Let The Competition Begin for Chris Johnson's Backup

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IMay 11, 2010

The Titans' backfield has suddenly gotten a little crowded after selecting LeGarratte Blount and Stafon Johnson in last month's draft.

This is a good dilemma to have, but the Titans' coaching staff will have their hands full on sorting out all of these very talented running backs.

Currently there are six running backs not named Chris Johnson on the Titans' roster, and one of those will basically be the replacement of recently departed LenDale White.

Now there is the possibility of Chris Johnson holding out for more money this off-season, but the Titans will eventually pay up. Simply put, he's worth the money and the Titans can't afford to lose him.

Many of you should remember LaGarrette Blount as the infamous player who threw a punch at a Boise State player before storming on the fans as well.

Whether he has a temper or not, this guy can run you over in the open field and be a bruising back for opposing defenses.

He definitely handled that situation poorly against Boise State, but that proves that this guy is passionate about the game. That one incident shouldn't be held against him. His talent far out-weighs that.

You might recognize Stafon Johnson as the guy who had that unfortunate weight-lifting accident that nearly costed him his life. Thankfully, Johnson is such an unbelievable athletic specimen that he has made a fully recovery from that.

I'll take a guy who can bounce back from an injury like that any day. It shows he's a strong-willed player that will leave everything he has on the field and you can never have too many of those kinds of players on your team.

The last running back who has any real chance of backing up Chris Johnson is second-year player Javon Ringer.

Ringer got very few chances to shine in his rookie season, but his talent is undeniable. He looked great in the preseason last year and he'll get another crack at dazzling the coaches in August.

He's got a great chance to lock up that backup position because he's already been in the offense for a season.

In the end, I think Blount will become the primary backup to Chris Johnson, which will leave Stafon Johnson and Javon Ringer battling it out for a spot on the team.

All three of these guys have promising futures in the NFL, so the Titans are sitting pretty right now when it comes to the running back position.


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