Oakland Raiders' Mock Drafts Galore: Mirror, Which Is The Greatest?

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIApril 13, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  JaMarcus Russell is welcomed  to the stage by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after being chosen first overall by the Oakland Raiders at the 2007 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall April 28, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Here is a challenge. So many have published their list in mock drafts.

Who will be the best addition to the Oakland Raiders? Who will be the best fit for the Oakland Raiders?

Do we really know?

I don't think so, although I have been having fun compiling and researching the various lists.

One dynamic that people seem to overlook is the reaction of the present players to the addition of the new, young players.

Here is a quote from a review of a movie about a real-life person, Vince Papale:

"He takes risks, he pushes himself."

"He’s unpopular with the other players."

"He doesn’t have time to get the girl."

"He’s scared to death of disappointing everyone."

"He’s outclassed."

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What got my attention was the quote, "He's unpopular with the other players."

Now, could this have happened with some of the Oakland Raiders. For example, might some of the players be silently in opposition to the choice and contractual arrangement of JaMarcus Russell or others?

Could this dynamic affect the quality of interaction on the playing field?

Now because of the possible dynamic between the Oakland Raiders, this man, Russell would not have had a chance of surviving or to avoid being a possible bust.

Of course, if Russell, somehow, develops an ability to take risks, and to push himself, he could definitely overcome such a hindrance.

Or, if he can delay gratification and focus on his game, then, again, he may overcome the pitfalls that are emerging in his career. This is what the real-life Papale did, and it worked for him. 

Yes, the mock drafts may have selected Russell. Al Davis, obviously favored Russell in 2007.

Unless, however, Russell has the heart, character and perseverance of a man similar to the character portrayed as Vince Papale, he will not rise to the occasion and become the great quarterback for the Oakland Raiders that so many forecasted, predicted, and listed in their mock drafts in 2007.

This brings me to my point.

The veracity of some of the mock drafts needs to be tested. After the event in a few days, we need to compare what could have been with what actually will be after the draft is complete for 2010.

Now, a definition of veracity:

"accuracy of statement; accuracy or precision, as of perception; that which is true; truth..."

Many of us view ESPN with askance, knowing that they often cloud the facts on the Oakland Raiders.

Some of us need to spend more time becoming familiar with the guys who have great potential at the college level, and who some believe can "fit" with the Oakland Raiders.

Now it is time to do a more sophisticated study of the correlation between the so-called experts at the mock draft and the actual results of the NFL draft.

Is there a strong correlation? If so, which Bleacher writer is doing the best job of predicting those draft choices that Al Davis makes for the Oakland Raiders?

Now, some BR members are honest. They already indicate that Davis is so much of a independent thinker, not prone to outside influences, that it is almost impossible to predict who will be drafted by the Oakland Raiders.

So, a historical study of what could be matched with what is, is overdue.

Well, I have a list in the archives of mock drafts in our BR community. Since I enjoy validating and examining the facts, using various research techniques, you can be certain that a close look at this issue will be done after the April event in just a few more days.

We may learn that what sounds good, looks good, and feels good, may not, in fact, be good for the Oakland Raiders.

So, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall; which is the greatest mock draft of them all?"

Time will tell. And, research will help determine the veracity of some of these mock drafts.

Go Raiders!

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