Philly Fans' Reality Check: Donovan McNabb Is a Washington Redskin

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IApril 6, 2010

McNabb was traded to Washington for a second-round pick this year and a third or fourth-round pick next year. That’s where he wanted to go and Philadelphia really, really wanted to get rid of him and start the Kevin Kolb era, apparently.

It’s strange that an organization like the Philadelphia Eagles , notorious for mistreatment of players especially to save a buck (read: NFL’s treatment of Ladainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook is Criminal">NFL’s treatment of Ladainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook is Criminal ), will trade McNabb to the Redskins, a divisional rival, because is what he wanted!

I believe this was the best deal the Eagles got and I also believe that the Eagles think that McNabb has got nothing left in the tank and will not be a threat to them. I guess we are all going to find out together next season when they meet on the field.

It’s amazing after all McNabb did for the Eagles franchise, his exit mirrors his welcome to town. Like I said in my article Donovan McNabb trade.">Philly fans will regret a Donovan McNabb trade. “If they believe Kevin Kolb is the answer, the one to take this franchise to the promise land, then Philly fans really need to get their heads examined.” Click here to read the article.

While Kevin Kolb is the hero today in town, I promise you this time next year—these very fans will have nailed him to the proverbial cross and will be crying for him to be traded or let go for nothing in return.

McNabb has completely spoiled the Eagles fans, a franchise that has only seen winning seasons for the past decade. While other franchises in the division have struggled from time to time, the Eagles, thanks to the man in the middle, have never shared such fate.

The Redskins on the other hand has seen lots of losing seasons in recent time and this trade for Donovan McNabb seems to indicate the Redskins feel they can win now. To quote Allen—both George and Bruce—apparently, the future is now.

With a possible lockout looming in 2011, you don’t sign a 33-year-old quarterback because you’re building a foundation for the future. While McNabb certainly has some productive years ahead of him, he might not have many.

And if you’re trying to add young players who can contribute for several years, you don’t trade away a second-round draft pick—in addition to a possible third-rounder in 2011—when you’re already lacking a third-round pick.

With only one pick in the top 100 selections, the Redskins will have a difficult time injecting more youth into the roster, except perhaps deep into the depth chart. Mix in the additions of veterans such as Willie Parker, Larry Johnson, Artis Hicks, Phillip Buchanon, and Maake Kemoeatu, and it’s difficult to argue that the Redskins will field anything resembling a young team this season.

So while the Redskins have put together a team with the hope of winning today, the Eagles have decided to take the rebuilding route. So all those Philly fans who were begging to get McNabb out of town because he didn’t win can now relax and watch their beloved Eagles go 6-10 next season. At least, you can now share in the losing tradition that has plagued the rest of the NFC east the last decade.

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