Fantasy Football Brothers NFL Mock Draft 4.0

Bill ShermanContributor IApril 6, 2010

Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast corridor after weeks and weeks of monsoons and flooding.

The gorgeous weather this past weekend means it is time for the Brotherhood to wake up from its winter-long hibernation. Spring means a lot of things to a lot of people, and it is mostly associated with new beginnings.

Like in the NFL. We are 17 days away from the NFL Draft.

The combine is over, and we have seen the majority of the big name prospects' pro days come and go already. (Still waiting for Jimmy Clausen to throw on April 9.)

Here at Fantasy Football Brothers, we love the draft. It is the Thanksgiving to our Christmas—Christmas being fantasy drafts.

We are eagerly awaiting April 22, so that we can officially begin the 2010 fantasy season.

Rob, Paul, and I have gone back and forth with these picks, and each one of us has added analysis to each of the selections.

We have been working on this draft for over two weeks. This week, McNabb was traded to Washington for a second-rounder (No. 37 overall) and a conditional third or fourth rounder in 2011.

This has all but solidified Russell Okung or another lineman to the Redskins in the four-spot. 

Be sure to check back on Thursday as the Brotherhood will be releasing Round Two. This article is for you, Dan.

1. St. Louis Rams QB-Sam Bradford-Oklahoma

Bradford was always our No. 1-ranked QB, but he was able to solidify his No. 1 QB status at his pro day yesterday. 

He is not only the best QB out there, but has become a top-three pick. He was able to show great accuracy, only missing two passes during his scripted session.

Bradford was able to make all the throws necessary, and was able to perform under significant pressure in a scene that could only have been more accurately billed as a three-ring circus.

The path for Bradford has been all but cleared with the release of QB Marc Bulger. If the Rams are able to get him into camp on time, he becomes a huge threat to start the season as the starter. (Bill)

2. Detroit Lions DT-Ndamukong Suh -Nebraska

Suh is, in our opinion, the best available player in the draft.

His game film speaks for itself. We honestly don’t understand how Gerald McCoy is even 1B next to Suh.

If the Rams hadn’t passed on a quarterback the last few years, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

The Lions will have to address the O-line in the second round and take the best available lineman. Otherwise, Matt Stafford will not be able to develop properly if he is always on his back. (Paul)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT-Gerald McCoy-Oklahoma

McCoy is not a bad consolation prize next to Suh, but he is no Suh.

McCoy does have some upside and should project into a solid defensive linemen, something the Bucs desperately need as they continue to turn over their roster.

The Bucs desperately need a presence in the middle of their defense to take pressure off of the back seven. He has the highest potential amongst the top five to become a bust. (Rob)

4. Washington Redskins OT-Russell Okung-Oklahoma St.

(Editor's Note: This pick was made before the McNabb trade)

Okung is the best offensive lineman overall, according to the Brotherhood.

We love his size, yet he could still add some more weight to his 6′8″ frame, and retain his strength and athleticism.

Yes, we acknowledge Clausen could go here, but that doesn’t mean he should. The Redskins O-line is in shambles, and Okung would add an instant impact that Clausen can’t.

The Redskins might also discover they have a pretty decent QB in Jason Campbell with an improved offensive line.

Look for Mike Shanahan to build this team from the inside out. After all, one of the staples of his great Denver Broncos teams was an imposing and athletic offensive line. (Bill)

5.Kansas City Chiefs S-Eric Berry-Tennessee

Yes, the Chiefs are desperate for offensive line help, but Berry’s talent might be even too much for the talent-lacking Chiefs to pass up.

Berry would immediately upgrade a below-average secondary that was routinely torched by opposing offenses. He would also give the defense backfield some needed flexibility.

Of course, none of this will matter if the front seven doesn’t put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Even Darrel Revis can’t cover someone for six seconds. (Paul)

6. Seattle Seahawks OT-Trent Williams-Oklahoma

We like Williams more than the other tackles available, even though many scouts and alleged draft experts do not like him this early. He has size, strength, and athleticism for a big man.

The Seahawks have a ton of needs as their entire roster got real old, real fast. Pete Carroll needs to solidify the offensive line before addressing other parts of this team.

The Seahawks would like to keep Hasselbeck for at least one more year, and the best way to keep him healthy is behind a solid offensive line. (Rob)

7. Cleveland Browns WR-Dez Bryant-Oklahoma St.

Bryant has had by far the most tumultuous offseason. He was as high as a top-three pick, before sliding all the way down to the end of the first as far as the Jets.

Until he runs a 4.6 40-yard time, he still rates as the most dynamic offensive weapon in this draft.

After what seems like a never-ending string of bad decisions, Bryant's stock has taken a beating. Yes, he has not associated himself with the greatest of people. Add in the season-long suspension, and owners would be wise to raise an eyebrow.

Look for his pro-day to remove most of the doubters out there.

(Editor’s note: His pro day came and went. His 40 time wasn’t lights out, but he is still the best available offensive weapon. That being said, his character issues could seriously effect him on draft day if a team doesn’t fall in love with him.) (Bill)

8. Oakland Raiders -OT-Bruce Campbell-Maryland

While Campbell had an amazing combine, there are still plenty of concerns out there about his ability to stay healthy and on the field. He still needs to work on his technique because everyone is fast and strong in the NFL.

We don’t rate Campbell this high, but when the Raiders are on the board, not only do we anticipate a meltdown, we expect it. (Paul)

9. Buffalo Bills -QB-Jimmy Clausen-Notre Dame

Clausen goes to the quarterback-desperate Bills.

Clausen has yet to work out in a pro-day event. He has been the consensus No. 2 QB here, and he could goes as high as No. 4 to Washington or drop to the end of the first round, with a team trading back into the first to grab him in the 20s.

He is the most pro-ready, but we have concerns about his lack of upside. He could become a serviceable starter. We are not huge fans of Clausen going this high, but we can see Buffalo grabbing him here, since QB is a huge need. (Rob)

10. Jacksonville Jaguars DE-Derrick Morgan-Georgia Tech

Morgan is a great 4-3 DE that can stop the run and put pressure on the QB.

He will make an immediate impact as a rookie and likely push Harvey for playing time. The Jaguars acquired Aaron Kampman as a short term solution, but Morgan will be the future. (Bill)

11. Denver Broncos ILB- Rolando McClain-Alabama

McClain is the best linebacker in this class, and he fills a need after the release of Davis. 

He should be a key cog in the rebuilding of the front seven. McClain has the size and speed to play sideline to sideline, and has the uncanny knack to diagnose plays as they develop before him. (Paul)

12. Miami Dolphins DT- Dan Williams-Tennessee

Dan Williams is from the University of Tennessee. A couple of facts: Jason Ferguson is 35 years old, and is a 'roid head. He was caught by the NFL and will serve an eight-game suspension.

I also like this pick, because it is a Parcells pick and what better type of player than Williams to start in the middle of an improving defense. (Rob)

13. San Francisco 49ers RB- C.J. Spiller-Clemson

C.J. Spiller would go later, but Seattle already addressed its offensive line needs earlier and know they can still get either Bryan Bulaga or Anthony Davis when they pick again at 17.

Spiller provides a dynamic jack-of-all-trades player. He is an excellent kick returner, with great hands. He is a threat to take it to the house if he gets outside. Spiller provides the perfect complement to the hard running Frank Gore. (Bill)

14. Seattle Seahawks DE- Everson Griffen-USC

Though DE Jason Paul-Pierre is tough to pass up because of his tremendous upside, the fact is, he may be better suited to play in a 3-4. 

Pete Carroll will stick to what he knows and select Everson Griffen. Griffen should compete right away for playing time, as the Seahawks continue to turn over their roster with younger players. (Paul)

15. N.Y. Giants CB- Joe Haden-Florida

The Giants take Joe Haden; they can’t pass up his value at No. 15.

Haden has been the No. 1-rated cornerback, despite his poor combine. He was able to improve his stock after a solid pro day.

His on-the-field play cannot be discounted, and he was by far the best corner in college football. Linebacker is a need, though too high for Kindle. If they miss out on him. Brandon Spikes should be there at 46 in the second round. (Rob)

16. Tennessee Titans DE- Carlos Dunlap-Florida

With both of their starting D-ends gone from their 2009 team, the Titans are desperate for help and select back-to-back Gators in Carlos Dunlap, who is the best available 4-3 DE despite his character issues.

He is still a top-15 talent and can start immediately. (Bill)

17. San Francisco 49ers (From CAR) OT- Bryan Bulaga-Iowa

After selecting Spiller with their first pick, the 49ers are able to sure up the O-line with a solid player who’s not sexy, but a necessity. 

Strongly considered Pierre-Paul in this spot. I could see them going with Paul at 13 and O-line at 17. That’s probably what they’ll do, but Rob has Bill’s ear, so Spiller was the pick. (Paul)

18. Pittsburgh Steelers OT- Anthony Davis-Rutgers

Pittsburgh selects Anthony Davis to address an aging offensive line.

Davis went into the offseason as a top-three offensive lineman, but concerns around his character and work ethic have emerged.

Davis is a solid strong tackle and fills a huge need since the Steelers have struggled keeping Roethlisberger upright the last few years. Davis also offers some mauling ability, something Pittsburgh has needed as its tries to re-establish itself as a power-run team. (Rob)

19. Atlanta Falcons S-Earl Thomas-Texas

S Earl Thomas slid a little, but provides needed help in the secondary to go along with recent free-agent acquisition Dunta Robinson. Thomas is athletic enough to play corner or secondary and will fill whatever need the Falcons' secondary has. The Falcons' secondary was one of the worst in 2009. (Bill)

20. Houston Texans CB- Kyle Wilson-Boise State

Wilson fills a need with the aforementioned free-agent loss of CB Dunta Robinson. Wilson is a solid cover corner, with a good ball hawking skills.

Wilson often went unnoticed because he played in the WAC, but his skills were on display at the combine, and many scouts raved about this kid's intangibles. (Paul)

21. Cincinnati Bengals OG-Mike Iupati-Idaho

Iupati offers help for the Bengals' offensive line. Though a bit raw, he is by far the best guard in the draft, and the best available offensive lineman. He is a mauler, but still needs to work on his technique. (Rob)

22. New England Patriots DE-Brandon Graham- Michigan

The Patriots trade down 12 spots for a second-round bust, or The Pats select OLB/DE Brandon Graham. Not since Tedy Bruschi came to the Pats as a tweener out of Arizona has a player prospect like Graham screamed, "I'm a Patriot through and through." (Bill)

23. Green Bay Packers C- Maurice Pouncey-Florida

The Pack would love to select CB Devin McCourty with this pick, but can't because they really need to upgrade the O-line. 

That’s why they need to draft Maurice Pouncey. Pouncey is the pick by default and will start and anchor the offensive line right away. He is hands-down the best available center and can provide consistency in the middle, something the Packers need desperately. (Paul)

24. Philadelphia Eagles S- Taylor Mays-USC

The Eagles look for the heir-apparent to Brian Dawkins and select Taylor Mays, who scares the crap out of any wide receiver going over the middle.

Mays has size, speed, and athleticism that teams drool over. The problem is, his skills never match his on-field production. (Rob)

25. Baltimore Ravens OLB/DE- Sergio Kindle-Texas

Baltimore always goes with the best available athlete, and Kindle provides the instant spark to the pass rush that the Ravens were missing last season.

He has much to learn as a 'backer, but Baltimore has enough depth to bring the former Longhorn along slowly.

Baltimore would be wise to start addressing its aging secondary, but there is plenty of talent in this draft as far as the secondary is concerned. (Bill)

26. Arizona Cardinals CB- Devin McCourty-Rutgers

'Zona could have gone in several different directions with this pick.

The defense has had significant losses over the last few weeks. Trying to replace top talent with the likes of Joey Porter and Kerry Rhodes is a recipe for disaster.

Safety, corner, linebacker, and even the D-line could all use an upgrade with this pick.

We liked LB Jerry Hughes, DE Jared Odrick, DT Brian Price, and LB Sean Weatherspoon here, but feel McCourty fills a pressing need more than any of the other guys mentioned. McCourty is a solid pick here and is considered to be a top-three corner in this draft. (Paul)

27. Dallas Cowboys OT- Rodger Saffold-Indiana

Yes, this might be a reach pick, but it is also a need pick.

Anyone who saw the playoffs last year saw what age can do to an offensive line—that’s you, Flozell Adams. They were run over, and QB Tony Romo was running for his life.

By the way, if Bruce Campbell is still available, they’ll take him instead. (Rob)

28. San Diego Chargers RB-Ryan Mathews-Fresno State

Ryan Mathews is the perfect fit right here for the Chargers.

He is young, fast, strong, and has sneaky agility. He possesses an uncanny ability to move sideways, while also showing a little wiggle.

He is the most complete back in the draft. Mathews was able to ease concern about his hand during his recent pro-day event, showing soft hands and some decent route running. (Bill)

29. N.Y. Jets DE- Jared Odrick-Penn State

Although there is still the possibility of a B. Marsh trade with this pick, it hasn’t happened yet. 

Other players the Jets could have interest in are WR Arrelious Benn and Golden Tate, but I don’t see them going in this direction. 

Wideout is a position of need, but not as pressing as some people would think.  They tendered Edwards a first and third-round pick and also have a decent option in Cotchery. However, I think they would be more than happy if Odrick fell to them at this point. 

He’s a perfect fit as a 3-4 defense end in a Rex Ryan defense, and would add an upgrade to an already stellar defense. (Paul)

30. Minnesota Vikings DT-Brian Price- UCLA

The Vikings select Brian Price.

Pat Williams has hinted at retirement, and Price would give this team some youth up front, something they are desperately lacking.

He can provide a breather for both aging big men this year and move into the starting line up in 2011. (Rob)

31. Indianapolis Colts OLB-Sean Weatherspoon-Missouri

Weatherspoon’s speed and athleticism fit perfectly in the Tampa-2 scheme that the Colts employ.

He has great speed and athleticism, allowing him to chase down plays on the backside. He also has the speed to get deep in coverage and cover tightends and backs. (Bill )

32. New Orleans Saints OLB/DE- Jason Pierre-Paul-USF

How good would Arrelious Been look in a Saints jersey? I just don’t see them going with a wideout, however, when linebackers have become a need with the defection of Scott Fujita. 

The Saints like their linebackers athletic, and Pierre-Paul is an absolute steal here at the end of the first round. He might not be a prototypical 4-3 LB, but he is worth drafting here just for his pass-rushing ability alone.

He is super raw, but is very athletic. How much of his success last season was because of fellow Bulls' D-end George Selvie receiving a ton of attention from opposing offensive lines remains to be seen. (Paul)

Come back on Thursday for Round Two.


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