To All Americans: Its Football NOT Soccer

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMarch 24, 2010

It seems that almost every American can't understand that there is no sport called soccer .... its FOOTBALL!

Why is it that Americans have another sport called football where the players rarely use there foot. Whereas in the english football, the majority of the games are played by kicking the ball with your FOOT.

There is American football, and then there is normal plain english football.

I can't count the number of times i have been speaking to an American and felt the erge bang their head against the wall so it gets into there head that they are wrong.

If you are an American it is time to put your burger down and change your ways. Ok, you can call 'your' sport football, but when it comes to 'our' football, don't call it soccer!

I would have thought the David Beckham would have made you see sence but hes a footballer .... not the smartest of the bunch.

The English invented the game of football. It has changed over time but it is still OUR invention. We called it football first so, 'American football' has stolen our name.

I've had my rant now ...

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Stop calling it Soccer!!!


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