Lap By Lap: Justin Allgaier wins NASCAR Scott's Turf Builder 300, Penske 1-2

Ashley McCubbinAnalyst IMarch 20, 2010

BRISTOL, TN - MARCH 20:  Justin Allgaier, driver of the #12 Verizon Dodge, stands on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Nationwide Series Scotts Turf Builder 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway on March 20, 2010 in Bristol, Tennessee.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Justin Allgaier won the Scott's Turf Builder 300 for the first career victory in his 43rd career start.

His teammate Brad Keselowski finished second to make it the third Penske one-two sweep in the history of the team. Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Kevin Harvick rounded out the top five.

With Harvick getting a top five at Bristol, he ties Tommy Houstin in top five finishes in the Nationwide Series.

NOTES: Kevin Harvick said Logano kept chopping his nose and that "You gotta do what you got do."  

Last Lap: Kevin Harvick spins Joey Logano.

5:00pm Top Five: Justin Allgaier, Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano

RESTART 27TG: Justin Allgaier takes the lead from Keselowski as Logano passes Harvick for fifth

Brad Keselowski to start on the outside again, and Kenny Wallace gets the lucky dog

4:54pm Top Five: Brad Keselowski, Justin Allgaier, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick

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CAUTION John Wes Townley and Josh Wise wreck—Jason Keller dumped John; Josh Wise and Tony Raines try to check up and mix things up

40TG Kevin Harvick passes Leflter for fifth. Kevin's chasing Tommy Houston for most top-fives in the series

41tg Carl Edwards passes Leftler for fourth

RESTART with 44TG as Keselowski starts outside and gets a jump out there

@NNSracing Green, lap 256 22-12-18-10-60 27-20-33-88-40 98-43-32-15-87 21-7-81-05-01

Kenny Wallace gets lucky dog

@keselowskiweb RT @jaywpennell Keselowski says "I haven't driven it 100 percent yet. I want to make sure I have tire left if they pit."

4:46pm Top 5: Brad Keselowski, Justin Allgaier, Kyle Busch, Jason Leftler, Carl Edwards

49TG CAUTION Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spins and hits wall, puncturing radiator

55TG: Kyle Busch to third past Leftler

59TG: Kyle Busch to fourth past Edwards

RESTART 68TG as Justin Allgaier moves up to second putting Jason Leftler third, Carl Edwards forth, Kyle Busch fifth

Caution No. 9, lap 226. Coleman Pressley spins—John Wes Townely and Reed Sorenson pit as Kenny Wallace gets the lucky dog

4:34pm: Top 5: Brad Keselowski, Jason Leftler, Greg Biffle, Justin Allgaier, Kyle Busch

84TG: Justin Allgaier passes Menard for fourth, Kyle Busch to fifth


@BCR27 Greg says car is a little tight and if pit again wants a wedge adjustment. Lap 210 in third.

Brad Keselowski starts on the outside; Jason Keller gets Lucky Dog

4:27pm Top Five: Brad Keselowski, Jason Leftler, Greg Biffle, Paul Menard, Justin Allgaier

CAUTION 94TG: Joe Nemechek goes around due to the contact from Derrike Cope

96TG: Biffle passes Menard for third

RESTART 98TG Keselowski to the lead past Leftler as the battle continues on throughout the field.

@BraunRacing38 @kaseykahne was just caught up in a lap 187 accident. After assessing the damage the day is over for the great clips team

@DeLanaHarvick @kevinharvick thought this was a 250 lapper! Nope, add 50 more.

@NASCAR_NNS #Nascar Caution—debris on the frontstretch near the flagstand. Flagman Kevin Moss says "I see it tower and it's not moving."

4:18pm Top Five: Jason Leftler, Brad Keselowski, Paul Menard, Greg Biffle, Justin Allgaier

Caution with 102TG for debris.

Restart—Jason Leftler to the lead as everybody goes crazy

Though Ricky Stenhouse Jr to the lead as four stay out

RACE OFF: 22 followed by 27, 12, 60 and 18

Justin on pit road—way too tight last five or six laps

@KHI_NNS Caution on lap 186. Harvick is 10th and says the car is not bad. Fast lap times and moving through the field.

@DeLanaHarvick caution out again. All those that didn't pit will have to now. We're eighth

CAUTION Lap 186: Tony Raines, Brendan Gaughan, Kasey Kahne, Shelby Howard—Tony Raines spins Shelby Howard—Brendan and Kasey pilled in. In the middle of the wreck, Keselowski takes the lead passing Biffle.

During Commercial Break: Justin Aallgier and Brad Keselowski past Brendan Gaughan

4:08pm Top Five: Greg Biffle, Brendan Guaghan, Justin Allgaier, Brad Keselowski, Kasey Kahne

@BraunRacing38 By staying out during last yellow @kaseykahne was able to move back inside the top 10. Car is loose this run, but is moving toward the front

Lap 161: Kasey Kahne to fifth past Mike Bliss and Tony Raines

4:02pm: Top Five: Greg Biffle, Brendan Guaghan, Justin Allgaier, Brad Keselowski, Mike Bliss

Restart with 150 laps to go

@bobpockrass Official in 60 pit got in way as Carl tried to get out of pit; they probably wanted for tires, but Carl came in really close to wall..

@JoeGibbsRacing Kyle got a little too close to the wall. Comes out third. Joey came out fourth.

Kyle Busch said his car was tight in, loose off

Carl Edwards overshoots his pit road, taking two tires with no chassis adjustment

Some leaders to pit road, some stay out as Greg Biffle takes the lead

CAUTION LAP 146 - Kyle Busch spins Kelly Bires

@MichaelAnnett More damage to right front fender from debris during wreck causing lap 124 caution. Patched up on pit road and back out with four new tires.

Lap 133: Greg Biffle to third, Kyle Busch back to forth, Brendan Guaghan to fifth

Lap 132: Kelly Bires passes Scott Wimmer for second

Restart Lap 132 as Carl Edwards restarts oh the outside and opens up a lead

@BCR27 Greg says 99 ran him up into the wall that last run and the car has been really tight since. Damaged fenders a little but not major.

@NNSracing Kenny Wallace gets the lap back under this caution

@JamesBuescher The guys are fixing the car so we can go back out! :)

@JoeGibbsRacing Joey has gone from being tight to loose after a big adjustment. Crew chief thinks car will come around on older tires. #NASCAR

3:48pm Top Five: Carl Edwards, Scott Wimmer, Kyle Busch, Kelly Bires, Brad Keselowski

Kasey Kahne comes down pit road to address issue

Caution Lap 124: Trevor Bayne, Colemann Pressley and James Buescher all wreck. James Buescher runs over Trevor Bayne. Coleman Pressley punted behind them.

Lap 123: Kasey Kahne thinks he has a problem—oil and water going up like crazy as Carl Edwards takes the lead

@BraunRacing38 @kaseykahne has reported that he rubbed the turn four wall, but his spotter sees no noticeable damage. Still running fastest laps on the track

@JoeGibbsRacing Joey's car can't run the top line very well. Making it hard to pass. Kyle now p4 joey p9

@Kylebusch Kyle in traffic, says car is looser getting into the corners and a bit tight off. —Ryan

@DeLanaHarvick plowing.

3:41pm Top Five: Kasey Kahne, Scott Wimmer, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kelly Bires

Lap 114: Kasey Kahne to the lead past Scott Wimmer as Kelly Bires gets passed by both Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch

Lap 110: Kasey Kahne to second past Kelly Bires

@JoeGibbsRacing Be ready for anything spotter says. Kyle lost a handful of spots stuck behind a car. Back to p7 joey p6

Lap 102: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. passes Coleman Pressley for third as Kasey Kahne and Carl Edwards get back in the topfive

@NNSracing Top 20: 7-88-23-6-18-38-22-60-27-20-99-33-12-32-10-98-21-62-15-40

@DeLanaHarvick Trouble with the jack on that stop lost two spots. coulda been much worse. here we go.

@KHI_NNS Team made first stop of day on lap 92 for four tires, fuel and an air-pressure adjustment. Restarting 12th with some teams opting to stay out.

Restart lap 96

@MichaelAnnett Germain Racing pit crew made stop for four sticker tires and fuel lap 92. MA restarting 19th lap 95. #nascar

RACE OFF: Kyle Busch and Kasey Kahne lead off of pit road yet some cars stayed out.

@MWRteam Red flag has been lifted. @tbayne99 pitting for four tires, fuel and another tug on the left front fender.

Kyle Busch makes an air pressure adjustment to help getting off pit road

Justin Allgaier is tight in the center, track bar and air pressure adjustment

Greg Biffle loose in—track bar adjustment

Carl Edwards is a hair snug in the corner, tight off the corner—air pressure adjustment

Kasey Kahne is free on entry, tight in the middle—air pressure adjustment to be able to get side bite

Red flag lifted, yellow flag out and the leaders are on pit road. That red flag was 12:13 ...

@MichaelAnnett Red flag at @BMSUpdates. MA P19. Saying he's tight after center and still needs to patch up right front fender damage. #nascar

Kelly Bires reports signs of losing the brakes, Tony Eury Sr "Pops" says to get his foot off of the brakes and learn to roll through the center

@BraunRacing38 @kaseykahne is happy with his car. Wants it freed up in the center. Will take four tires fuel and air press adjustment on next stop

3:25pm RED FLAG Top Five: Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle, Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards

Steve Wallace to ESPN: "I've got a hard head. I'll be all right."

What happened? Scott Wimmer got into Brian Scott as Brian tried to get to pit road with a vibration; then Colin Braun got into Brian and then Steven plowed under Colin

@tbayne99 running 10th. Cars still a little tight. 

@gamestopracing Top five pull away at lap 70. Joey says the car is tight in the middle of the corners.

@NNSracing RT @teamkeselowski: Looks like Team K are all done. Brian's car lost rear metal and P39 goes into the book.

3:20pm CAUTION Steven Wallace and Colin Braun wreck hard—Brian Scott also involved.

Top 5: Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle, Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards

Lap 80—Kasey Kahne to the lead

@MichaelAnnett MA has right front fender damage but is up to 23rd. #nascar

Green flag lap 60

@keselowskiweb    BK still looking for the groove. Under second caution, with the 22 car in P6. Ahead is Mr Ed, Biff, JoLo, KK and Kyle.

3:09pm Top 5: Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Joey Logano, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards

Michael McDowell gets the lucky dog

@JamesBuescher When pit road opens we are coming for tires and fuel! James says the tow is a little better but there is still a lot of stuff messed up!

Kelly Bires was loose in and came in to get a chassis adjustment. The car felt out of control at the beginning.

Some people pit, front group stays out

@MWRteam Caution L53—cars a little "free off". No pit for the Diamond-Waltrip team.   —Trevor Baynes

3:07pm Top Five: Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Joey Logano, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards

CAUTION Lap 54 for debris

@BraunRacing38 @kaseykahne has moved into second with lap times 2/10 faster than the leader

@JoeGibbsRacing Kyle Busch leads. Joey Logano p3. Kyle says he's just playing around. Trying different lines. #NASCAR

3:05pm Top Five: Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Joey Logano, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards

Lap 47: Kasey Kahne passes Joey Logano back for second

@BCR27 First 40 laps Greg is saying car is a little free especially into the corners

@BraunRacing38: Under caution @kaseykahne reports the 38 is free in and the front is a tick in the center #nascar

@JamesBuescher The guys are getting the tow fix! But we are losing laps while it is being done!

Lap 36: Joey Logano and Greg Biffle pass Kasey Kahne for second and third

Green flag is back out on lap 36 as Kyle Busch gets a good jump

3:00pm Top Five: Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski

Lap 32: Top 10: 18-38-60-20-22-27-33-88-10-32

@Kylebusch Caution is out, Kyle says the car was a little free on entry and snug in the middle.


@MWRteam Caution L30—four tires and fuel. Going to fix the damage on the left front fender.  --- in reference to Trevor Bayne

Caution Lap 30: Brian Keselowski into the wall after contact from James Buescher as Jason Keller gets the lucky dog; Danny O' Quinn, David Gilliand and Kevin Lepage are all behind the wall parked.

@JamesBuescher "The car is towed in" James is not very happy! We will see what happens!

@KHI_NNS Harvick moves in to top 10 on lap 23. Car is loose all the way through the corners.

2:55pm Top Five: Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski

Lap 23: Kyle Busch to the lead as Kasey Kahne passes Carl Edwards for third

Lap 21: Kasey Kahne and Brad Keselowski both passed Greg Biffle for forth and fifth

Lap 18: Kyle Busch up to second past Carl Edwards

2:52pm Lap 11 Top Five: Joey Logano, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle, Kasey Kahne as pole sitter Brad Keselowski and Kelly Bires are dropping back.

Lap Five: James Buscher on pit road with damage—Trevor Bayne got into the back of him and he got in the wall, Johnny Champmann was the first start-and-park

Lap 1: Joey Logano leads as Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski and Kelly Bires open up chaos with contact.

Green Flag is Out!

2:38pm The Command to start engines has been given and Brad Keselowski has chosen to start on the outside. So Joey Logano to the inside and Edwards will start on Keselowski's bumper. Anybody taking guess on what's going to happen?

For today's Nationwide race, Brad Keselowski continues to dominate the headlines as he'll start pole. Can he put Atlanta behind him with a win? He was followed by Joey Logano, Kelly Bires, Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle in qualifying.

Stay tuned for live updates during the Nationwide race as the green flag is set to be dropped at 2:46pm EST.

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