Does Buffalo Bills' GM Buddy Nix Have Some Aces Up His Sleeve?

Dan Van Wie@@DanVanWieContributor IIIMarch 28, 2010

We are counting down the final days of March, and then we will be counting down the month of April until the NFL draft begins. Free agency has netted the Bills some players that will contribute in 2010, such as Cornell Green, Andra Davis, and Dwan Edwards.

While those players will help, the Bills' fans were hoping for an even greater haul.

But to my way of thinking, there still appears to be something that is missing, or just doesn't add up. What that missing ingredient is has to do with the only NFL team left that still plays in Southern California, none other than the San Diego Chargers.

Buddy Nix served the team as their Director of Pro Personnel from 2000-2001, and then was promoted to the Assistant General Manager role from 2001-2008. He oversaw scouting for both college and NFL personnel. He was the key guy for deciding who was drafted at San Diego.

Nobody outside the organization probably knows the Chargers' players better than does Buddy Nix. Marty Schottenheimer knows the team pretty well, but he is not exactly active in the league now.

Buddy Nix has had months to assess the Bills and to know what positions need to be upgraded. If you combine that with his intimate knowledge of the vast majority of the Chargers players, then you are hopefully following my logic.  Where are all the visits from Charger players to the Buffalo Bills?

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Seems like a reasonable enough question. The Bills team had more holes than a pasta strainer by the end of last season. We have addressed some of them, but not enough. Each hole that is taken care of in free agency means that there is one less constraint that Nix has to concern himself with in the draft.

You would like to be unencumbered to draft the best player available, as opposed to thinking I have to take a running back or nose tackle in this round.

Wide receivers, running back (okay, the Chargers don't have a plethora of those), quarterback, nose tackle, offensive tackles, would all be fine areas for Nix to bring in Chargers players for consideration.

How many have been brought in to Buffalo so far this offseason? So far, that answer is none. That is very surprising to me, and since we don't know the reasons, our minds are left to wonder: What is going on?

What Chargers players would you like to see on the Bills?

Coming in to the offseason, the Chargers had a number of players that were going to be hitting free agency until the old collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA expired.

So, the Chargers went ahead and made tender offers to Shawn Merriman, Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson, and Marcus McNeill.

Merriman for one was upset with their decision to tender him.  Shawn Merriman would be an interesting addition to the Bills defense, as his athleticism and playmaking abilities would require teams to focus on stopping him, allowing other Bills players to make plays. He has had some off-field issues, but you can't say that he isn't a talented player.

Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd are both talented wide receivers and either one at this point would be a significant upgrade over the inexperienced duo of James Hardy and Steve Johnson.

With the problems the Bills have at tackle, Marcus McNeill would be a great addition, meaning that the Bills could essentially stop worrying about trying to find that elusive left tackle.

Maybe Nix is counting on his draft prowess to fix some of the most glaring team needs. His track record of drafting stars in San Diego is well documented.

But we all know about the number of draft busts that happen year after year. If you have the chance to acquire a proven NFL caliber player, or to draft a college kid, which one would you rather have on your team?

Of course, getting any one of these players to Buffalo would require that the Bills either have to trade something of value or give up some draft picks.

Early on, I thought that with the few trade chips of quality that the Bills have—Donte Whitner, Marshawn Lynch, and Roscoe Parrish—that Nix might pick up the phone and offer Lynch to the Chargers.

But so far, nothing between the Bills and Chargers has materialized. So, that brings me back to the original headline.

Does Buddy Nix have an ace up his sleeve? If so Buddy, the draft will be here before you know it, so go ahead and play that card. We would like to see you pull off one more gem of a move.

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