The New Identity of the Seattle Seahawks

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 17, 2010

With the departure of Rob Sims to another team today or tomorrow, you have to wonder what is the Seahawks front office doing?

Well, simply put they are cutting ties with older, expensive players. With the exception of Darryl Tapp, whom I will miss, most of the decisions are pretty sound. Hopefully Kearney and Branch are next.

Deon Grant had $17 million left on his contract and was burned often. He was also 31 years old. That makes sense seeing as how he couldn't contribute anymore in coverage. I liked Grant. He was always dependable until Schaub starts throwing "deep" balls to Andre Johnson. 

Nate Burleson wasn't much of a surprise; hours after free agency, he couln't wait to sign with another team. Surprisingly enough, it happens to be for a team in the NFC North.  Maybe Nate loves down economies.

As for Seneca Wallace, I really don't see what the hype was about. Wallace never really did anything for me. He was accurate "sometimes", and yes he is a gifted athlete, but I knew we would never win with him. I just grew tired of 3rd and long and him running out of bounds.

Okay, those three make sense.

Of all the offseason escapades, the one that gets me is the Darryl Tapp trade. I really saw his potential emerge last year. If we had anyone in the middle other then Mebane, and not some free agents we acquired, who did nothing, then I believe Tapp would still be a Seahawk. Tapp could have played 3-4 LB or 4-3 DE perfectly. Regardless of defensive scheme.

Not one D-line in the NFL relies on a single D-lineman to make them a good unit. Look at the Titans D-line after Haynesworth left, and then look at the present Redskins average D-line. Only one good D-lineman on the whole squad of four.

Now with the apperant departure of Rob Sims, whom I liked because he played "nasty" at times, I wonder, what the Seahawks front office is doing. Reportedly the Browns want Sims and are willing to give a fourth round draft pick for him.

So what are we doing collecting fourth round picks?

Maybe, all I know is that come tomorrow or the next day we will have lost four starters combined on offense and defense.

So what do I make of this?  As one of our great community members pointed out, Go Dawgs said maybe they are trading Clemons and the fourth round pick for Charlie Whitehurst. Makes sense.

Or with the dismissal of Tapp, we might be going 3-4 defense. That would require Lo-Jack to gain some weight, Mebane to get taller and near 350 pounds, and a matching DE on the other side. Kind of makes sense but would require drastic changes.  Wait, aren't we already there?

Perhaps it might just be that the Seahawks organization is pulling a Belichick. Never telling us anything, compiling draft picks, and just simply winning. I could live with that as long as us fans and the organization have an identity.

What I do know is that with these bold moves, Carroll and Schneider have to know what they are doing. They simply have to.

We picked up Ruvell Martin, a 6'4" receiver who is average at best, and we have just signed a LB Matt McCoy from Tampa Bay. We picked up  DE/LB Clemon from the Eagles, who could possibly be trade bait.

What I see happening In Seattle is nothing but open competition. I think its a good thing. Bring in some nobody's and have their hungry attitudes strike a fire under these starters. That's what a field general would do.

As for the draft, I have heard so many different opinions on what we should do in the first round.

I for one want a 2000 Ravens defense. With the draft being so full of defensive talent, why not. That defense has carried that franchise for 10 plus years. And is still feared.

If DT McCoy is there at six, grab him. If not why not S Berry. No QB in the first round excluding Bradford would I even consider. Ask Kyven11, another fine community member, about Clausen; he'll tell you, and he's right, Clausen is a sissy la-la.

I have actually written why we should not draft Taylor Mays. Now I will tell you why we should. Having a presence like him in the secondary will give this defense an identity, something we have lacked for some time.

I remember actually being proud of the "Bend but don't break" comment broadcasters used over and over when describing our defense in '05. Wouldn't it be nice to hear, "Woooo, why would Leinart throw to Fitzgerald, knowing Mays was lurking there?" Strike some fear into our opposing offenses.

Look, the point I'm making is that the Seahawks are going in a new direction and looking for a new identity.

They are, excuse me, we are looking for a new identity. Hopefully for the better for our pride and love of these players, coaches, and fans known as the Seattle Seahawks.

 UPDATE: The Seattle Seahawks have just acquired Charlie Whitehurst. A 2 year 10 million dollar contract and the swap of the 40th pick for the 60th pick.

 With the recent signing, Iam now in belief that the Seattle Seahawks will not draft a QB in the first round. With the expensive back-up perhaps Pete Carroll and Co will be waiting till next year for their future QB.


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