Chicago Bears Draft Possibilities: A Look at Two More Prospects

Bryan DietzlerSenior Analyst IApril 12, 2010

The 2010 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away and each and every team in the NFL, including the Bears, are starting to firm up their draft boards, finish watching Pro Day workouts, and getting some last minute potential draftees in to do some workouts. 

Things are really starting to heat up at Halas Hall as hopes are high that 2010 NFL Draft will give them a few pieces to help them finally push themselves into the playoffs and on toward the Super Bowl.

The Bears have some glaring needs on offense and at the safety position and these needs will probably be addressed right away in the 2010 NFL Draft.  We have taken a look at a few players at several positions prior to this story and most of those guys would be fine fits with the Bears. 

However, as the draft has gotten closer and we have had a better look at some of these players, there appear to be even better fits for the Bears.

The following is a look at two players—one offensive tackle and one safety—that the Bears should consider taking in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Jason Fox, Miami (Fla.)

Fox isn’t quite as high on many scouts' lists as perhaps he should be but he is a decent enough player that could end up being a starter at some point down the road.  Some of the positive things that Fox has going for him include great size and strength, good run blocking ability, and a lot of starting experience (three year starter at the tackle position four year starter overall).  Fox is also a very hard worker and a leader on the field.

The downside to Fox is that he isn’t as good of an athlete as you would like to see at the position and because of that may not be able to fill in at left tackle.  He does have some injury problems as well having hurt his shoulder, elbow and leg but he has checked out medically and may not be a risk in that regard.   Although he might need some coaching he is definitely someone that isn’t that far away from being a regular starter.

Chad Jones, LSU

If they want a good athlete at the free safety position then they should take a good look at Jones, who is one of the better athletes at the safety position.  His size is ideal and having some experience at the cornerback position will also help him in coverage.  He can locate the ball well when it’s in the air and sticks with receivers as needed. 

An interesting prospect with a ton of upside, Jones is also a hard hitter that doesn’t miss too many tackles. 

The knock on Jones is that he doesn’t have a lot of experience at the free safety position (he has only been at the position for one season) and has a lot to learn.  His instincts aren’t that refined yet either presenting any team that selects with some issues.  He needs to get much more “football smart” and learn how to play more instinctively.

Fox would be a good fit for the Bears at the offensive tackle position (at right tackle) if he could beat out Kevin Shaffer.  At the least, he would be able to be a backup and give Chicago an upgrade there.  Jones could end up being one of the better safeties taken in the middle rounds of this draft but the problem with him is, he needs some time to develop. 

The Bears may not have time for this as they are in a win-now situation.  However, they would benefit from drafting Jones in the long run because of his potential and athletic ability.


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