Yesterday Green Bay said that Favre would only get individual drills at camp and not be allowed to work with the team. Does this sound like someone who is doing best by their team, or someone who’s doing best by their own wallets? Mike Murphy has turned into a greaser—one that pays another off, including interest.

Regardless of what help Favre can show young Aaron, Green Bay will not let him. Why don’t they just commit to Rodgers, allowing Favre to come to camp, and help out before traded to really be a part of “their family”—as attested to by Thompson back in March. 

They all know Favre wants to play, and now he wants to play for another team as result of this back stabbing-circus, but now the Pack does not want him to do or go anywhere. It is what it appears to be, which everyone knows is true, so can they at least grow up and say goodbye with some class?

If Favre is part of the "family", then straight-talk him and come to an agreement instead of running to Mommy-Press, always looking for approval or trying to get someone in hot water. Or is this just part of the family's business?

Rodgers is not Steve Youngby any means of the imagination! When Rodgers receives the league MVP, while amicably replacing an injured legend in his first season of actual playing time, then you may compare Rodgers and Young. Until then, it is a sinful comparison to any football purist, as is going with a first-season quarterback over the proven record-breaking-legend.

Favre, not Rodgers, “The Great Unknown,” is the only three-time AP MVP in NFL history, and already has a ring against New England, whom the Packers hope to beat this year, maybe.

Favre has the NFL Records for: 

Career NFL Touch Down passes at 442, Career NFL Passing yards at 61,655, Career Pass completions at 5,377, Most Consecutive Starts among NFL Quarterbacks at 253; or 275 total starts including playoffs, and most Career Victories as a starting quarterback (160).

It is pretty clear that wasting time only allows for Favre to look worse in the public at the hands of Green Bay, so he would do well to do what Aaron Rodgers is doing, which is "focusing on himself."

Obviously, the league is not looking out for him, nor is the union, and if the Packers have a family like that, it must be the most dysfunctional in the NFL. It is his career, his money, his contract, and his livelihood at stake—not Goodell’s.   

Favre called Green Bay’s bluff and filed for reinstatement. Now he needs to put up or shut up, fight or flight, sell out or play-it-out in the game he loves...he makes more playing anyhow.

Favre ought to show up at camp regardless of funny little papers that say he can play. He said he never filed to retire, right? And Green Bay said if he filed to reinstate that they would add him to their active roster, right? 

He should ignore the NFL nazi's,who are tampering in markets not their own, as it is # 4's life, and his money.  It sounds like Favre has Green Bay by the shorts but no one would know it, becuase the Pack management continues to cry to Mommy-Medi-uh, er, ah, um.

Maybe the union could jump in while the water's nice and hot, to help out whom they are paid to represent, which means, 


"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," is this true of football stars that are more likened to indentured servants bound by enslaving contracts? 

I don't see "the right to forced retirement" in these, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence, but I did find where age discrimination is illegal in America. 


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