Top 10 College Football Teams Worth Hating

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIJuly 29, 2008

Here’s the list of college football teams I absolutely despise—and why:

1. Florida

I’ve never met a Florida Gators fan that I actually liked. The reputation of the fans in The Swamp is nigh-on terrible. Plus, the Gators generally win all the time—and their fans like you to know about it. That's why it's always worth cheering the opposition. Even Michigan.

2. Michigan

Don’t get me wrong; I hate the University of Michigan about as much as I hate Florida, but I rooted for Michigan in the Capital One Bowl. Due to Michigan’s string of successes against Penn State—including a BS call against the Lions in 2005, added to the fact that they are a Big Ten rival—Michigan has now made my list. If RichRod goes 0-12 this season and Penn State goes 1-11, I’ll be happy.

3. Tennessee

“Rocky Top.” The Bright Orange shirts that blind you as soon as you see them. The almost-constant mention of the word ‘Peyton.’ The Vol Navy. Sorry, nothing on this list makes me like the Tennessee Volunteers. Unless they play Florida and Michigan.

4. Notre Dame

The NBC contract riles me, as does ESPN’s jumping on the Irish bandwagon whenever they are doing well . Do you remember their kiss-up to Charlie Weis and Brady Quinn? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing kids get a good education, but I’d rather see the teams lose at Notre Lame.

5. Ohio State

Some Penn State fans tell you that they despise Michigan. Some will tell you they despise Ohio State—mainly for their string of success and the fact that fans always add the word ‘THE’ in capital letters. I'm with the bunch that hates both, unless the Muckeyes are playing Michigan. Last year’s National Championship game was pretty fun, though I rooted for no one in 2007!

6. Southern California

They win all the time. Simple. Rooting for the underdog when USC is playing means you never root for USC—and I’ve gotten used to it.

7. Florida State

As I’ve said in articles past, Bobby Bowden deserves to leave when he’s good and ready. And while he’s at it, could he take his irritating Seminole chant with him?

8. Illinois

Not an old hate by any stretch of the imagination, but I have this feeling that Ron Zook’s recruiting will lead to a string of Illini wins over my beloved Lions, making them automatically disliked by me and the rest of the Penn State family.

9. Pittsburgh

LeSean McCoy automatically makes Pitt Penn State’s rival? I think not! Wouldn’t mind seeing the in-state rivalry brought back though…

10. Louisville

Overrated year after year?? Bobby Petrino? Brian Brohm??

Any names you'd add to the list, dear reader?

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