Inside Information About the Norv-West Airlines

Chris HoodContributor IMarch 20, 2010

Today, we are talking about Norv Turner's offense and breaking it down. It is also known as Norv West Airlines, West Coast Offense, Coryell Offense , or Vertical Offense.

It has been successful and won three Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys, widely considered the dynasty of the '90s.

Many teams use it today or a similar offense like it such as the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders.

The Norv West revolves around a power running game that complements the vertical game. The formation the offense likes to use is the Pro Set.

While it is more of a formation of the Pro Set was based on becoming more successful when a team was forced to pass by providing 1 or even 2 backs to help protect the Quarterback.

Prior to the offense, the Pro Set was generally a running offense that used play action fakes to set up deep passing attempts when defenses stacked up vs. the running game. The Pro Set features a TE, 2 WRs, and a Halfback and fullback, often split behind the QB.

While QBs can take a snap from the center from the shotgun position, in general the pro set QB takes the ball under center to allow for better play action fakes to the running back. Which is why you see so many play-fakes by Rivers.

The Norv West Offense is not the most robust flavor of Coryell offense. It is a very sound, QB-friendly scheme that favors taking controlled chances, like quicker midrange post passes to WRs off play action rather than slower developing passes that leave QBs exposed.

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It is almost exclusively run out of the pro set. Turner favors a more limited pallet of plays than other similar West Coast offenses, instead insisting on precise execution. His offenses are usually towards the top of the league standings, but are often labeled predictable.

The offenses tend to include a strong running game, a No. 1 WR who can stretch the field and catch jump balls in the end-zone, a good receiving TE to attack the space the WRs create in the middle of the field and a FB who fills the role of a lead blocker and a final option as an outlet receiver.

Turner also likes using a H-back who can run, catch, pass block, or lead block, becoming unpredictable against defenses.