French Open Stakes: Roger Federer's Chances For More

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

I am a Roger Federer fan.  

I would love nothing more that for Roger Federer to break more records, and this year's French Open is a key stepping stone for more records in the history books.  

As you all know, Federer is already one of the greatest tennis player of all time, if not the greatest. But who could blame Federer for wanting to make more history?

Remember the 'previous' GOAT, Pete Sampras. No one thought that his records would be broken so soon. Maybe Federer is thinking of that, too. He doesn't want his records to be broken, so he wants to make more, and extend his records.

Here are my top records Federer can break in this year's French. 

Note: All asterisks will be extensions of records

1. Most weeks at World No. 1

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Federer really wants to break this record, I know, although he claims its not his top priority. Breaking this record will further cement Roger's status as one of the all time greats. The only person to beat: Pete Sampras, at 286 weeks. Federer is at 283. If Federer makes it to the French Open Semis (which is very likely), he will break Sampras' record. If he fails to do so, it all depends on Nadal. If Nadal wins his 5th Roland Garros title, Federer will be stripped of his No. 1 ranking.

2. Completing the Calendar Grand Slam

How many people have completed the Grand Slam?

One. And it's not Federer. It's Rod Laver. If he hold's the winner's trophy this year, Roger Federer will have won two out of the two Majors so far.  

And it's likely he will win Wimbledon a few weeks later. With that, Federer will have won the 3 Grand Slams played!  Imagine how much pressure Federer would be facing at the U.S. Open, especially in the final, if he makes it there.

The U.S. Open said it was deciding a prize to give to anyone if the player completes the Calendar Grand Slam. And the French Open is important to this once-in-a-tennis-millennium feat.

3. Most consecutive Grand Slam Semis*

Fedex has already been to 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals, and one more here will make it to 24, which would be an extra bonus, along with breaking Sampras' record at No. 1.  

Also, Federer will also come closer to Jimmy Connors' record of most number of Grand Slam Semis.

4. Most Grand Slam Finals*

Federer has been to 22 Slam Finals, and one here will be 23, again extending this amazing achievement.  And think of it! 23 Slam Finals in a span of only 8 years! That's an average of about 3 finals per year!  


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