Dolphins Get Brandon Marshall: AFC East Now the Best Division in the NFL

Marcus SessionCorrespondent IApril 14, 2010

The Miami Dolphins traded for talented but troubled Broncos' wide receiver Brandon Marshall today, a move that surprised a lot of teams. 

The Dolphins' czar of football operations typically does not deal with “divas” on his teams, and Marshall would definitely fit in that category. On top of that, the Dolphins signed him to a four-year, $47.5 million contract with $24 million guaranteed, while giving up several second-round draft picks. 

This is a lot of money, and a big gamble on a guy who has had his share of on- and off-the-field issues.

But this trade may have made the AFC East the best conference in the NFL.

The case can be made, because the Jets have made tremendous offseason moves acquiring Antonio Cromartie, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Santonio Holmes all for relatively favorable terms for the Jets. 

Yes, Cromartie is a gamble, but if he can return to his form of a few years ago, the Jets will have the best secondary in the league by far.

Mark Sanchez should be better after a full season under his belt and proven weapons to throw to. Couple that with the Jets offensive line and power running game, and this team is poised for another deep playoff run.

The New England Patriots have not made any big offseason moves. Things have been relatively quiet around Foxborough these days. 

But do they really need to do anything? 

They locked up Vince Wilfork for another season. Brady, Moss, and Welker are all coming back to a prolific offense. The offensive line should be better, and if they can find a semblance of a running game this season, they will be right back in the running for the Super Bowl.

With the addition of Marshall and the continued development of Chad Henne, the Dolphins are poised to be in the thick of things as well. 

Take the Dolphins' rushing attack and a quarterback who can actually stretch the field with his arm, and the Dolphins offense now looks to be viable. The defense was solid last season, and they believe removing Joey Porter will allow them to actually get younger and more athletic at the linebacker position.

The Buffalo Bills have not made many moves either, and are expected to draft a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

They have a new coach, and are rumored to be seeking a trade to send Marshawn Lynch out of town. Terrell Owens is gone, their offensive line is porous, and their quarterback situation is far from being resolved. 

They were last place in the division, and unless something changes, they will be there again this season.

If you look around the NFL, there are few other divisions that have three teams viable enough to make deep playoff runs.

Maybe the NFC East, but with the trade of McNabb, the Eagles are a question mark.  The only other division is the AFC South, but the Texans, Titans, or Jaguars would need to all step up big time to change that dynamic.

As a Jets fan, I will be watching the AFC East race very closely as usual, but now Revis gets Moss and Marshall two times a season. 

Think about what he would face if Terrell Owens had stayed in Buffalo?


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