Tiger Woods: Can We Stop Hating On Him Now?

Charlie LiContributor IApril 9, 2010

AUGUSTA, GA - APRIL 09:  Tiger Woods watches his approach shot on the 14th hole during the second round of the 2010 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 9, 2010 in Augusta, Georgia.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
David Cannon/Getty Images

So, I felt I needed to post a little of my opinion on this whole situation. First of all, I could not care less what happens in Tiger Woods' personal life. It's not my business, and it shouldn't be yours.

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer, not a professional role model. I don't remember him signing any contract saying "I will be the perfect person for everyone's kids to look up to and emulate." He has absolutely no obligation to anyone, except his family and friends, with regards to how he behaves outside of golf.

Okay, so he signed a bunch of endorsements. That's fine, he has now lost a bunch of them and that's his own fault. But come on, even some of the companies that dropped him are just plain hypocritical. I mean, take a look at Gillete. They currently endorse Thierry Henry, Roger Federer, and Derek Jeter, all world class athletes. I'm sorry, but you just can't convince me that none of these guys have ever cheated on their wives.

I'm not trying to slander any of those guys, I have no idea about the details of their personal lives, since I actually follow sports for the actual sport. But even so, it's practically public knowledge that Jeter used to go home with a different supermodel on a nightly basis. Yeah, I know he wasn't married, but all in all, these guys are multi-millionaires who are wildly successful. Women throw themselves at them. Are you trying to tell me if you were in their position that you would just take the high road? Please.

Nobody is forcing you to buy Nike gear. Nobody made you go to the store and buy EA Sports' Tiger Woods golf game. This all brings me back to the real question, why do we follow Tiger Woods? I'll tell you why, he is damn good at golf. Tiger Woods does his job better than anyone in the world does their job. He is currently the single most dominant athlete in any sport. Isn't that enough to cherish?

Why do we have to bring a successful man down? It's taken us awhile to realize it, but this man is human. And this may be a newsflash for some people, but I think we've been on God's green earth long enough to realize that we, as a species, are not perfect.

People make mistakes. Tiger Woods just happens to be a rich and famous guy who made some bad ones. If this was your next door neighbor, who the hell would care? Why should we even follow his personal life? He's not very good at it. In fact, he's probably one of the worst "playas" of all time, second only to Bill Clinton. (In the Oval Office, Billy??? COME ON, MAN!!)

For now it's back to business for the world's greatest golfer. At the time of this post, Tiger is currently six-under par (tied for third place) at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, and shows no signs of slowing down. Isn't it time to forgive and forget already? I mean, come on, this is ridiculous. The man just came back from a four month layoff, went through an incredible deal of grief, and here he is, looking like nothing ever happened.

How long will it take us to put this away for good? I mean, in a hundred years, we are not going to be talking about how Tiger cheated on his wife. We are going to be talking about how Tiger Woods won 30 majors and how no one will ever touch that record.

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So, seriously, just face it. Golf needs Tiger more than Tiger needs golf. Without Tiger, golf is nothing more than a niche sport. It's not exciting to watch for most fans and it's an older gentleman's game. But with Tiger in the picture, people are drawn to it. I'm not a golf fan at all, but seeing Tiger back on the tour makes me interested in it.

With luck, Tiger will get back on his feet and this will all go away sooner rather than later. I just want it on the record that I'm on his side, and I hope he continues to crush it until he's an old, old man.

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