John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut Live Blog: One for the Ages at Wimbledon

Sam BlumCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 23:  John Isner of USA reacts during his first round match against Nicolas Mahut of France on Day Three of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 23, 2010 in London, England. The match has become the longest in Grand Slam history.  (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)
Hamish Blair/Getty Images

12:08: ESPN is now re-showing the final two games. Please enjoy. Thank you for following!

12:02: That match tomorrow could potentially be on a larger court. Also keep in mind that, heck, Theimo De Bakker is a good server and a hard hitter. What are we in store for tomorrow?

12:00: John Isner will face Thiemo De Bakker TOMORROW, not tonight. De Bakker won in the fifth set yesterday, 16-14. 

11:58: They are getting a photo next to the scoreboard with the ump. Nicolas Mahut is extremely upset right now. 

11:52: Match time: 11 hours, five minutes. 

11:51: Mahut is understandably upset. There is a special ceremony being held on court awarding the umpire, and BOTH players. 

11:50: Standing ovation. 



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11:46: A great volley return for Mahut, 30-30. 

11:46: Mahut misses the easy one! 15-30!

11:45: Isner hits a shot just wide, followed by a Mahut shot just long. 15-15. 

11:43: Breaking news has been repaired, Isner holds. Today's play has reached one hour. Total time 11 hours. 

11:42: SERVICE WINNER: 30-30. 

11:41: ACE!


11:39: 68 a piece. 

11:38: Both players moving well, 15-15 on Mahut's serve. 

11:35: Isner holds. In that time, both Robin Soderling and Caroline Wozniacki won. 

11:34: If possible, players are looking even better on their serve today! 67-67. Isner serves and is up 15-0. 

11:31: Isner holds... Lets recap: Isner has blown four match points this set. This match has gone on nearly 11 hours. The previous longest match was 6:33. This set alone is longer by almost an hour and a half. 

11:28: And if you thought that Isner would break there and the match would be over, well then you'd be wrong. 66-66, 15-0 for Isner. 

11:24: Isner holds serve again.Both players looking strong. What else can I say?  

11:22: Well Mahut holds and we finish our 130th game of the set. Here's the interesting thing, they've split those 130 at 65-65. 

11:21: Isner just barely missed a 0-30 lead with a passing shot down the line it was just out. Now, Mahut leads 30-15.

11:18: Isner holds. Note, the first two sets took less than an hour. 

11:16: 64-64. A good rally on Isner's serve ends with a lucky let-court from Isner. 

11:13: Every time ESPN commentator has had a "feeling" about what will happen, both today and yesterday, they have been incorrect. 

11:12: Isner holds. Also please note that three different Frenchmen have advanced in five sets, not including a walkover. So it has been a good day for the French guys. We have one on court 18. 

11:10: Tsonga wins 10-8 in the fifth over the up and comer Dolgopolov. 15-15 on Isner's serve. 

11:09: So guess what, we are at 63-63. 

11:05: Isner holds at 40-30. 

11:04: 40-15 on Isner's serve. Alexandr Dolgopolov and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga are at 8-8 in the fifth set...pretty lame if you ask me. 

11:03: 62-62. 

11:01: Both men are scheduled to play doubles today. Mahut leads 30-0. 

10:58: Isner holds serve. The ESPN commentators all said that this would end quickly today. They are now talking to John Mac, he is wearing a backwards baseball cap and does not look to good. 

10:56: Hannah Storm from ESPN, "No one wants to lose this". You area genius Hannah. 15-0 for Isner. 

10:55: 200 ace total. 101 for Isner, 99 for Mahut. Mahut hits a backhand winner to make it 61-61. 

10:54: Mahut just tripped on his serve. He responds...with his third ace of the game. 40-15. 

10:53: Mahut just did a drop shot. That worked yesterday when Isner was tired, did not work today. 15-15. 

10:51: Well, were falling back into a similar pattern, 61-60 as Isner holds serve. Note that ESPN is not taking commerical breaks. 

10:50: 60-60. 

10:48: Mahut up 40-0. Sound familiar? 

10:47: Do not forget to comment or e-mail to sblumnyc@gmail.com.

10:46: Mahut's backhand goes long, Isner holds. During that game, John Isner hit his 100th ace. 

10:45: Great start for Mahut, deuce. 

10:44: By "he", I mean John Isner, who is up 40-30. 

10:43: He almost doubled again, but rebounds and is up 30-15. 

10:42: The match has resumed! Double fault to start. 

10:40: There are currently four-five setters going on around the grounds. Is that a record? 

10:38: They better get this started soon, or they might not finish. Approximate start time is 10:44.

10:35: Both players look refreshed and very calm. I can't say I feel the same way. 

10:34: The players are taking court to a very loud standing ovation. 

10:31: ESPN just announced the number of towel-offs from the players yesterday. I feel bad for that statistician. 

10:29: Apparently, there are different locker rooms for seeded/non-seeded players. They are currently in different locker rooms. 

10:28: This referee, who has been working hard the past few days, has been working on the net for the past minute or so. 

10:27: The players have yet to take court, the anticipation is very high on court 18. 

10:25: We are about five minutes away. Do we have any predictions on the final (if possible) score? Leave a comment at the bottom or e-mail them to sblumnyc@gmail.com.

10:21: Well, the scoreboard broke yesterday at 47-47, it is back up and working today. It reads two sets all, 59 games all. The names are reversed and incorrect, or at least they were. 

10:18: ESPNU is showing a recap of the match, I feel bad for whoever had to edit that while looking through all that footage. 

10:12: There were two matches on this court before this, both matches were blowouts. It must have been difficult for the fans to be forced to sit there, knowing that the Queen was just outside, but to get a seat to this match...well it is well worth it. 

10:11: 19 minutes away! GET PUMPED!

10:09: The stadium SEATS 782 people, others can stand. The second the gates opened at around 10:00 a.m. local time. it was packed. That is about five and a half hours before it started. It is currently still packed. 

9:57: These two men are deadlocked at 59-59 in an amazing fifth set that has transcended the sports world. 33 minutes away. 

9:47 a.m. EST: We are 43 minutes away from the resumption of the epic battle between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner. 

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