A Week Later, and Tim Kennedy Still Wants to Face the Best at 185

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IJune 25, 2010

For those who missed Strikeforce: Los Angeles last Wednesday, current Strikeforce Middleweight, and decorated member of the Texas National Guard, Tim Kennedy submitted Trevor Prangley in the second round with a rear naked choke.

The win put Kennedy up to twelve wins in his professional career.

Wednesday evening I had the chance to capture the thoughts of this remarkable athlete following a win that many believe puts him in the upper echelon of Strikeforce's middleweight division.

You can find the fight here .

Those of you who hadn't seen the fight are probably wondering how Kennedy looked at the fight with Prangley.

He was a tough guy, but Kennedy did have a plan.

"Everyone was saying that [Prangley] was a tough guy, which he is," Kennedy said, "so I just planned on putting a lot of pressure on him the first round."

For the first round, that's exactly what he did. Kennedy would keep Prangley moving

"Most guys can't hang with me, toughness-wise or cardio-wise, but his striking's solid," Kennedy said.

Not to say he can't knock anybody out, because he loves to look for the KO in fights, but in the case of Prangley, it was a necessity for Kennedy to get him there because Kennedy needed to take Prangley out of his comfort zone in order to win the fight.

As amazing as the win was—the win has been thought to put Kennedy somewhere in the ranks for a shot at the middleweight title, along with "Jacare" Ronaldo Souza—the Army Green Beret's military career is just as spectacular.

With many awards to his name, including a Bronze Star Medal of Valor, Kennedy has shown to be a warrior's warrior no matter what the battleground may be.

"One of the great things about the National Guard is that you're part-time soldier, part-time civilian."

As a member of the Texas National Guard since this past October, what this meant for Kennedy is that he could train, work out, and all-in-all pursue a long-term career in the sport of MMA—all without actually having to separate himself from military duty.

As Kennedy described it, it's "the best of both worlds".

He's decorated as a soldier, and he's an accomplished fighter in the cage.

With the win over Prangley, Kennedy is aware that he'll be going toe-to-toe with guys who do their best when they're on their back, but he's not backing down.

If your name is Jake Shields, this is special incentive to not take this guy lightly.

"Jake's pretty good when he's on top," Kennedy said, complimenting the current Strikeforce Middlewight king's abilities on the ground.

There is one hole Kennedy would see if he ever faced Shields.

"[Jake is] not amazing off his back, so I'd like to see him there," Kennedy said. "I'd also like to knock him out, so I think you'd see a lot of sprawl-and-brawling on my part."

Kennedy has also stated that fans of his fights would see many strong-willed attempts to put Shields on his back—a position where Shields doesn't want to be.

In their prime, two legends of this sport would be opponents that Kennedy would love to face.

"Royce Gracie and Sakuraba, in their prime...I think it'd be intriguing for me to fight two of MMA's founding fathers."

Should he face and defeat Shields, however, Kennedy would have an opponent in mind.

"[I'd love to face] Anderson Silva, but that'd only be after I had the Middleweight Strikeforce title."

The opportunity is ahead of him, and he's as ready as a fighter can be in order to welcome the challenge of the best in the MMA world.

For him, it's not so much about belts, and it's not about the rankings at the top of the pound-for-pound ladder.

For Tim Kennedy, it's about being "the man" in the middleweight division, and everyone knows that to be the man, you have to beat the man.

If you don't have your eye on Tim Kennedy, start looking at him now.

Before 2010 is over, this Army Ranger could be "the man" at 185.

Thanks to Tim Kennedy for his time this past Wednesday. Follow Tim on Twitter to learn more about this outstanding middleweight competitor.


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