2010 NFL Draft: Dez Bryant's Draft Stock Dropping Like Flies

Old AccountSenior Writer IApril 1, 2010

With 22 days remaining before the NFL Draft, every draft prospect is getting into big preparation for the three day weekend.

Whether beginning to impress scouts and general managers at individual workouts or Pro Days, many stocks are rising within the first few rounds of the draft.

One example is Texas safety Earl Thomas, who might have pulled himself into the top 10 after his impressive Pro Day.

However, a prospect on the decline? Wide receiver Dez Bryant. Entering this year's draft as the unanimous No. 1 receiving prospect in the class, Bryant has faced a lot of criticism since his exit from college football.

Whether it was lying to investigators about his workouts with Deion Sanders, or even forgetting the proper cleats at his Pro Day this past week, Bryant is seeing his stock go south.

With that in mind, Bryant lashed out at his critics, which was not the best option he could have taken.

According to the USAToday.com, Bryant said,  "I'm not the type of person that will try to confront somebody but now I feel like it's gone too far. It's gone too far...I ain't never got in trouble with nobody. I never said anything. I don't say anything wrong to nobody. I'm friendly. This here is too far.

"What is this? Y'all don't want me to go to the NFL or something? It's going to happen...God blessed me to have this ability to play this game."

Bryant went on to say "I haven't did anything wrong to nobody. I don't look for trouble. I don't find trouble or none of that stuff. I'm not a troublemaker, Just because I've experienced bad things, that don't make me no bad person. That don't make my mom a bad person. My mom overcame a lot of adversity just as well as I have."

Though Bryant has come out against his critics, how can this help his cause in any way? A big question facing Bryant is maturity, which Dez did not show well when lashing out against the media.

He is undoubtedly a top 10 talent, but a top 10 selection is a highly unlikely possibility, barring a trade.

You would think the Cleveland Browns might be interested, but the likely selection seems to be on the defensive side of the ball.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could also be a suitor, and it wouldn't shock me to see him end up there. However, Jack Del Rio is more of a defensive coach, and probably wants to see more of an improvement on that side of the ball.

The Denver Broncos could use a receiver if Brandon Marshall is dealt, along with the Miami Dolphins. However, seeing the attitude Dez Bryant brings, those two teams are an unlikely destination.

Thus, it is quite possible that if Bryant does not get selected at number 10, he can face a huge slide where he will lose millions of dollars.

There is no denying his talent. In fact, that is probably the only thing not put into question.

But the NFL is about more than talent. Look at Brandon Marshall, look at Terrell Owens (in his prime). Character is a major contributor in the National Football League, and Bryant is no exception.

Thus, we see Bryant's stock taking a huge tumble over the past month, which even his talent won't be able to stop the bleeding .

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