Seriously? Who cares what Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said to WR Dez Bryant?

Paul Smythe@PaulDSmytheCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

MIAMI - 2009:  Jeff Ireland of the Miami Dolphins poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
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So, I am willing to bet that by now you have heard all about what Jeff Ireland said to WR Dez Bryant during an interview before the draft, and I am willing to bet that because of how much the story has been on the news around the internet, television, and radio.

If you haven't heard, Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland was interviewing WR Dez Bryant, who was a potential pick for the Dolphins during the draft. During the interview Ireland reportedly asked Dez Bryant if his mom had ever been a prostitute.

The majority of the coverage on Ireland has been bad and putting him down. What I'm wondering is, who really cares? It is just a question he asked in an interview. I'm not saying that it is acceptable to ask someone that question, but the question is also not worth all of the media coverage and negativity it has received since the news has been released. Sure, it wasn't exactly a great question to ask, but people are putting him down like he killed someone.

All he was trying to do was see how Dez Bryant would react, because Bryant has had off the field problems before. So, basically it was just a test, and Bryant passed. That's all there is to it.

Analysts (especially on my local radio) are spending their time calling him classless and some are even calling for reparations from the NFL. Really? And, apparently the Player's Union raised concerns about discrimination. Really? I know that with the internet today news spread like wildfire and it comes with the territory of being in the NFL, but there has to be a line drawn between important news and downright useless news.

The only reason that this would ever turn into a problem is if other stories of bad interview questions by Ireland show up, but if only one question shows up then there isn't really a problem. Sometimes things that wouldn't really mean something in any other sport show up in the NFL because of how popular it is.

Now, I am not saying that it is totally acceptable to ask somebody if their mom is a prostitute. I am saying that the story was over-covered and not as bad as people made it out to be. He was only trying to get a reaction from Bryant.

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